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Building A Better Content Engine — Anna Lingeris (Social Fresh WEST 2012)

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Building A Better Content Engine — Anna Lingeris (Social Fresh WEST 2012)

  1. 1. The Two Most Powerful Allies Public Relations + Social MediaAnna LingerisBrand PR & Consumer Engagement@ahhnalinalingeris@hersheys.com
  2. 2. We NEED to Talk…
  3. 3. Which one is Relationship Based?Source: IRI… 3
  4. 4. Key Messages PR + social media ARE powerful allies Together = content engine Relationship-based Deliver: – Content quality – Effective story telling – Ability to build relationships (online/offline) – Constant creativity – Willingness to change and adapt • ….all core foundations of “GREAT” PR Pros…. 4
  5. 5. Key to Relationships…. Communicate 5
  6. 6. Public Relations + Social 6
  7. 7. Why Hershey’s should create content? 1 2 Consumers crave content Content Improves Reach Hershey’s has over 5 Million Fans Sources are checked before +393MM 7.3 making a CPG grocery purchase incremental reach Pieces of content are shared every month (web links, news stories, posts, notes, photos) 3 4 Content Improves Visibility Content Can Fill the Gaps Currently, engagement spikes at key Hershey’s properties currently make up 9 of the points in the season/promotional schedule 10 first page Google Results. More content means the potential to own the entire page Engagement can be better sustained via consistent content deliverySource: http://blog.kissmetrics.com/facebook-statistics/, Google ZMOT study, Sysomos: “Smore” Social mentions
  8. 8. Consumers drive the conversation in social channels 1.1 million total Reese’s mentions Key Themes by Channel in the last 12 monthsForums Youtube Flickr 1% News 1% 4% 1% Besides brand affinity and recipes, themes on Twitter Blogs 2% mainly revolve around pleasure versus guilt versus craving for Reese’s Facebook 13% For Reese’s fans, Facebook serves as a place to share their love for the brand, sharing food creations & asking questions Twitter Consumers used forums to share their experiences of 77% the chocolate – comparing and describing the taste, when & how they were eating it Majority of the conversation happens on Twitter, Most blogs discussing Reese’s revolved around baking Facebook and Forums and sharing recipes YouTube serves as a video review medium, a channel to share recipes and watch past Reese’s commercials
  9. 9. Hershey’s Digital Ecosystem…P/E/O/S • Online video • Websites (browser • Banner ads and mobile • Paid search optimized) • Promotions/ • Hershey’s brand STATIC sponsorships sites • Mobile ads Paid OwnedCO ConsumerN TakeawayT DYNAMICE Earned SharedN • Traditional PR • Blog outreach • Social media presenceT • Word-of-mouth • User-generated • Influencer relations content One Voice and One Experience 9 9
  10. 10. The Earned & Shared Elements = Social 10
  11. 11. Social Media Strategy Influencers Content Experience• Work with the right influencers • Increase reach by making • Make the Hershey’s brand • No guessing; dig deep using the Hershey’s content the most experience engaging and right analytics to determine real sharable and findable in online – meaningful for consumers influence and create lots of it • “I look forward to seeing • “The people I follow all seem to be • “It seems like everywhere I look, I’m Hershey’s in my news feed.” talking about Hershey’s.” seeing Hershey’s.” • Adopt a “Fans First” mentality• Analytics Drive Engagement • Build One Consumer Ecosystem • Empower consumers to Strategy • Link, tag and syndicate content advocate, create, innovate •Top influencers, right keywords, across all ten channels • Become “Fans of our Fans” right channels, right timing • Show unexpected kindness to our consumers (recognition & respect) Pilot, Learn, then Scale 11
  12. 12. How Content Supports Earned, Shared and Owned Digital Types Vehicles Attributes CraftedCrafted Valuable Crafted Content is shared and Sharable dispersed throughout various Example: Hersheys.com Arresting social and curated properties Branded Curated Example: Photo upload of ContextualCurated fan’s Reese’s Leveragable outfit; highlighted Influential on FB Social trends and content Engaging Social become curated and eventually InformativeSocial acted on by the brand from a Example: Tweet from Integrated crafted perspective fan about Sharable Kisses Cross Platform Time 12
  13. 13. Content works to support the entire ecosystem to earn efficiencies and extend presence A piece of content Example: Simple Pleasures Video housed Distributed via Shared Properties on OWNED Hersheys.com Pin the video Post the video Post the Tweet the video videoReposted/liked, reviewed and commented on & Posted on OWNED Mobile across Earned/Shared channels Sites Promoted in Paid Media Simple Pleasures Content reaches consumers through Paid, Owned, Earned and Shared through multiple FB Sponsored Paid Search Story/Ad touch points; which then drives more content Promoted Tweets creation and curation for Hershey’s Banners/Rich Media ads 13
  14. 14. Social Media Summary and Highlights • In the first 90 days, social media activity, including tweets, blog posts, Facebook public posts, images, forum posts / responses and video mentions, increased by 35.8% • Common words used include #roadtrip, #twists, #Twizzlers, #4sq and #blogher11 • Total summary of activity from May 15 to September 4, 2011* – 2,361 Tweets – 766 Blog Posts – 734 Facebook Updates – 183 Forum Posts – 14 Video Mentions • Social media activity from or conversation with traveling families – 713 Tweets – 111 Blog Posts – 39 Facebook Updates – 8 Video Mentions • @Twizzlers Summary – 2,361 Mentions on Twitter – 404 uses of #Twizzlers Hashtag – 151 Tweets from or mentions of @Twizzlers*Note: Keywords include topics in association with Landmark Summer, Twizzlers and Traveling Families2011 PR Program Recap – Twizzlers Landmark Summer – Page 2
  15. 15. Twizzlers Online Video & Pre-roll Adaptive Web Design STATIC Paid Owned Rich Media Takeovers FacebookMobile GameIntegration FourSquare DYNAMIC Tweets Earned Shared Flickr YouTube Bloggers Twitter One Voice and One Experience 16
  16. 16. Experience 1st, Product 2nd •1,300 suite visitors • 150+ blog posts* • 1,110 #smores Tweets • Collective Twitter following = 4.9MM • 1,650+ photo uploaded to Flickr • 1,400 Flickr page views •14,000+ stories • 17
  17. 17. S’mores Online Video Adaptive Web & Pre-roll Design STATIC Paid Owned Tablet App Integration Facebok PromoRich Media Banners DYNAMIC Tweets Earned Shared Media Coverage Pinterest Twitter Board UGC YouTube Bloggers One Voice and One Experience 18
  18. 18. Discussion…