Digital Libraries of the Future

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17. Apr 2007

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Digital Libraries of the Future

  1. Digital Libraries of the Future Use of Semantic Web and Social Bookmarking to support E-learning in Digital Libraries Sebastian Ryszard Kruk Digital Enterprise Research Institute National University of Ireland, Galway sebastian.kruk http:// /
  2. Web 1.0 e-Learning Creation Consumption
  3. Web 2.0 e-Learning Creation Communities Consumption
  4. Semantic Web e-Learning Semantic sources Creation Consumption
  5. Semantic Web 2.0 e-Learning Contribution Creation Consumption Communities Semantic sources
  6. Social Semantic Information Spaces
  7. Comparing Web 1.0 / Web 2.0 / Semantic Web 2.0 Semantic Social Networks Online Social Networks Buddy Lists, Address Books Semantic Social Information Spaces - - Social Semantic Digital Libraries Google Scholar, Book Search CiteSeer, Project Gutenberg Semantic Forums and Community Portals Community Portals Message Boards Semantic Blogs Blogs Personal Websites Semantic Search Google Personalised, DumbFind Altavista, Google Semantic Wikis Wikis Content Management Systems Semantic Web 2.0 Web 2.0 Web 1.0
  8. Evolution of Libraries Social Semantic Digital Library Involves the community into sharing knowledge Semantic Digital Library Accessible by  machines, not only with machines Digital Library Online, easy searching with a full-text index Library Organized collection
  9. Bibliographic Description in JeromeDL <?xml version =&quot;1.0&quot; encoding =&quot;UTF-8&quot; ?> <rdf:Description rdf:about =&quot;; > <dc:title> JeromeDL - Adding Semantic Web Technologies to DLs </dc:title> <dc:creator> Sebastian Kruk </dc:creator> <dc:description> In recent years... </dc:description> </rdf:Description> 01450cas 922004331i 450000100...019c19329999gw qr|p| ||||0 |0ger | a0044-2992 9a200412140219bVLOADc200404071525dvkulc200310071018dvbjc200303101205dkopumky200209211341zVLOAD aGD U/MPcGD U/MPdGD U/MFdGD U/KKsdWR O/EJ0 ager1 aZ. Kunstgesch. 0aZeitschrift für Kunstgeschichte00aZeitschrift für Kunstgeschichte.18aZfK aMünchen ;aBerlin :bDeutscher Kunstverlag,c1932-. c26-29 cm. aKwart.0 a1 Bd. (Juni 1932)-. aOpis na podst.: LCC. aW 1932 założycielami czasopisma byli Wilhelm Waetzoldt i Ernst Gall.... These all can be represented in RDF @ InProceedings { jeromedexa2005, author = &quot;Sebastian Ryszard Kruk and ... &quot;, title = &quot;{JeromeDL - Adding Semantic ...}&quot;, booktitle = &quot;{In Proceedings to DEXA 2005}&quot;, year = 2005}
  10. Structure ontology in JeromeDL
  11. Bibliographic (MarcOnt) Ontology in JeromeDL
  12. Community-aware (FOAFRealm) ontology
  13. Ontologies in JeromeDL
  14. Metadata and Services in JeromeDL
  15. MarcOnt Mediation Services for Legacy Metadata Format translation RDF Translator Format co-operation MarcOnt Mediation Services
  16. Example of Social Semantic Collaborative Filtering foaf:knows xfoaf:include xfoaf:bookmark
  17. Social Networks in Digital Libraries Resource xfoaf:Annotation user_C creator_B foaf:knows marcont:hasCreator creator_A foaf:knows foaf:knows xfoaf:Directory user_D xfoaf:owns xfoaf:linksTo xfoaf:isIn
  18. Support for online communities in SSCF
  19. Support for online communities in SSCF
  20. JeromeDL in Action
  21. E-Learning Solution based on Social Sem. DL
  22. E-Learning Project at DERI Galway