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State of the Cloud in 2015

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The average person uses 28 distinct cloud apps at work, but corporate IT departments are moving more slowly when it comes to embracing new technologies due to security concerns.

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State of the Cloud in 2015

  1. 1. O F T H E S T A T E C L O U D 2015
  2. 2. A recent study by the Cloud Security Alliance investigated how companies are using cloud apps
  3. 3. What they found may surprise you
  4. 4. Employees are racing to use cloud apps, but their companies are more hesitant when it comes to moving to the cloud
  5. 5. The average employee actively uses 28 cloud apps at work
  6. 6. But most companies are MOVING WITH CAUTION 11% Not a priority 45% Moving with caution 33% Full steam ahead 15% Early stages of investigation
  7. 7. That’s because IT professionals read the same news as everyone else
  8. 8. So it’s not surprising that security is the top barrier to cloud projects Concern about the security of data 73% Concern about regulatory compliance 38% Loss of control over IT services 38% Knowledge and experience of both IT and business managers 34% Concern over compromised accounts or insider threats 30% Concern over business continuity or disaster recovery 28%
  9. 9. After Target lost $162 million in a data breach, security is not just an IT concern
  10. 10. 20% Not Sure 19% No 61% Yes Security of data in the cloud is an executive-level and board-level concern at a majority of companies (Is cloud security an executive or board-level concern at your company?)
  11. 11. The challenge is that most cloud usage is in a company’s blind spot
  12. 12. With so many free and low-cost apps available, employees are bringing their own apps to work
  13. 13. And using them to store company data
  14. 14. In many cases, employees do not evaluate the security controls of these apps, or even read the terms and conditions I agree to the terms & conditions. Accept
  15. 15. Producing what’s called Shadow IT
  16. 16. Shadow IT noun | /ʃædoʊ ɑɪ tʰi/ Information technology employees bring to work without the knowledge or permission of the IT department.
  17. 17. say they don’t know how many cloud apps are in use at their company... 72% of IT professionals
  18. 18. say they don’t know how many cloud apps are in use at their company... 72% of IT professionals 72% Don’t know, but want to know 20% Don’t know, and don’t care 8% Know But they want to know
  19. 19. Regardless of how many apps there are, employees want more
  20. 20. of IT professionals receive requests from business users for new cloud apps each month 79%
  21. 21. These are the most frequently requested cloud app categories
  22. 22. (Within IT professionals who receive requests, percentage of professionals who receive requests for each category) 80%File sharing and collaboration Box, Dropbox, Google Docs, Office 365, etc. 41%Communication HipChat, Skype, Webex, Yammer, etc. 38%Social media Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. 27%Content sharing Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. 20%Enterprise content management Saperion, OpenText, SpringCM, etc. 20%Development Codehaus, Github, MSDN, SourceForge, etc. 20%Marketing Hubspot, Mail Chimp, Marketo, etc. 18%Sales productivity Clari, ClearSlide Infer, RelatelQ, etc. 16%Business intelligence Birst, Tableau, QlikView, Teradata, etc.
  23. 23. Despite security concerns, cloud apps make employees 18.8% more productive
  24. 24. They also reduce IT cost by 15.1%
  25. 25. With cloud apps Without cloud apps And crucially, these companies also grow than those that don’t take advantage of the cloud 19.6% faster
  26. 26. To balance these benefits with potential risks, companies are investing in security
  27. 27. Cloud security tops the list of security priorities (Percent of IT professionals who rate projects “very important”) Firewall/proxy Mobile device managemenet Endpoint protection Cloud security 42% Intrusion prevention 41% 35% 29% 29% Log management 23%
  28. 28. DOWNLOAD NOW Brought to you by The Cloud Encryption Handbook: Alexandra Boldyreva , Ph.D. Computer Science, M.S., B.S. Applied Mathematics Paul Grubbs, B.S., Mathematics, Computer Science ENCRYPTION SCHEMES AND THEIR RELATIVE STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES http://bit.ly/CSASurvey2015 Download the full report to get all the findings Cloud Adoption Practices & Priorities Survey Report January 2015