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BlogWell Atlanta Social Media Case Study: Turner Broadcasting System, presented by Seth Miller

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In his BlogWell Atlanta case study presentation, "A Thriving Media Company in the Social Media Era," Turner Broadcasting System's Digital Marketing Director, Seth Miller, explained how -- as a largely traditional media company -- Turner is finding success by embracing social media.

Seth's presentation covers how they've supported fans who've posted creative spins on their content on YouTube, how they've reached out to existing fan communities, and how they've used social media to collaborate with fans.


BlogWell is the only conference where social media executives from large companies come together to share their case studies, offer practical how-to advice, and answer your questions.

To learn more about BlogWell, visit gaspedal.com/blogwell/

BlogWell is produced by GasPedal and the Social Media Business Council.

Learn More: http://gaspedal.com and http://socialmedia.org

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BlogWell Atlanta Social Media Case Study: Turner Broadcasting System, presented by Seth Miller

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