MPEG-DASH open source tools and cloud services

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Our presentation from the media web symposium 2013 in Berlin on the open source landscape around MPEG-DASH as well as on cloud-based services for MPEG-DASH

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MPEG-DASH open source tools and cloud services

  1. 1. DYNAMIC ADAPTIVE STREAMING OVER HTTP (MPEG-DASH) OPEN SOURCE TOOLS | CLOUD SERVICES Stefan Lederer bitmovin Alpen Adria Universität Lakeside Science and Technology Park Klagenfurt Building B01 Universitätsstrasse 65-77 9020 Klagenfurt 9020 Klagenfurt Austria | Europe Austria | Europe Tel.: 0043 463 2700 8747 Tel.: 0043 463 2700 3623 eMail: eMail: List: dash.itec.aau.atbitmovin / AAU Klagenfurt Media Web Symposium 2013 1
  2. 2. VIDEO PREDOMINANT ON THE INTERNET  Real-time video is more than 50% of the traffic at peak periods  Mobile traffic is growing exponentially, all delivered over the top (OTT)Source: bitmovin / AAU Klagenfurt Media Web Symposium 2013 2
  3. 3. ... BUTTHERE ARE PROBLEMS! Wrong format Wrong protocol Plugin required DRM issues Long start-up delay Low quality Frequent stalls Bitrate intense No DVD/PVR experience ….bitmovin / AAU Klagenfurt Media Web Symposium 2013 3
  4. 4. … AND HETEROGENEOUS DEVICESDesktop/Laptop Mobile Living Room IPTV bitmovin / AAU Klagenfurt Media Web Symposium 2013 4
  5. 5. DYNAMIC ADAPTIVE STREAMING OVER HTTP (DASH)Proprietary Solutions International Standards V1 International Standards V2 Apple HTTP Live Streaming 3GPP Rel.9 Adaptive 3GPP Rel.10 DASH Adobe HTTP HTTP Streaming Dynamic Streaming V3… Microsoft Smooth Streaming OIPF HTTP Adaptive MPEG-DASH Streaming Netflix Akamai Movestreaming Amazon ... Zeit bitmovin / AAU Klagenfurt Media Web Symposium 2013 5
  6. 6. DYNAMIC ADAPTIVE STREAMING OVER HTTPDifferent QualityRepresentations Changing Bandwidth © bitmovin Choose the appropriate Dynamic adaption to the network conditions Segment Usage of existing and cheap Internet (HTTP) Infrastructure Streaming-Logic is located at the Client Flexible and scalablebitmovin / AAU Klagenfurt Media Web Symposium 2013 6
  7. 7. DASH REFERENCE ARCHITECTURE © bitmovinbitmovin / AAU Klagenfurt Media Web Symposium 2013 7
  8. 8. DASH@GPAC: MP4Box & MP42TS Multimedia Packagers • MPEG-2 TS for DASH profiles • ISOBMFF Packager & Analyser DASH Segmenter • ISOBMFF and M2TS segments - All DASH profiles supported - URL-template naming scheme • Segment indexing (SIDX) • GOP-align segments or fragments (MediaSourceExtension) • Automatic AdaptationSet selection - Media type, codec, language, PAR - Handle groups (same media but not switchable) DASH live simulator - Manages MPD update and timeline continuity
  9. 9. DASHENCODER DASH Content Generation Tool  Encoding + Multiplexing + MPD generation  Generates isoffmain profile compliant MPDs  Fully configurable using a config-file  Enables batch processing  Currently uses x264 and GPAC‘s MP4Box  Easy extensible to further encoders & multiplexers  © bitmovin bitmovin / AAU Klagenfurt Media Web Symposium 2013 9
  10. 10. DASH DATASETS Dataset with DASH Content  50 Kbit/s to 8 Mbit/s, 320x240 to 1920x1080  Long sequences in high quality  Various segment-length versions  Free available for DASH experiments  PSNR values per frame  DASH datasets for scientific evaluations: player, adaption logics, cache performance, etc. Problem: Content Rights  CC-Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC-BY 2.0) License or similar  Free to Share, Free to Remixbitmovin / AAU Klagenfurt Media Web Symposium 2013 10
  11. 11. DISTRIBUTED DASH DATASET Can be used for real-world evaluations  simulation of switching between different CDNs client may dynamically switch between the mirrors  e.g., in case the one currently used causes any issues Currently mirrored at different sites across Europe:  Klagenfurt, Paris, and Prague Open for new mirrors/participants RedBull Playstreet sequence:  Segment lengths of 2, 4, 6, 10, and 15 seconds  ISOFF-Main and ISOFF-Live profiles  17 representations, 100kbps to 6 Mbps, 320x240 to 1920x1080bitmovin / AAU Klagenfurt Media Web Symposium 2013 11
  12. 12. DASH VLC PLUGIN DASH implementation based on the well-known VLC player Enables the integration of a variety of adaptation logics and profiles for evaluations in research and development Very flexible structure that could be easily extended Fully integrated in the VLC structure Part of future VLC releasesbitmovin / AAU Klagenfurt Media Web Symposium 2013 12
