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  1. What is it about Content? Thought starters for an evening of conversation Rob Davis Executive Director, Content Ogilvy NY @robertjohndavis
  2. EXP 1993 1998 2001 2002 2003 2008 A Long Strange Trip Rob’s Journey
  3. WTF is Content?
  4. This isn’t helping.
  5. Content isn’t new. What has changed?
  6. 500 years’ worth of YouTube videos arewatched on Facebook every day. Google, 2013 380 billion photos were taken last year – that’s about 10% of all the photos ever taken. Google, 2013 There are 4 billion views a day on YouTube – up over 25% since January 2012. Google, 2013 58% of US population will watch video content online at least monthly. eMarketer, July 2013 Social media sites and blogs account for 23% of all time spent online. Content Marketing Institute, 2013 The results of access.
  7. All marketing content should lift the brand, create demand, increase sales and diminish the impact of competitive voices.- Ogilvy Content Marketing Practice Not all content is marketing content.
  8. Commerce Increase consumer demand across product categories. Content Improve visibility for brand- favorable messages through integrated optimization, development and distribution. Conversation Morph key web platforms into a cross-functional ecosystem of information sharing and discussion. The cumulative effect will improve search ranking, shift/maintain customer perceptions, protect & expand the online value of the brand and assure your place in the digital space. The 3C program breaks down the future-path to digital customer engagement into 3 simple concepts: Commerce, Content & Conversation. The integrated effect of each of these areas will result in a program of ongoing momentum and value. 3 C’s - Content is only part of the process.
  9. PAID OWNED &EARNED OWNED EARNED &PAID POE or OEP? More than semantics... •Prioritizes paid media (the old way of doing things) •Encourages disruption rather than acceptance •Isolates the role of social •Results in wasted budget •Prioritizes owned media and the value of the brand •Encourages audience development •Focuses upon engagement •Maximizes opportunities to be discovered •Integrates social •Applies paid support in strategic areas where organic is challenged, targets spend vs. POE vs. OEP
  10. A Hypothesis: The best use of content in marketing occurs when an accord is drawn between the goals of the brand and the desires of the users.
  11. Brand as Publisher
  12. Brand as Publisher Maybe...
  13. Brand that Publishes
  14. Brand that Publishes Definitely...
  15. Awareness Engagement Consideration Conversion Loyalty Attract and intrigue the customer who may or may not be aware of your brand or solution. Entice the customer to experience the brand via immersive content. Explain your goods and services in depth. Provide the final impetus for purchase or ignite your e-commerce activity. Grow your customer base into a loyalty engine. Keys to Success Each asset must be created against a specific role in the funnel. Assign a KPI to every asset. “Pre-optimize” content according to the search behaviors of your customers. Develop “post play interaction” to turn viewers into customers. Understand the way you want customers to interact with content before you create the asset. Don’t hope for “viral.” Strategically plan every aspect of your Owned, Earned & Paid plan to match your business goals. Understanding ROI
  16. A Boy and His Atom
  17. DuPont and Content
  18. DuPont and Content
  19. Discuss.