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6 atec ant block chain

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6 atec ant block chain

  1. 1. Ant  Blockchain:     Technology  Features  and  Use  Cases   blockchain.alipay.com  
  2. 2. Shared  record   (Distributed  ledger)   Shared  communication   Blockchain   Institution     B   Institution   A   Operation   Operation   Shared  processing  logic   (Smart  contract)   Internet   Internet   Institution     B   Institution   A   Operation   Operation   Record  Record   Processing   Processing   Blockchain  Impact     Operation   Processing   Record   Communication   Past   Institution   A   Institution     B   Operation   Processing   Record   Communication  
  3. 3. Blockchain  Industry  Outlook   Public  chains  evolving   toward  different  directions   •  Bitcoin,  Ethereum,  etc.  which  will   become  the  future  of  public  chain?   No  conclusion  yet.     •  Major  challenge:  long  delay  of   transaction  confirmation,  high  cost   of  power  consumption   •  Main  drive  of  evolution  comes  from   communities   Consortium  chains  getting   closer  to  maturity   •  Competition  between  open  source   platforms  and  enterprise  solutions   •  A  growing  number  of  POCs  by  big   corporates  in  various  use  cases   •  NOT  YET  THERE:  still  no  production   application  breakthrough   Ant  Blockchain     •  Financial-grade  consortium  chain   infrastructure   •  Production-ready  for  commercial,   government,  and  financial  use  cases   •  Proprietary  platform  development,   tackling  technical  and  engineering   challenges    
  4. 4. Consensus Performance Privacy Protection Key Differentiators Ant Blockchain PBFT 25,000+ TPS Dynamic encryption/decryption authorization; Zero-knowledge proof (under progress) High-performance consensus; global deployment capabilities Ethereum PoW、PoS 10 TPS (public chain) Identity anonymity; Hash on chain EVM for smart contracts: global account status mechanism Hyperledger Fabric PBFT 1,000+ TPS Multi-channel segregation; Encrypted transaction details Chain code for smart contracts; anti-double-spend via optimistic locking of status versions R3 Corda BFT Subject to transaction complexity Tear-off of sensitive data (quasi-blind-signature); multi-signature;Intel SGX hardware based security Transaction confirmation and consensus by notary services Tencent Bcos PBFT A few thousands TPS Physical and logical segregation; homomorphic encryption (additive only) Open source Mainstream  Blockchain  Platforms  
  5. 5. Key  Features  of  Ant  Blockchain  Platform   u Global  Deployment   u High  Performance   u High  Availability   u Enhanced  Security   China   •  Deployable  with  high   latency,  low  quality,   unbalanced  network   Australia   •  Latency:  250ms   •  Distance:8000  kilometers   Pool Persistence Memory Pool Queue File Queue File Queue File Queue File •  Reliable  transaction  handling   •  Peak  transaction  cushion   •  High-performance  consensus  algorithm   •  Block  multiple  validation   Ant  Blockchain:  25,000  tps   HyperLedger  Fabric:  1000  tps   •  Consensus  status  auto-recovery   •  Block  data  backup  and  recovery   •  Data  storage  load  balancing     •  Auto-routing  of  node  services   •  Automated  operation  and  maintenance   •  End-to-end  transmission  encryption   •  Identity  verification  of  all  parties   China  to  Australia    
  6. 6. Ant  Charity  Platform   First  blockchain  trial   Support  for  third-party  auditing  node     Trust  Life  Mutual   Production-grade  application   Support  for  10+  node  deployment   International  Provenance   Global  node  deployment   High-performance  consensus     Moutai  Liquor  Provenance   Blockchain  solutions  for   external  partner   Financial  Applications   Trust  of  Data   Trust  of  Things   Trust  of  Assets   Ant  Blockchain  Use  Cases   Internal  work  in  progress  
  7. 7. Case:  Charity   ¥20   ¥15   ¥5   ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ Running live for over 1 year, •  38 charity organizations •  355 charity projects (as of the end of July, 2017) From donor to beneficiary, timely, efficient, immutable and end-to-end transparent traceability of charity projects InterlinkingTrust  
  8. 8. Case:  Trust Life Mutual Basic  Asset  Information   Member   Information   Member   Information   Asset  Supervisor   Supervisor   Membership  Information   Transaction  Data   Membe's  Credit  Rating   Mutual  Aid  Program  Investment  Information   Input   Organization   Investment  Breakdown  and  Earnings  Data   Information   Input   •  Increase  transparency  and  member  trust   •  Increase  self-regulatory  disclosure  and  cooperation  with  supervisor  
  9. 9. Case:  Supplier  Chain  Provenance   Consumer   International   logistic  partner   Manufacturer   Information  flow   Logistic  flow   Warehouse   Stick  provenance  code     International   QA  inspector   •  Fonterra  (New  Zealand)   •  Blackmores  (Australia)   •  CCIC   Scan  QR  code   Production  Batch   Map  provenance  code   Domestic  logistic  partner   Domestic     QA  inspector   Customs     inspection   Cainiao  Logistics   International  distributor  
  10. 10. 贵州茅台酒股份有限公司   KWEICHOW MOUTAI CO.,LTD Case:  MOUTAI  
  11. 11. Security     CA  management,   cryptography,  privacy   protection   Industry   pain  point   Irreplaceable     capability   Engineering   feasibility   Breakthrough   For  redefining     the  industry   Financial-standard   stability     Consensus,  capacity,     high  availability   Engineering   capability     Production  integration,   deployment,  operations,   governance   Combination  of  a   multitude  of  technology   innovation     IOT+Blockchain   Biometric+Blockchain   Seeking  Future  Breakthrough  Applications  of  Blockchain  
  12. 12. THANKS.