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Mobile application testing

Learn how a web tester can move to mobile application testing. Softheme's presentation for SQA Days 2012

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Mobile application testing

  1. 1. Mobile application testing:How to perform transition from web testing to mobile testing
  2. 2. Mobile applications popularity• standalone applications for all platforms – about 1 mln.• mobile websites – even moreMobile application testing has become a typical task in most of IT outsourcing companies
  3. 3. Common features of web and mobile testing• Browser compatibility checks• Evaluation for different screen resolutions• Similar instruments (emulators of browsers/ devices) It is not hard for a web tester to switch to mobile devices
  4. 4. Setting testing objectives• What are we testing – mobile website or mobile application• For whom – user profile (geogrphy, technical skills, expectations etc.)• Devices – which models and/or emulators will be used for testing• How – defining approaches (Friends & Family testing, scenario-based etc.)
  5. 5. Testing mobile website• Define suppported browsers• Define test coverage• Move on to testingWeb testers are familiarwith the process
  6. 6. Mobile application testing• select platforms (iOS, Android, Blackberry, Win dows Mobile, Symbian, Bada)• screen resolutions, supported by the application (for instance, it is critical for Galaxy Tab)• hardware requirements (GPS, multitouch etc.)
  7. 7. Platforms and versions coverage• Popularity of Symbian and iOS is steady• Android is on the rise• Blackberry loses market share(worldwide stats)
  8. 8. Mobile platforms statsСтатистика по США, источник - http://gs.statcounter.com
  9. 9. Screen resolutions• iOS = iPhone + iPad + iPod• Andoid = screen + OS• Blackberry = almost like Android
  10. 10. Screen resolution of iOS devicesiPhone Original/3G/3GS: 320 × 480 4/4S: 640 × 960iPad 1024×768iPod 1—3 generation: 320 × 480 px, 163 ppi 4-е generation: 960 × 640 px, 326 ppi Source: http://developer.apple.com
  11. 11. Screen resolution of Android devices Low density Medium High density Extra high (120), ldpi density (160), (240), hdpi density (320), mdpi xhdpiSmall screen 240x320 480x640Normal screen 240x400 320x480 480x800 640x960 240x432 480x854 600x1024Large screen 480x800 480x800 480x854 480x854 600x1024Extra large 1024x600 1280x800 1536x1152 2048x1536screen 1024x768 1920x1152 2560x1536 1280x768 1920x1200 2560x1600 Source: http://developer.android.com
  12. 12. Testing for Blackberry• Versions and devices: us.blackberry.com http://supportforums.blackberry.com• Devices and resolutions Wiki http://stats.wikimedia.org BlackBerry and more
  13. 13. Coverage is defined. Now what?• Buy many mobile devices?• Download many emulators and simulatiors of mobile devices and browsers?• Submit to multiple online services to gain access to all mobile devices?
  14. 14. Option 1: Purchasing devicesPros: Cons:• Real user • Expensive environment • Not always possible• Tech specs are clear to buy/order devices• High speed of testing • One device = One QA Engineer • Get out of date quickly
  15. 15. Option 2: Emulators and simulatorsPros: Cons:• They are free • They can’t emulate all• Speed of testing is types of user higher than on interaction physical devices • Don’t provide clear tech specs• Can be easily provided • Exist not for all devices to all QA Engineers
  16. 16. Option 3: services that provide remote access to devicesPros: Cons:• Cover virtually all devices • Don’t provide 100%• Provide instant access interaction• Cost less than purchasing all • Relatively slow the devices • Still costly – sometimes it’s cheaper to buy devices
  17. 17. Friends & Family testing• One person – one device• Variety of real-life interactions• Fast and easy• Real user experience• New unexpected bugs• Quick informal feedback Everyone has a mobile device nowadays, that is why for smoke testing it makes sense to gather a group friends, family and acquaintances
  18. 18. Let’s summarizeMobile application testing is:• Easy to perform – it can be described with a check-list, there is no complex fucntionality• Easy to plan – coverage is defined by exploring current usage stats• Inexpensive – we can use emulators, online services and use Friends&Family approach• Challenging – variety of models and OS versions
  19. 19. Thanks!About Softheme:Softheme provides QA and testing services for desktop, web and mobileapplications since 2009.More than 30 mobile applications successfully released.