integrated rural development approach. area development approach rural developments- growth centre approach village planning: necessity and principles land acquisition act maharashtra regional town planning act development control rules rehabilitation of slum and urban renewal landscape architecture town aesthetics civic survey economic survey social survey physical survey surveys for data collection shoe string development various road networks(grid iron pattern types of zoning and importance growth pattern of towns natural and planned le corbusier sir patrick abercrombie clarence stein sir ebenezer howard sir patrick geddes contribution of town planners in modern era present status of town planning in india necessity scope principles of town planning highway transportation passenger car unit pcu engineering traffic survey traffic gitcivil git highway development civil newsletter mumbai slum case study urban renewal rehabilitation of slum nagpur irc indian road congress road conference jayakar committee india history of road developments dpr topographic survey index map location survey preliminary survey reconnaissance map study engineering surveys odr mdr national highway bituminous road wbm road earthen road road classification highway planning storm drains drainage & sewer/sanitary pipes water collection & storage water treatment water l traffic signal communications cabling/conduit channels pipelines bridges rails structures roads gharda dtp desktop publishing amgoi news hardness: permanent hardness lime soda zeolite water softening twin well submerged intake structure dry intake towers wet intake towers intake structure intake towers single well canal intakes sedimentation mechanical straining water filtration biological action electrolytic action
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