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SIX Reasons why SAP HANA on IBM Power has HUGE Potential

Visit http://campaigns.softchoice.com/ibmpower to learn more

Organizations risk picking infrastructure solutions today that will not meet the organizational needs of tomorrow.

Imagine a solution to support your SAP HANA environment that provides massive throughput per core, 24/7 reliability and a range of servers and complementary storage options.

Visit http://campaigns.softchoice.com/ibmpower to learn more and take a self-assessment to see if this solution is the right fit for you

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SIX Reasons why SAP HANA on IBM Power has HUGE Potential

  2. 2. A FUTURE-FOCUSED PHILOSOPHY Deployment of SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems is consistent with the philosophy that IT should be transparent to the business. That is, technology should enable companies, rather than requiring them to morph according to the needs of IT. 1
  3. 3. CO-INNOVATION BETWEEN IBM & SAP Collaboration and synergies between the two companies is a testament to their long-standing relationship, which enhances the value and potential of SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems for customers. IBM has more code-development projects underway with SAP than all other companies combined, including system integrators, OEMs, and software vendors.1 2 1. Harnessing the Potential of SAP HANA with IBM Power Systems
  4. 4. MASSIVE COMPUTING POWER THAT SCALES The following features provide MASSIVE throughput per core: • 4x threads per core: Each Power Systems processor core can execute up to eight simultaneous threads (up to 1,536 threads per system). • 4x the memory bandwidth: Power Systems has an extremely fast interface to the memory subsystem, benefiting performance for memory-intensive SAP HANA operations. • 6x the processor cache: Larger, four-level cache helps ensure continuous data load to processors, for fast responsiveness. 3
  5. 5. MISSION-CRITICAL, 24/7 RELIABILITY... BY DEFAULT This factor is increasingly vital as customers consolidate SAP HANA workloads onto fewer physical systems. IBM POWER8 offers a variety of mission-critical features and technologies to support Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability (RAS). Out-of-the-box virtualization creates built-in resilience that performs efficient failovers, and predictive failure alerts preemptively warn users to take action before a failure is likely to occur. 4
  6. 6. 5 SELECT FROM THE RANGE OF POWER8-BASED SERVERS & COMPLEMENTARY STORAGE OPTIONS The solution fits flexibly into existing infrastructure based on general-purpose Power Systems servers, rather than requiring the purchase of specialized, single-purpose dedicated hardware appliances. Today, IBM Power Systems also offers customers pre-engineered, pre-tested systems tailored for deploying specific SAP HANA workload requirements.
  7. 7. 6 SERVERS BORN TO RUN LINUX Power Systems has a broad Linux portfolio, including the new IBM OpenPOWER LC server line for open source databases, big data platforms, high performance computing and more.
  8. 8. CONCLUSION Now is the time for SAP HANA adopters, as well as those considering a new SAP implementation, to determine the best infrastructure to support their data-intense workloads. As SAP users plan for the transition to SAP HANA, they need to ask: Can it meet growing performance requirements? Can it support future demands? Is it secure enough? At Softchoice, our IBM experts will help you explore your current state, determine where gaps exist and build a roadmap to your ideal future state. To get started, simply request a call-back below!