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  1. 1. Confidential: For Limited Circulation only Optimism 1
  2. 2. Confidential: For Limited Circulation only Have you ever found yourself taking decisions which will be better-off than similar and like-minded decisions that people around you take? Looking only at the brighter side?  Optimistic bias seems greater on issues that are more a matter of personal control, which suggests that it is largely due to people overestimating how skilled they are relative to other people.  People tend to overestimate positive events. So it's this difference between your expectations and the outcome, where the former are slightly better than the latter.  Optimistic bias is a well-established illusion that one's future is rosier than it really will be. 2
  3. 3. Confidential: For Limited Circulation only What is it?  Simply put, optimism bias induces people to over-estimate the favourable outcomes of the investments they have made.  Investors with too much optimism may overestimate the relative value of their investments and put too much confidence in their investing savvy.  Such investors believe that bad investments will not happen to them—they will only afflict “others.”  Investors underestimate risk in their portfolios and end up with concentrated and under-diversified portfolios. How can we identify it?  Investors may overload on their own company stock assuming competitors may not do as well.  Investors may end up ignoring factors like taxes, fees, inflation, etc. that significantly affect the long-term benefits of compounding. 3
  4. 4. Confidential: For Limited Circulation only Examples  People expecting to complete personal projects in less time than actually required.  Most smokers believing they are at less risk of developing smoking-related diseases than others who smoke.  Final year college students overestimating the number of job offers they would receive.  You expect your portfolio of selected stocks to do much better than your friend’s portfolio without a rational analysis. How do we overcome it?  Succumbing too frequently to optimism bias usually deteriorates savings. So, people attempting to combat this bias should invest wisely at every opportunity.  Have a justified asset allocation.  Have a trusted financial advisor. 4
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