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Customer Purchasing Behavior and Sport Team Performance

Presentation of research presented for Stubhub-sponsored Research Opportunity, hosted by Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative.

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Customer Purchasing Behavior and Sport Team Performance

  1. 1. Pr e di ct i n g  C u st ome r  Pu r c h a si n g  Be h av i o r  a s a  Fun ct i o n  o f  Sp or t   Te am  Pe r for ma n ce How does the performance of a sports fans Slight Elasticity of Purchase Behavior favorite team affect his/her likelihood of making a ticket purchase from a reseller? Dr Howard Hamilton (Soccermetrics) develops a classification model of customer purchase decisions that: § Incorporates customer transaction data for regular season events of the “Big 4” sports leagues (NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB) § Adds regressor for conference rank (MLB division rank) of customers team as of event date Applications How the Model Works § Develop team-specific marketing strategies based on Elasticity: Establish the change of the likelihood of a fan behavior customer purchase as a function of sports team § Segment marketing campaigns by level of customer performance. affinity for his/her team Identification: Identify those customers with specific sports team affinities who are likely to purchase tickets given a § Develop 1:1 customer purchase model that accounts for specific transaction and current team record. previous purchasing behavior and defaults to group purchase history for preferred team*Status: Journal Paper in Preparation users ·● listeners ● fans ● donors ● viewers ● households ● shoppers ● sellers ● readers ● browsers ● friends ● followers ● travelers ● patients ● contributors ● attendees ● readers ● subscribers ● buyers ● clients ● visitors ● guests ● customers StubHub-Sponsored Research Opportunity: Pag e 1 Behavior and Sports Team Performance Customer