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What's Next for The World of Influencers

  2. Hello! Chris Walts Associate Director, Ogilvy UK Laurie Close Senior Strategist, OgilvyRED Sarah Edwards Director, Ogilvy Public Relations Asia Pacific
  3. What’s the weather like in your city? Tell us where you’re dialing in from!
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  5. Understanding the World of Influence
  6. Brands today face an uphill communications battle
  7. Half of the UK is bombarded with irrelevant marketing
  8. Not trusted 89 86 80 79 68 37 35 21 Doctors Teachers Judges Scientists The police Banks Brands Politicians Percentageoftrust
  9. Not downloaded Branded apps < 10k downloads
  10. Not watched
  11. Not relevant 93%
  12. BRAND ESSENCE BRAND POSITIONING BRAND BELIEF BRAND ACTION BRAND COMMUNICATION HAS EVOLVED… AGAIN BRAND ESSENCE BRAND POSITIONING BRAND BELIEF BRAND ACTION OUR BRAND GIVES - The cleanest wash The smoothest skin OUR BRAND IS - For thoughtful mums For busy women WE BELIEVE… - Dirt is good All women are beautiful ACTIONS TO… - Help kids play Make women feel good 1950s 1980s 2000s NOW
  13. We must focus on fostering cultural relevance if we are to survive
  14. Word of Mouth influences 92% of purchases
  15. Influencers let us leverage WOM at scale
  16. 54% of female internet users worldwide have purchased a product/service after seeing an influencer's post
  17. THE ROLE OF INFLUENCERS HAS CHANGED • Influencer marketing is not ‘new’ anymore • Tiers of influence continue to evolve • Influencers are also content creators • Influence is a strategy vs. a tactic • Brands are increasing investment • Increasing importance on disclosures
  18. Content type matters when driving conversion 86 78 44 40 40 Video Image Text Animated GIF Live Stream
  19. But it’s easy to get it wrong
  20. Celebrity badges
  21. Not authentic
  22. Transactional
  23. Little brand relevance
  24. Fickle partnerships
  25. Money is wasted on influencers that aren’t right and don’t produce the right work.
  26. Not all influencers are the same
  27. Influencers are as varied as personal style
  28. Influencers who have reach
  29. Who bring authenticity
  30. Increase trust in brand values
  31. Meaningful product endorsement
  32. Drive conversion
  33. It has never been more important to define a new, strategic approach to engaging influencers.
  35. Business objectives Clearly identifiable areas of influencer Influencer partnerships should be based on two sets of criteria: The business objectives the influencer’s activity can deliver against - awareness, affinity, advocacy or action. The areas in which the influencer actually is influential. EVOLVING OUR THINKING
  36. TALENT CREATORS MEDIA FIGURES EXPERTS GATEKEEPERS CONSUMER ADVOCATES E.g. Daisy Lowe E.g. Hazel Hayes E.g. Gizzi Erskine E.g. Erica Davis E.g. Catwalkschoolgates E.g. EllaRuthTaylor SIX INFLUENCER TYPES
  37. Talent Creators Media Figures Experts Gatekeepers Consumer Advocates Talent Creators Media Figures Experts Gatekeepers Consumer Advocates Focus on Awareness and Affinity Focus on Advocacy and Conversion FINDING THE RIGHT INFLUENCER BLEND Establishing the key business objectives allows us to determine the correct types of influencers to seek out to best deliver an ROI.
  38. PINPOINT INFLUENCER IDENTIFICATION We map the social web to find influencers based on their influence in subject areas rather than simple follower metrics. We then segment the network to understand the areas of influence and their most impactful advocates.
  39. UTILISING NETWORK THEORY We use basic graph theory, and resulting metrics, to understand influence in a given social network. Looking at the network relationships allows us to understand how information has spread in the past, and will likely spread again in the future across existing communities.
  40. CONNECTING THE DOTS THROUGH BETWEENNESS CENTRALITY We focus on the extent to which nodes (social media accounts) in the network act as ‘bridges’, or ‘agents’ and ‘gatekeepers’ as we’re analysing social networks. The is calculated by taking each node and drawing the shortest line to every other node in the network, then understanding how often each of these routes passes through each node. The output gives us a numeric ranking which we can use as the basis for an influencer score.
  41. • Money • Profile building • New products first • Input into New Product Development • Usage of products • Access to experts and knowledge • Content inspiration • A sense of belonging to a wider movement or cause • Social currency • A face for the campaign • Network access/reach • Content creation • Events • Positive endorsement • Authenticity • Access to their fans BRANDS OFFER INFLUENCERS OFFER DEFINING THE VALUE EXCHANGE By creating a clear value exchange we can ensure both our brands and our influencers benefit from the relationship.
  42. TRANSPARENCY GUIDELINES Use language that conveys the advertising has been paid for The commercial nature of the post should be clear before the user clicks/engages with the content Notice of the sponsorship should be large and visible enough for a consumer to notice it in the context of a given page and/or relative to the device the ad is being viewed on Be aware of the technical quirks of each platform and what opportunities there are to identify something as a piece of sponsored content
  43. PLATFORM TRANSPARENCY Platform Best Practice Facebook Verified Profiles: Co-branded posts Non Verified Profiles: #Ad #Sponsored Instagram Verified Profiles: Co-branded posts Non Verified Profiles: #Ad #Sponsored YouTube Indication in title and/or description that it is sponsored content Twitter Whitelisted profiles for promoted posts #Ad #Sponsored for organic posts Blogs Reference in headline or byline
  44. Gaining access to influencer-owned social data and analytics is becoming much easier, especially on Facebook and Instagram. When measuring the effectives, it’s important to try and compare it against other activity. We measure: • Impressions & CPM • Engagement Rate & CPE • Shares & Share Rate • Clicks/Acquisitions & CPC/CPA • Earned media featuring the influencers or their content • Increased conversation about the brand surrounding the influencers MEASURING THE IMPACT
  45. THANKS! Chris Walts @chriswalts @chriswalts
  46. Questions? Chris Walts Associate Director, Ogilvy UK Laurie Close Global Brand Partnerships, OgilvyRED Sarah Edwards Director, Ogilvy Public Relations Asia Pacific