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Sustaining Television News Technical Challenges

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Presented at Sustaining Television News for the Next Generation

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Sustaining Television News Technical Challenges

  1. 1. Sustaining Television News for the Next Generation: Technical Challenges Stuart Myles @smyles 8th March 2018
  2. 2. Agenda • TV news archive challenges • The role of metadata standards • IPTC’s Video Metadata Hub • Emerging technologies and issues • Discussion
  3. 3. TV News Archives Challenges You want to label, find, manage and share video clips. Sounds like a job for metadata! Metadata makes content usable at scale.
  4. 4. Pick a Metadata Standard • But which one? • Video-specific EBUCore, PBCore, MXF, Quicktime, MPEG-7… • Cross-format XMP, NewsML-G2, schema.org… • Embedded or sidecar? • What if you’re ingesting from and/or distributing to multiple formats? • Maybe you should just invent your own format which does it all? • Surely someone else has already solved this?
  5. 5. Who is the IPTC? • Consortium of news agencies, publishers and system vendors • Develops and maintains technical standards for news and media • Such as NewsML-G2, rNews and Photo Metadata • https://iptc.org/
  6. 6. Is Video Metadata Hub Another Standard? No* A mapping between standards Uniform metadata for search Multi-format workflows and archives Preserve metadata with transcoding *https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Betteridge%27s_law_of_headlines https://xkcd.com/927/
  7. 7. Which Standards Does VMH Support? • EBUCore* Defined by the European Broadcasting Union for broadcasters, used globally • XMP* Defined by Adobe, now maintained by ISO. For embedding metadata in binary files • Quicktime Apple’s metadata specification for .mov files • MPEG-7 ISO specification for multimedia metadata • PBCore Defined by WGBH for audio and video. Widely used by public broadcasters in the U.S., as well as film archives and other media organizations • NewsML-G2 IPTC’s b2b news exchange format for all media types • Schema.org Embedding metadata in web pages. Documented by a consortium of major search engines * Default mappings for sidecar and embedded metadata
  8. 8. Supported Types of Metadata • Descriptive for search and discovery, based on what can be seen or heard • Administrative for managing a video, including identifiers and versioning. • Technical for proper playback or filtering, such as encoding or duration • Rights for determining permitted uses • Support for “part” metadata
  9. 9. IPTC’s Video Metadata Hub • Lists name, definition, data type for widely-used video properties • Defines expression in different technical metadata standards • Enables the use and exchange of video metadata, without introducing new metadata schemas • Enables shared semantics, without requiring a shared encoding format https://iptc.org/standards/video-metadata-hub/ http://www.iptc.org/std/videometadatahub/recommendation/1.1
  10. 10. What’s Next for IPTC’s Video Metadata Hub? • More mappings • SMPTE’s MXF • Camera-specific metadata • Targeted mappings for Sony, Panasonic, Canon • Stay in synch with schema.org • Partner to amplify impact • Camera manufacturers • W3C for ODRL and RightsML
  11. 11. Developing the Video Metadata Hub • IPTC is a membership organization • News and media companies • Vendors, cultural heritage and others • Teleconferences, email lists • Face-to-face meetings • Athens in April • Berlin in May • Toronto in October 2018
  12. 12. New Types of Video • “Immersive” experiences for news • Augmented Reality • Virtual Reality • 360 degree photography and video • But there are no standards to map between • IPTC is mulling creating standards • Currently working with JPEG 360
  13. 13. Trustworthy Media and Metadata • DeepFakes https://github.com/deepfakes • LyreBird https://lyrebird.ai/ • Trust Project https://thetrustproject.org/ • Credibility Coalition https://credibilitycoalition.org/ • AP Verify https://digitalnewsinitiative.com/dni-projects/ap-verify/
  14. 14. Sustaining Television News for the Next Generation: Technical Challenges Thank You!