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Cineplex's new (and improved!) social strategy, presented by Justine Melman

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In her Brands-Only Summit presentation, Cineplex Entertainment's Justine Melman shares a case study on developing a corporate social media strategy.

She explains the steps they took to identify, define, and launch a new (and improved) social media strategy.

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Cineplex's new (and improved!) social strategy, presented by Justine Melman

  1. 1. SOCIALMEDIA.ORG/SUMMIT2016ORLANDOJANUARY 25–27, 2016 Cineplex’s new (and improved!) social strategy JUSTINE MELMAN CINEPLEX ENTERTAINMENT
  2. 2. Cineplex’s New (and Improved!) Social Strategy
  3. 3. Owning Social To be social media’s most engaging and influential brand for movie fans in Canada
  4. 4. In 2015, millions of people will see a movie in a Cineplex theatre and then share their thoughts and feelings with their peers and networks.
  5. 5. 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 Movie Opens
  7. 7. #FanScreen #FanScreen
  8. 8. Lifecycle of a Film EARLY BUZZ TRAILER RELEASE DIGITAL STORE RELEASE THEATRICAL RELEASE OWNABLE MOMENT PARTICIPATE Have an active voice in the organic conversation, curating fan-generated content and relevant owned content. OWN Capture the post-release momentum, driving the conversation with direct requests for FGC and influencer activations. REIGNITE Leverage previous FCG to renew engagement.
  9. 9. How does it all unfold?
  10. 10. Calls to Create
  11. 11. FanScreen Influencers
  12. 12. FanScreen Booth Video and photo booth captures fans’ reactions to films and responses to calls to create. Hashtags #FanScreen plus the movie hashtag builds program recognition and ties to the larger conversation. FanScreen Booth & Hashtags #FanScreen + #MazeRunner #Sisters #PaperTowns #Spectre
  13. 13. FanScreen Community Hub Social content on the path- to-purchase can increase conversion by 5-7%.
  14. 14. Reignite for the Cineplex Store The conversation continues when fans have the chance to rent or buy the film in the Cineplex Store.
  15. 15. How are we doing?
  16. 16. #FanScreen #FanScreen Launched May 15th with Pitch Perfect 2 Executed 21 campaigns in 8 months Biggest challenges have been process and analytics
  17. 17. Cineplex mentions on social are 168% above goal
  18. 18. FanScreen mentions have grown 177% since launch
  19. 19. Twitter engagement grew by 67% YoY
  20. 20. Facebook ER is almost 3x average for vertical
  21. 21. #FanScreen Thank you! Justine Melman Executive Director, Digital Strategy @justinemelman
  22. 22. Learn more about past and upcoming events SOCIALMEDIA.ORG/EVENTS SOCIALMEDIA.ORG/SUMMIT2016ORLANDOJANUARY 25–27, 2016