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DATA Standalone counters

DATA’s Tabletop Counters are designed for a wide range of industries, such as: Electrical Components, Medical Devices, , Plastic and Mouldings, Hardware and DIY, Watches & Glasses, dental parts and many other small objects.
• Tabletop counters
• Semi-Automatic counters
• Inegration counting kit for industrial Packaging
• Integraiton counting head for inline integration

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DATA Standalone counters

  1. 1. Small Parts Counting Systems ABOUT US Established in 2002, DATA Detection Technologies Ltd. develops, manufactures and markets advanced bulk counting solutions. DATA’s R&D team includes multidisciplinary professionals in electro-optics, electronics, software and mechanical engineering, all contributing their knowledge to develop unique, innovative bulk counting solutions with several new applications per year. DATA’s proprietary bulk counting and packaging systems are presently used by over 1,300 customers worldwide, in the seeds, diamonds, pharmaceutical and small parts industries. TECHNOLOGY DATA’s core technology is based on real-time image processing of multiple objects as they fall. This technology enables fast, accurate and reliable bulk counting and packaging of small items. The system can handle a wide variety of objects, from seeds, pharmaceutical and chemical products to electronics and small mechanical parts. With DATA’s systems, products do not need to be separated over separate lines, nor do they need to be fed one by one or paced at specific intervals, as is often the case in conventional counting systems, they are, in fact, counted in bulk. Counting rates of up to 25,000 objects per minute can be achieved for different shaped objects as small as 0.5mm, while the systems’ advanced mathematical algorithms ensure nearly 100% accuracy. COUNTING PRINCIPLE DATA’s bulk counting technology is based on a ‘free-fall’ concept, in which objects pass through the detection unit vertically, while maintaining a continuous uniform falling rate. APPLICATIONS • Tabletop counters • Semi-automatic counters • Inegration counting kit for industrial packaging • Integration counting head for inline integration
  2. 2. DATA’s tabletop counters are based on DATA’s patent bulk counting technology, delivering a high-speed, accurate counting solution. DATA’s tabletop counters are designed for a wide range of industries, such as: Electrical Components, medical devices, plastic and Mouldings, hardware and DIY, watches & glasses, dental parts and many other small objects. MAIN FEATURES • Accuracy (actual count): 99.5-100% • Object variety: one system can count numerous object types • Minimal mechanical adjustments when changing objects • Easy to operate • Low maintenance and easy to clean MAIN BENEFITS • Enhanced inventory management • Eliminates the need to overfill- products are saved for future orders • Reduced order processing time- ability to process new orders • Manual labor replaced by machines- reduced labor costs • Rapid Return on Investment (ROI) COUNTING SYSTEMS
  3. 3. FEATURES • ~ 100% accuracy • Fast counting • User-friendly interface • Two counting modes: free count and batch count • Manual and automatic calibration modes • Multi-language user interface • Fast emptying • Low maintenance • Counting reports are saved and can be easily retrieved When Speed and Accuracy Count System Counting head Feeding unit Table Top 25mm Hopper Bowl feeder 60mm Hopper Bowl feeder Semi-Automatic 25mm Hopper Bowl feeder 60mm Hopper Bowl feeder DATA COUNTING SYSTEMS
  4. 4. DATA Detection Technologies Ltd. 14 Hartom ST. (RAD Bldg.) Har Hotzvim- Jerusalem 9777514, Israel Tel: 972-73-2204444 | Fax: 972-73-2204466 | www.data-technologies.com DATA Bulk Counting Technology is ideal for: Medical devices Electronical components Plastics & metal parts Mouldings Aerospace Automotive Hardware & DIY Now we can certify, the real quantity with this machine, for kitting, receiving & verifying the real count of the material. Thank you for putting all of the efforts necessary, to help us with your discovery of this machine, it will bring great accomplishments to our process & efficiency An international firm from the Electro Mechanical industry " "