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The Enterprise File Fabric Use Cases

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These slide outline the various use cases that the enterprise File Fabric can be used for. These include use cases for Governance and Compliance, Big Data, Multi Cloud, Object Storage, Media and Entertainment, DLP and more.

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The Enterprise File Fabric Use Cases

  1. 1. The Enterprise File Fabric Use Cases
  2. 2. Fabric Services: ACLs, Sharing, Policies, Transfer acceleration, Content Search, Encryption, Ransomware Protection Fabric Connector Interfaces (60+ Supported) Ingest: Metadata Indexing, Discovery, Antivirus, Streaming Drives FTP SFTPREST API PluginsDesktop Mobile WebDAVWeb App Legacy ApplicationsUsers – local/remote Audit Object StorageFile Systems Cloud Services Identity Provider Direct Storage Access Active Directory LDAP, SAML Blockchain Capable Access Company Data Storage still usable Directly – no lock in File Fabric Logical Architecture
  3. 3. For USERS Collaborate, manage, search and share data across all cloud services securely For IT ü Manage cloud sprawl / shadow IT ü Audit and track shared files ü Set File Sharing Policies ü Search across all storage services Cloud Control protection fabric for files Azure NAS CIFS FTP DropBox OpenStack Sharepoint Salesforce Office 365 Google Drive/Storage Amazon S3 A SINGLE CONTROL POINT FOR ALL DATA User Case 1: Single Pane of Glass
  4. 4. Enterprise File Fabric Users work on files File Stored in Storage A Seamlessly replicated to Storage B File instantly recoverable in the event of a Ransomware attack Use Case 2: Ransomware Protection
  5. 5. +n Use Case 3: File Transfer Acceleration Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Parallel upload/ download streams = 10x Increase Desktop to Cloud Or Cloud to Cloud
  6. 6. Enterprise File Fabric Users work on files File Stored in Storage A Seamlessly replicated to Storage B If the file is not available in the primary storage it is retrieved from the secondary storage Use Case 4: Business Continuity X
  7. 7. Enterprise File Fabric Users work on files Files stream encrypted as transferred to storage Remote Storage If remote storage is breached files still impenetrable as files are encrypted using FIPS certified encryption Use Case 5: Security and Protection
  8. 8. Enterprise File Fabric All unstructured content is indexed and searchable from the File Fabric client Apps Use Case 6: Content Search
  9. 9. Enterprise File Fabric Real Time Content Discovery based on rule templates and Actions Example: Discover Personal Data and Quarantine Use Case 7: Content Discovery Content Index Rules Results Actions
  10. 10. Enterprise File Fabric • Track / Audit • Password Protect • Limit No Downloads • Time Expire Any Storage Embedded into common productivity Apps: • Microsoft Outlook • Mac Mail • GMail Use Case 8: Ultra Secure File Sharing
  11. 11. Enterprise File Fabric • Legacy Apps • Users • Systems • Customers Examples: Outsourcing all FTP data to an S3 compatible Cloud but still offering customers FTP access Medical Terminal access over SFTP to required data Use Case 9: Legacy Protocol Gateway Various Storage On-Cloud On-Premises S3 API WebDav FTP / SFTP
  12. 12. Enterprise File Fabric Exposing a password protected shared folder to external participants to receive or ‘drop’ files is a quick secure way to facilitate collaboration In which all files are encrypted, audited and tracked Use Case 10: Drop Folder for external participants Various Storage On-Cloud On-Premises Password protected shared folder exposed to external participant External Users / Company
  13. 13. Audit / Track Use Case 11: Data Loss Prevention File Fabric Digital Guardian DLP Encrypt Watermark Restrict Download Access Control Audit / Track
  14. 14. Use Case 12: Object Storage Interface The File Fabric provide the ‘last mile’ of Object Storage enabling it to be easily used and consumed by end user over various channels, web, mobile and through desktop drive and app integrations. EnterpriseFileFabric
  15. 15. DATA GOVERNANCE AND COMPLIANCE • Policies to enforce legislative compliance • Real-time data discovery to enforce policies • Geo Location Restrictions • FIPS Certified Data Encryption • Audit & Track Data • Data Loss Protection • Active Archive Connect Clouds (Supports 60 + on-cloud and on-premises storage and applications) STEP 1 Index Index File Meta-Data information STEP 2 SEERVICESBUILTUPONRESTAPI CONNECT FILE FABRIC PROVIDES The File Fabric ‘secret ‘sauce’ Enhanced multi-cloud support with over 60+ connectors Indexing and caching of data provides: - smart efficient retrieval of large datasets requests - Metadata retrieval facilitates deep view of data - Use Case 13: Data Governance and Compliance
  16. 16. Company moves on-cloud Users access home Drive as normal External Users / Company Use existing ‘home drive’ To access company docs That connect to an Interna lfiler Use Case 14: File Server Replacement X Plugins and integrations into common productivity Apps such as Office and Outlook
  17. 17. Use Case 15: Web / Desktop Document Editing Open on Cloud Edit on Desktop With standard Apps Windows & Mac supported Office 365 editing on any supported On-site on-cloud or 0bject storage
  18. 18. Use Case 18: Multi Cloud Collaboration BOX S3 Compatible DropBox OpenStack Google Drive SAN NAS + more