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Smart Watch Suppliers

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Advance Smart Bluetooth watch for Smart Phones Black, Silver, Gold Black, Red Gold Color. Fashion and casual Smart Wearable Devices, best partner of cell phone (Android, OS, & IOS Support), anti-lost alert. Paring with Bluetooth, answer a call by a button. Easy to operate and convenient to wear.Visit us:http://directsmartwatch.com

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Smart Watch Suppliers

  1. 1. Android Smart Watch
  2. 2. What is Smart Watch ? Smart watch are taking the technology market by storm.The introduction of this latest wholly upgraded version has made the former i,e the analog watch obsolete.However, the actual fuss has been the introduction of the hybrid type which is operational for both the operating systems, the Wear Android, OS & IOS. This masterpiece is what leaves people craving for.If you are looking for this compatible gadget for your Smart phone, we can offer you the best.As mentioned, you need not worry about what your phone’s operating system is, as it’s compatible with all devices.
  3. 3. Modern Smart Watch Functions • portable media players via a Bluetooth headset. • Some Smart watches models, also called watch phones, feature full mobile phone capability, and can make or answer phone calls. • Ability to run mobile applications • Phone Finder Function So That You Don't Lose Your Phone
  4. 4. Android Smart Watch Features Camera, SIM Card , Bluetooth Phone Call/Answer, Phonebook / Call Log / Message / Music Synchronization, Sleep Monitoring, touch screen, Anti-Lost / Finding Phone,GPS navigation, Pedometer, Sedentary Reminder, speaker, scheduler, Sdcards that are recognized as a mass storage device by a computer, and rechargeable battery. It may communicate with a wireless headset, heads-up display, microphone, modem, or other devices.
  5. 5. Smartwatch:Building on Smartphone
  6. 6. Android Smart Watch Advantages • Faster access to social networks. • Reduce need to take out phone • Displays e-mail, call, and text notifications. • Camera features. • Access to the Web • Able to synchronize data with smart phones. • Less likely to miss calls, messages, and notifications.
  7. 7. Android Smart Watch Disadvantage • Dangerous distraction when driving. • Must work in conjunction with a smart phone • Further withdraws people from social activities. • Unclear display in direct sunlight • Short battery life
  8. 8. Customers Selection
  9. 9. Important Links Website: http://directsmartwatch.com Follow us on Social Media Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/digitalwathindia Twitter: https://twitter.com/direct_smart
  10. 10. For any Query abiut Smart Watch, You can Contact Us... Phone Support: 72900-51601 Email Support: lordsrobin@gmail.com Address: Tilak Nagar , New Delhi, 110018, India Reach to US
  11. 11. Conclusion