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Social3i company info

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Social3i company info

  2. 2. Social3i | Who we are social3i is a strategic consulting company with a clear social marketing focus. Our team of marketing professionals has nearly 3 decades of hands-on marketing experience in digital media, ecommerce, mobile and social media with an emphasis on Youth and Sports Markets. Our careers have developed through an iterative process of modeling, measuring and molding strategic digital communications campaigns for some of the online world’s best known brands, including; Microsoft Bing and Zune, as well as RealNetworks Rhapsody music service and T-Mobile. We have also worked hand-in-hand with many of the world’s largest creative digital communications firms including; Tribal DDB, Razorfish and Publicis. We have a deep and wide network in the emerging media market with direct access to key research & analytics technology providers, media and social platform partners, content producers and unique creative shops.
  3. 3. Research & Insight social3i provides customized research on the social media landscape. We can help if you are evaluating the social channel as an customer acquisition source, retention tool or engagement driver. We’ll prepare and package deep insights for you, giving you back time, so you can focus on driving the business outcomes that matter. Our Research services include: • social media landscape audits & benchmarks • key influencer identification and mapping • trend spotting & social meme analysis • competitive analysis • brand perception tracking & monitoring • social media channel analysis • other research [tailored to specific need) Our insightful and customized Market Research is made possible via our teams’ extensive knowledge and network of technology providers like Radian6, Alterian SM2 and Visible Technologies.
  4. 4. Ideation & Planning social3i consultants have experience working with fortune 500 management teams to create and bring new concepts and ideas to life. We work on a project basis, helping our customers develop and execute strategic paths for their social marketing programs. social3i has developed a planning and education framework which is used to guide and structure the work with our customers. Our expertise in data-driven-planning will help you with: • social marketing campaigns and new member/community development projects. • cross-media and cross-platform growth programs (web, social, mobile). • internal organization planning to manage corporate communication goals in social media. • external social marketing strategies and tactics planning and execution. Our customers are mainly mid-sized and large digital technology companies and organizations with a special focus on Youth and Sports markets.
  5. 5. Influencer Marketing We’ve built influencer models for Fortune 500 brands and small to mid-sized companies who have all had vastly different definitions of influence. Together, we’ll create, deploy and manage a customized model using key metrics like; reach, authority, affinity & authenticity to map & measure whether an influencer is relevant to you and whether they are new, established or aging. We’ll build an “Influencer Playbook” full of actual Influencer biographies and show you and your team how to use these bios to understand, reach-out-to and activate these people. The “Influencer Playbook” will help your team to: • define and map online Influencers • evaluate types of Influencers • develop programs to engage and thank Influencers • develop guidelines for Influencer self-regulation • monitor Influencer behavior over time
  6. 6. Social Program Development Our experience developing and deploying advanced social marketing programs for Fortune 500 brands will help you uncover the right combination of services to make your social marketing programs successful. How our Program Development Services work: • we collaborate with your team to create and implement new ideas. • we help you define, locate and activate influential customers • we help build and/or edit strong, clearly defined presences in the social channels relevant to you. • we provide tutorials and reports that give you the knowledge to take control of your presence. • we help build your internal team of social marketers, who’ll begin weaving your social channels in with your current offline, online, external and internal messages Whether you're an individual building your brand, or a business consolidating your various touch points into a unified message and presence, our system works for you.
  7. 7. Social Marketing Training Our social marketing training programs are custom built to help your teams drive your specific business outcomes. We’ll conduct your training on-site at a time when your team can be fully immersed in the learning experience. We’ll help you learn how to build original and specific social marketing program briefs that become your blueprint for planning, building, measuring and managing engaging consumer experiences on the social web. Our training programs have 3 focus areas: • best practices & playbooks • tools & technologies • drivers & gatekeepers Example programs include: • developing a voice that permeates the social landscape • monitor, measure & join conversations about your brand • manage blogs & twitter for social marketing efforts
  8. 8. Social3i | Our Team Andy Boyer, Co-Founder Xavier Jimenez, Co-Founder Integrated Marketing Social Research, Insight Strategy & Planning & Ideation Andy Boyer was a Principal at social media Prior to co-founding social3i Xavier was agency Spring Creek Group from 2007-2010, Principal and Analytics Practice Head at social leading client campaigns inside Microsoft and media agency Spring Creek Group in Seattle other companies, developing short and long Washington. Xavier has worked with Fortune term social media strategies, and recruiting a 1000 brands like Realnetworks, American team of Engagement Leads and Community Greetings, T-Mobile and Microsoft to deliver Managers. His previous experience is deep consumer insights using emerging media highlighted by six years in e-commerce measurement technologies. As chief social marketing at streaming media intelligence strategist, Xavier is tasked with pioneerRealNetworks from 1996-2002. As transforming raw data from online video, Co-Founder of social3i, Andy develops holistic mobile advertising, blogs, social networks, and social media programs that are integrated into other user generated content into deep overall marketing efforts customer intelligence for our clients
  9. 9. social3i We are located in Seattle, Wa contact@social3i.com www.social3i.com