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7 atec computing

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7 atec computing

  1. 1. Challenges  and  Innovations   on  the  Infrastructure  of  Ant  Financial
  2. 2. A  Simple  Scenario  :  Face2face  Payment  in  Alipay   Show   Barcode   Scanning   Request   Processing   Risk     Assessment   Promotion   Decision   Transaction   Payment   Result  
  3. 3. The  Business  Growth  of  Ant  Financial   12.8   33.6   105.8   188   368   710   1005   1480   20   54   191   350   571   912   1207   1648   2010   2011   2012   2013   2014   2015   2016   2017  500   1500   3800   15300   38500   85900   120000   256000   2010   2011   2012   2013   2014   2015   2016   2017   Transaction  count   (Million)   Transaction  volume   (100-Million  RMB)   Transaction  peak   (Transaction  Per  Second)   512x  
  4. 4. 1   2   3   Top  Challenging  Problem  Domains   Show   Barcode   Scanning   Request   Processing   Risk     Assessment   Promotion   Decision   Transaction   Payment   Result   Transaction  Processing     RT<500ms,  Million  Per  Second     Real-time  Decisions    RT<100ms,  Million  Per  Second     Financial  Analytics   RT<10s,EB  
  5. 5. Transaction  Processing  at  Massive  Scale   Business   Logic   Trade     DB1   Acct     DB1   LDC-1 Business   Logic   Trade     DB2   Acct     DB2   LDC-2 Business   Logic   Trade     DB3   Acct     DB3   LDC-3 Business   Logic   Trade     DB4   Acct     DB4   LDC-4 Trade  DB   Trade  System   Trade  DB   Trade   Acctrans   Service   Promo.   Etc.   Logical  Data  Center   •  Linear  scalability     •  Flexible  traffic  scheduling  and  incremental  rollout   •  Disaster  recovery  across  geographic  regions  
  6. 6. Flagship  Product:SOFA+OceanBase   SOFA(Service  Oriented  Financial  Architecture)   OceanBase   •  Micro-service  platform   •  Scale  out  and  failure  recovery  across  data  centers  with  99.99%  availability   •  Distributed  transaction  with  high  throughput  (e.g.,  >256  thousands  TPS  peak  at  2017.11.11)   •  Distributed  relational  database  with  proprietary  technology   •  100%  up-time,  failure  recovery  across  DC  in  seconds   •  Linear  scalability  (42M  SQL/sec  peak  at  2017.11.11)  
  7. 7. Activity     Promotion   Alipay  Wallet  user   Security  monitoring   &  Controlling   Red  packet  pricing   &  Benefits   recommendation   Person  to  person   Red  envelope   Potential  high  value   customer   Person  to  person  red  envelope:   Merchants  recommend  user  to  scan  QRcode  to  accept  red   envelope;  after  user  pays,  merchants  will  get  awards.   User  Characteristic   Financial  assets   Consumption  &  Payment   Behavior  preference   Credit  file   Users  Classifying   Location   Relation  network   Target  customer  recommendation   Transfer   accounts   primary   account   subsidiary   accounts   Fund  Relation  Network   Subsidiary  accounts  model   JavaScript          Fraud   Features:   •  Basic  properties   •  Payments  frequency   •  Sensitivity  to  promotions   •  Influence  of  sharing   •  Product  preference   •  Online  spending   Messaging   Real-time  Decision     (e.g.,  for  risk  assessment  and  marketing  promotion)  
  8. 8. Towards  a  General  Real-time  Decision  Flow   Intermediate   Data   Training   Rule   Model   Feature   Data   Decision  Engine   Rule   Model   Feature   Data   Decision  System   当面付   小微贷款   花呗   Query   Decision   Feedback   Training  and  Simulation     Update  Models  &  Rules   Models,Rules,Feature   Computation  
  9. 9. Real-time  Financial  Intelligent  Decisions   Data  Input   Event  input   Log  input   DB  input   Lineage   management   Data  Quality     Real-time  feature   computation   Batch  feature   computation     Feature     pre-processing   Common  Infrastructure   Feature   compu- tation   platform   Aggregate   feature   calculation   Relation   Feature   computation   LBS   Feature   computation   Other   feature   computation   Heterogeneous   Machine  Learning   Platform   Model  Service   Platform   Feature   management   Feature   services   Feature   services   Model  Asset  Platform   Offline  training   Risk-control   decisions   Credit   decisions   Marketing   decisions   Common   decisions   Rule/Model   On-line  predication   Management   Model     training   Feature   engineering   Data  input   Model  lifetime   management   monitoring   Real-time     predication   Feature     engineering   simulation   AB  test   Statistical   evaluation   Model   metadata   management   CPU   GPU   FPGA   Heterogeneous   platform   Machine   Learning   PAAS   Tensorflow、MXNet、Caffe   PS   ALPS   pBase   gBase   OBase   DFS   Batch     computation   Streaming   computation   Multi-dimensional   analysis   Graph  computation   Feature  Service  Platform  