  13. 13.  Open source library that simplifies DASH, by bitmovin Handles the download and xml parsing of the MPD Implements the full MPEG-DASH standard according to ISO/IEC 23009-1 Cross platform build system for Windows, Linux, Mac, etc. Configurable download interface, OO-based interface to the MPD Comprehensive sample player using FFMPEG and Qt-based GUI Public mailing list for support requests and code contributions Online documentation Supported by the Internet Foundation Austria Available at: / AAU Klagenfurt Media Web Symposium 2013 13
  14. 14. DASH IN JAVASCRIPT (DASH-JS) Completely implemented in JavaScript – no (3rd party) plugins required Makes use of the Media Source API provided by Google Chrome  Support for WebM and ISOBMFF Provides time based and byte based buffers  E.g., use as input for adaptation logics Flexible adaptation logics  Easy to extend existing ones or integrate your own Various Showcases at:, http://dash-mse-test.appspot.combitmovin / AAU Klagenfurt Media Web Symposium 2013 14
  15. 15. DASH@GPAC: Playback DASHClient  Integrated in Osmo4 • DASH ISOBMFF, M2TS (+ HLS) • Many input formats and - With or without bitstreamSwitching codecs - Support for multiple Periods • Composition engine • All profiles except onDemand (SVG, BIFS, X3D) (ongoing)  Try it! - VoD through « live » or « main » • Included in libgpac • Local files and http(s) playback • Independent from player • Various download policies GPAC DASH MPD PlaybackMedia Bring Your OwnSegments DASH APP !!
  16. 16. MPD CONFORMANCE VALIDATOR Cloud-based validation of MPEG-DASH MPDs for standard-compliance Based on the conformance and reference software for DASH Online validation via file upload, URI, and plain text inputbitmovin / AAU Klagenfurt Media Web Symposium 2013 16
  17. 17. DASH OVER CCN Enables DASH-based Streaming on top of Content Centric Networks Caching Efficient, Connectionless, Multi-Link & Reliable Transfer, etc. Open Source DASH over CCN Plugin for VLC for usage with CCNxbitmovin / AAU Klagenfurt Media Web Symposium 2013 17
  18. 18. ADVANTAGES CLOUD EN-/TRANSCODING  How cloud-services can help?  Faster time to market  High scalability for increasing number of users  Activation/Suspension of additional instances  Compensation of fluctuating user numbers (e.g. evening vs. the rest of the day)  Reduced costs for hardware infrastructure, support and maintenance  Redundancy of systems and providers  No/Low costs before market entry  Cheap for testing new technologies such as adaptive Streamingbitmovin / AAU Klagenfurt Media Web Symposium 2013 18
  19. 19. E.g.: Cloud-based Multimedia Encoding Service In closed test phase Input:  Live Stream (e.g. RTP, HTTP, etc.)  Upload/Batch, User Generated Content etc.  Support for most popular formats/codecs Output:  MPEG-DASH as well as Apple HLS Output  Additionally the most popular formats/codecs  Distribution to arbitrary servers/CDNs/platformsbitmovin / AAU Klagenfurt Media Web Symposium 2013 19
  20. 20. WHY CLOUD SERVICES? Comprehensive Interfaces (API) for the integration in existing encoding chains High reliability due to the usage of multiple cloud instances and multiple quality representations  If one instance fails, the client automatically chooses another quality representation Different operation models:  Private-Cloud on you own hardware  Public Cloud-Infrastructure usage:bitmovin / AAU Klagenfurt Media Web Symposium 2013 20
  21. 21. CONCLUSIONS End-to-end DASH tools available  GPAC (DASHEncoder) provide support for ISOBMFF, M2TS, etc.  DASH VLC plugin and libdash (world first DASH player)  DASH-JS for easy Web integration (HTML5, Javascript) Flexible architecture, easy to extend, e.g.:  Add your own buffer model  Add your own bandwidth estimation, adaptation logic Use cloud infrastructure to reduce costs/time to market Open source ressources: |  Feel free to use it, please acknowledge/reference us  … and feel free to contribute to the projectsbitmovin / AAU Klagenfurt Media Web Symposium 2013 21
  22. 22. http://www.bitmovin.nethttp://dash.itec.aau.atQuestions, Comments?bitmovinLakeside Science and Technology ParkBuilding B019020 KlagenfurtAustria | EuropeTel.: 0043 463 27008747eMail: | www.bitcodin.combitmovin / AAU Klagenfurt Media Web Symposium 2013 22