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Hermitage still life

  1. Flowers in a Vase.Jan Davidsz de Heem
  2. Flowers.Jan van Huysum
  3. Flowers and Vase.Genovese Peirano
  4. Fruit and Flowers.Frans Snyders
  5. Flowers and Birds.Charles White
  6. Bouquet of Flowers with a Butterfly.Josef Lauer
  7. Bouquet of Flowers with a Shail.Josef Lauer
  8. Fruit and and a Vase of Flowers.Jan Davidsz de Heem
  9. Flowers and Fruit.Marble Ledge
  10. Flowers Fruit and a Hedgehog.Peeter Sneyers
  11. Flowers and Fruit.Jan van Huysum
  12. Flowers.Jean Simon Saint
  13. Flowers.Jan van Huysum
  14. Flowers.Jan van Huysum