  10. 10. Financial  Analytics   Industry  Agnostic  Data  Products   Intelligent   Disassembly   Data     Analytics   Quick   Insight   Intelligent     Search   Reporting   Profiling   Metrics   Etc.   Marketing  Data  Products   Growth  Hacking   Application   Grid  Operation   User  Lifecycle   Management   Etc.   Vertical  Data  Products   Huabei     Biz  Analysis   Koubei  Marketing   Analysis   Yuebao  Liquidity   Analysis   Micro  Loan     Analysis   Preparation   Detection   Diagnosis    Decision   Action   Industry  Agnostic  Analytics  Scenarios     Seller     Buyer     Product   Targeted   Marketing   Merchant   Traffic   Biz  Metrics   Pricing   Data  Eco-systems  Analytics  Scenarios   Insurance   Wealth   Payment   Micro  Loan   Credit   Koubei   Scenarios   Products   Data  Flow  
  11. 11. Financial  Analytics  Platform   KPI  Dashboard   Web     Analytics     Customer   Profile   Precise    Marketing   Risk    Control   Credit     Evaluation   Open  Platform  &  Ant  Cloud   Bank   Securities   Insurance   Fund   Scenarios   Monitor  &     Alert   Data  Source   Management   Metadata   Management   Authorization   Resource   Management   Account   Integration   Tenant   Management   Accounting   Environment   Adaptor   Data   Collection   Data   Processing   Cube   Definition   Cube   Builder   Automatic   Diagnosis   Automatic   Analysis   Table   Charts   Sharing   transfer   Auth.   Version   Control   Dataset   Definition   Dataset   Mapping   Cube   Optimization   Query   Executor   Self-Service   Analysis   Interact   Explorer   Reports   Dashboard   Favorites   Comments   Flow   Control   API     Routing   Repository   Lifecycle  Management   Statistics  &  Analysis  Engine   Layout  Editor   Collaborative  Editing   DOC   SDK   Big  Data  Analysis  Platform   Batch  computation   Streaming  computation   Ad-hoc  Query  Engine   Graph  Database   Hybrid  ML  Framework     Big  Data  Infrastructure  
  12. 12. Reliability   Availability     Failure  Recovery   Real-time   Low  latency   Freshness   Efficiency   Quick  development   Easy  to  extend   Cost  effective   Open  System   Modular   Easy  to  Customize   Standard  
  13. 13. Feature  Sharing   Feature   Recommendation   Aggregation   Relation   LBS   Others   Feature  Service  Distributed     Middleware  SOFA   Middleware   MicroService   Distributed   Transaction   Distributed     DataBase   Ocean   Base   Financial  Analytics   DeepInsight   Financial  Analytics   Model   Visualization   Training   Inference   Model  Management   Model  Compression   Common  Engine   Streaming   Batch   OLAP   Graph   Ray   AI  Engine   TF   MXNet   Caffe   PS   EDGE  Engine   EdgeNN   TF  Lite   Storage  Platform   HBas e   DFS   Grap h   Online  KV   Store   Column   Store   In-Ram   Store   Unified  Resource  Management   Resource  Management   Orchestration   Task  Scheduling   Monitoring   CPU   GPU   FPGA   ASIC   Heterogenous  Hardware   Multi-level  storage   New  networking   HDD  3DxPoint  SSD   High  Speed   NIC   RDMA   Smart  NIC  
  14. 14. THANKS.  
  15. 15. Development  Efficiency   IDE   Development  Workbench   Development   Collaborations   Code     Analysis   Metrics   Data     quality   Risk     control   Business  Loss   Protection   Testing   Framework   Code   Management   Dev.   Environment   Control   Build   Container   CICD  Pipeline   Release  &   Deploy   Frontend   JAVA   C/C++   Mobile   Data  Dev.   Others  
  16. 16. User  Experience  Technology   User  Experience  Technology  is  the  combination  of  technology   and  design,  the  connection  of  the  service  and  the  user.   Business  Logic   Data   AI   Risk  Management   Credit   Backend  Service   TWA  Service   BFF    BaaS     FaaS   Browsers   Mobile  Apps   IoT  Devices   Helmet,  Chip  etc.   Virtualize  Intelligent  UI   Data  Visualization   Interactive  Graph   Interact  with  voice,  gesture   Naturalize  
  17. 17. The  Future  Challenges   CHALLENGE Real  Real-time   Maximum  Computing  Power   Lowest  Cost   Optimized  for  AI  Experience