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„There„s no good
 just being better,
      ...you got to be
                     Charles Handy
The Quest for New Growth

    A Framework for Strategic Innovation

2   © Marc Sniukas   June 2009
The Agenda

   Why do we need a new approach?
   What‘s Strategic Innovation?
   The Content
   The Process
   The C...
Why do we need a new

4   © Marc Sniukas   June 2009
What‘s wrong with strategy today?

       Too much focus on best practices, operational effectiveness and increm...
The solution...?

6   © Marc Sniukas   June 2009
Strategic Innovation

7   © Marc Sniukas   June 2009
                                 Mind Set


What is           ...
The outcome


The dimensions

                                  Content         Process

How to enable
Strategic Innovation?

11   © Marc Sniukas   June 2009
Continously ask

12   © Marc Sniukas   June 2009
Which questions?

13   © Marc Sniukas   June 2009
What business
                                   are we in?

                                  The Content of       Who...
„Starbucks is not in the
 coffee business.“
              Howard Schultz, Chairman Starbucks Inc.
Redefining the

16   © Marc Sniukas   June 2009
The Business Definition

         The way things
            get done                              An
         „around ...
Redefining the Business

     Switch the                      From beating competition to being different
Redefining the Business
Challenging your mental models & conventional wisdom

    What are the main industry assumptions...
„Put simply, the right way
 to define a good customer
 is to pick a definition that
 suits you better than it
 does your ...
Redefining the

21   © Marc Sniukas   June 2009
Which customers to target?

                                         existing      noncustomers (2nd and 3rd tier)

Redefining the Market
Challenging your mental models & conventional wisdom

    Who are currently your costumers?
    W...
„...ferret out what
 customers really want
 (instead of what they
 say they want).“
                   Andrall E. Pearson
Redefining the

25   © Marc Sniukas   June 2009
How to redefine the product?

                                                    start anew, or use existing assets
Changing key elements of product, service, and

What factors should be...?

Looking for inspiration?

28   © Marc Sniukas   June 2009
Redefining the product

    Which of your assets, capabilities, and core competencies are truly unique?
    Which of th...
Redefining the product

    What do companies in similar or even completely different industries or countries offer?
  ...
Where do you create value...?

                                                  The Six Stages of the Buyer Experience C...
“Business model
 innovation matters and
 it is a top priority of
         Expanding the Innovation Horizon The Gl...
Redefining the
Business Model

33   © Marc Sniukas   June 2009
What‘s your business model like?

                                                               (co-creating) experienc...
Redefining the business model

    How do you reach your customers?
    How easy or difficult is it for the customer to...
Redefining the business model

    Is your price affordable by the mass of buyers?
    How creatively do you work with ...
The Strategic Innovation Profile

37   © Marc Sniukas   June 2009
...and think through the
issues in a creative

38   © Marc Sniukas   June 2009

39   © Marc Sniukas   June 2009
Visualizing strategy                                        Generating ideas
 strategy canvas                            ...
„First we shape our
 environments, then our
 environments shape
                   Winston Churchill
Is there a context that
favors strategic

42   © Marc Sniukas   June 2009
The Organizational Context of Strategic Innovation

    Research has shown that
     strategically innovative companies
Characteristics of Strategically Innovative Companies
Culture                           Questioning attitude
What can be done?

45   © Marc Sniukas   June 2009
Making Innovation everybody‘s everday job

    Make innovation a central topic in leadership development programs
    S...
Enabling Strategic Innovation: First Steps

    Take and allow time for creativity and slack.
    Encourage and motivat...
Questions for discussion

1. Can you think of any companies that routinely experiment with strategic

2. ...
Want more?

49   © Marc Sniukas   June 2009

50   © Marc Sniukas   June 2009
A presentation by

51   © Marc Sniukas   June 2009
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Visualizing strategy Generating ideas  What is Strategic Innovation?

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Visualizing strategy Generating ideas
 strategy canvas  generate as many
 strategic innovation profile ideas as possible
 describe the strategy  using external &
 build a common picture and internal sources
language  involving a variety of
 discuss the strategy 1
1 2
2 people and views

 identify possible areas
for innovation
The Process of
Strategic Innovation

4 3
Implementing ideas Evaluating ideas
 address the barriers  using a structured
 demonstrate the need for change approach
 involvement  strategic
 communication experimentation

 learning and forgetting
 sense of urgency2009
40 © Marc Sniukas June

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