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How to integrate social media with sales, presented by Ryan Dickerson

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In his presentation, AutoTrader.com's Senior Product Manager of Social Media, Ryan Dickerson, teaches a class on how to use social media to drive sales online, at retail, and face-to-face.

Ryan talks about how sales are a byproduct of a comprehensive social media strategy and how you can only start selling once you've established your brand in the social space.

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How to integrate social media with sales, presented by Ryan Dickerson

  1. 1. How to integrate social media with sales RYAN DICKERSON AUTOTRADER.COM DECEMBER 9–11, 2013 ORLANDO SOCIALMEDIA.ORG/SUMMIT
  2. 2. social media & sales @RyanGDickerson
  3. 3. selling with social isn’t new We’ve tried this a few different ways  F-commerce stores “We’re going to sell stuff on Facebook!”  In-feed sales “We’re going to sell stuff on Twitter!” Image: http://www.bookingbug.com  Video annotations “People can buy stuff straight from product videos!”  Rich Pins/Media “We’re going to sell stuff to moms!” @RyanGDickerson
  4. 4. strategy & tact are everything Listening, clear goals, and measurable KPIs are essential for any social sales strategy  What does success look like for your brand?  How will you measure those achievements?  When will you know if you’ve succeeded? @RyanGDickerson
  5. 5. sales are a byproduct of a comprehensive social media strategy Social Sales Direct ROI Foundational Activities Real-time Engagment Social Listening Social Traffic/Leads Inspirational Content Enabled Analytics Community Management @RyanGDickerson
  6. 6. social media & online sales
  7. 7. tactics for social media & online sales  Leverage what’s available from the platforms  Put on your analytics trucker hat  Consider social advertising for your marketing mix  Make user-generated reviews a cornerstone of your strategy Source: Zazzle.com @RyanGDickerson
  8. 8. leverage the basics Marketers have a lot of tools at their disposal to boost and track social ROI  Meta tags, inbound traffic measurements, UV attribution  Rich content (pins, cards, videos)  Native platform analytics @RyanGDickerson Source: www.business2community.com
  9. 9. get friendly with your data Know what to look for and how to show attribution Mobile Site UV Mobile Site Search Mobile Site Product Page Mobile Site Search Mobile Site Product Page Mobile Site Product Page Product Ratings & Reviews Mobile Social Login Social Team Happy Hour Post-Sale CRM Sourcing Reviews Add To Cart/ Checkout  Referral domain  Session duration  Site activity  Add to cart/checkout  Click events  Shopper pathing “Over the period of Jan.- June 2013, social traffic to e-commerce sites has created a revenue increase of 17.8 percent.” Source: (ShopSocially) @RyanGDickerson sample e-commerce flow (mobile) Social Content Click
  10. 10. are social ads right for you? Social adverting has come a long, long, long way  Better segmentation “clusters”  Better attribution techniques  1st & 3rd party data integration (Equifax, Polk)  Industry demand for accountability Facebook’s CTR saw a 275% increase in Q3. Source: Adobe Social Intelligence Report @RyanGDickerson
  11. 11. ugc is your digital reputation  Ratings & Reviews drive sales, and have become synonymous with online shopping “78% of Americans said online reviews help them decide on whether or not to purchase a product.” Source: http://www.marketingcharts.com @RyanGDickerson
  12. 12. social media & retail sales
  13. 13. tactics for social media & retail sales  Know your social path to purchase  Use inspirational content to drive discovery  Work with your geo-social companies  Get creative with social incentives @RyanGDickerson
  14. 14. know your social path to purchase  Having an understanding of where your social presence fits into the path to purchase is critical in knowing where your role starts and stops in a sales process Source: http://www.mckinsey.com/ @RyanGDickerson Source: http://www.zeromomentoftruth.com
  15. 15. inspiration drives sales  Inspire with your compelling content  Engage with your community  Empower your loyalists  Deliver on your brand promise Twenty-six percent of in-store purchases from Pinterest were at discount retailers. Source: Vision Critical @RyanGDickerson
  16. 16. check-ins- an easy attribution tool Check-in and geo-fencing technologies could be your missing attribution tool  Associate check-ins with…  CRM data  Brand fans (Likes, Follows)  Competitors (visitors recent check-ins)  Easily identify influencers and key behaviors @RyanGDickerson
  17. 17. social incentives aren’t about the deal Social incentive campaigns build stickiness and help brands…  Drive brand awareness  Gain deeper shopper insights  Build long-term attribution models @RyanGDickerson
  18. 18. key takeaways & best practices
  19. 19. sales are a long-tail game  Sales are a byproduct of a well-executed social strategy @RyanGDickerson
  20. 20. leverage the basic industry tools The social platforms want to help you succeed, so use what they offer  Twitter Cards  Rich Pins  YouTube Annotations  Google Analytics  Check-in data @RyanGDickerson
  21. 21. know your channels strengths @RyanGDickerson Source: http://www.mckinsey.com/insights/marketing_sales/the_consumer_decision_journey
  22. 22. be inspirational Inspiration drives exploration, and gives consumers unique ways to connect with a brand @RyanGDickerson
  23. 23. don’t be a “swim fan brand”  Know what to ask for: Don’t be the like me, love me, follow me, pin me, + me, me brand  Have tact: Don’t #Twitt-sta- face-tube-pin-plus your salesdriven content  Maintain balance: Make sure your sales-focused content isn’t the key driver in your social content mix @RyanGDickerson
  24. 24. thank you  Feel free to send your critiques, praises, good jokes, or BBQ recipes to @RyanGDickerson
  25. 25. Learn more about past and upcoming events SOCIALMEDIA.ORG/EVENTS DECEMBER 9–11, 2013 ORLANDO SOCIALMEDIA.ORG/SUMMIT