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Five Trend Predictions for 2013

How will 3D printers, tablets, life-saving forks, Google Glasses and the interest graph change the way you do business this year?

This presentation by Thomas Crampton and Hannah Law will show you 5 trends that will change the way you do digital marketing in 2013. We explain the trend, show you some early adopters (including Nike, IBM, Heineken and Burberry) and recommend how you can make the most of it.

The Lucky 5 trends that you need to know about in 2013 are:
1. Be mobile, not do mobile
2. Bricks and Bytes: create shopping experiences, not transactions
3. Brand-awakened: brands with a higher purpose rule
4. Live in 60 Seconds: concept to production at speed
5. Smart Data: Big Data’s older, wiser sister

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Five Trend Predictions for 2013

  1. Five TrendPredictionsfor 2013 Thomas Crampton | Regional Director, Asia-Pacific Hannah Law | Senior Regional Strategist, Asia-Pacific February 2013
  2. 5 Trends 1 Be mobile, not do mobile 2 Bricks and Bytes: create shopping experiences, not transactions 3 Brand-awakened: brands with a higher purpose rule 4 Live in 60 Seconds: concept to production at speed 5 Smart Data: Big Data’s older, wiser sister
  3. Be mobile, not do mobile
  4. wwConsumers are active andwant to take their deviceswith them. They’re screenhoarders.In Asia it’s about multiplemobiles as much asmultiple devices. 4 SOURCE: KICKSTARTER.COM
  5. Global  Notebook  PC   and  Tablet  Shipment  Share  Forecast   100%  Device growth will be insmart devices: global 80%  tablets sales will overtakedesktops in Q2.Tablet PC shipments have 60%  already surpassednotebook PC shipments inChina. 40%   20%   0%   2011   2012   2013   2014   Tablet  PC   Notebook  PC   Source:  NPD  Display  Search,  2013    
  6. Online  ac:vi:es  engaged  in  at  least  once  p/week   while  watching  TV  or  video  content   Bases:  US,  UK,  Germany,  Spain,  Sweden,  China  &   Taiwan   90%   80%  Devices will be used at thesame time as using other 70%  technology but normally for 60%  unrelated tasks, like socialnetworking. 50%   40%   30%   20%   10%   0%   Browse  the  internet   Use  social  forums   Chat  e.g.  MSN   e.g.  Facebook   2011   2012   Source:  Ericsson  ConsumerLab,  ‘TV  &  Video  Report’  August  2012  
  7. Early adopters won’t lettechnology limitations slowthem down. They’ll usesmart-watches, like Pebblethat control music, trackexercise and sync with yoursmartphone. Source:  Kickstarter.com  
  8. They’ll even try wearablescreens: Google’saugmented reality Glassesjust gained some street credwhen they were worn bymodels on the Diane vonFurstenberg catwalk. Source:  pocket-­‐lint.com  
  9. Who’s alreadyon-trend?Heineken Star Player Applet fans predict goals in real-time with UEFA Champion’sLeague. It generated 87%positive feedback and 56minutes dwell time on theiPhone app. Source:  Chrisperks.com  
  10. How can you use this trend?Re-imagine brand experiencewithout technology limitations
  11. Bricks and Bytes: shoppingexperiences, not transactions Photo  courtesy  of  hQp://hongkong.geoexpat.com/forum/members/pin-­‐20310.html  
  12. eCommerce is continuing togrow, especially in fashionand electronics. Alibabarecorded $150billion+ salesin 2012, up 60% from 2011.
  13. This year the strongesteCommerce buyerpenetration growth willcome from China, followedby South Korea. Source:  eMarketer,  January  2013  
  14. Personal recommendationscontinue to influencepurchase behaviours, withsites such as Snoox, Hunchand The Find gainingpopularity. Source:  Kickstarter.com  
  15. Innovative start-ups are by-passing bricks-and-mortarand providing uniqueexperiences online: givingbrand advocates the chanceto be affiliate sellers or co-creators.
  16. Bricks-and-mortar storesaren’t irrelevant: they’llalways be there but they willprovide experiences, notjust transactions.
  17. Who’s alreadyon-trend?Burberry’s flagship store inLondon embodies online-offline integration with RFIDchips in clothes to productstory content live on-screenin change-rooms.
  18. Who’s alreadyon-trend?Yihaodian has launched1000 virtual supermarketsthat use AR technology tobring blank spaces in thereal world to life in the virtualworld.
  19. How can you use this trend?Give people an emotionalreason to shop with you.
  20. Brand Awakened: brandswith a higher purpose rule Photo  courtesy  of  colbycsbc  tumblr  
  21. “Brands should haveidentities that are timeless,that stand apart from themarch of history.”Douglas Holt,Cultural Strategy
  22. Those brands have theupperhand in social: they’vealready given consumers areason to talk about themand a reason to love or hatethem.
  23. And consumers will talk.
  24. And contribute to yourbrand story.
  25. Who’s alreadyon-trend?Brands with a higherpurpose related to healthand wellness will win in2013 because 74% ofconsumers believe wellnesswill be (even)more importantin the future
  26. Who’s alreadyon-trend?Apple, of course.“Man is the creator ofchange in this world. Assuch he should be abovesystems and structures, andnot subordinate them.”Steve Jobs, 1980s
  27. How can you use this trend?Build an icon around a culturaltension and your brand’s ‘best self’
  28. Live in 60 seconds: concept toproduction at speed Photo  courtesy  of  colbycsbc  tumblr  
  29. Technology has sped upeverything from transport tocomputers.
  30. Now you business isexpected to match pace,with everything fromproduction to advertising.
  31. Who’s alreadyon-trend?FujiFilm has a 3D printingkiosk that enablescustomers to customiseproducts.
  32. Who’s alreadyon-trend?Nike Find Your Greatness:inspirational quotes relatedto achievements of Chinaathletes in the Olympicswere posted on social mediawithin minutes of the event.
  33. How can you use this trend?(Re)learn to be nimble.
  34. Smart Data: big data’solder, wiser sister
  35. We’ve seen the explosion ofdata – big data – but whyshould you be measuringeverything that moves?
  36. You’re better off identifyingthe KPIs and metrics thatare important to you. Thenpay close attention to themetrics that count.
  37. Facebook’s exploring smartdata: Graph Search will giveusers personalised searchof people, places, productsand services … based onthe information Facebookhas about us.
  38. Uncovet uses social data –from the interest and socialgraph – to create apersonalised shoppingexperience or ‘style graph’.Here, big data is usedsmartly.
  39. Who’s alreadyon-trend?IBM used augmented realityto show how smart datacould make the world workbetter.
  40. How can you use this trend?Don’t sweat the small stuff:know what you want to measureand focus on it.
  41. Thank  you! Thomas Crampton Hannah Law @thomascrampton @hannahlaw Asia-Pacific Director Senior Digital Strategist Ogilvy | Hong Kong Ogilvy | Hong Kong