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The Skillsoft Effect - UK

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Learning technology, including eLearning, has a strong positive correlation to key performance indicators like productivity, revenue, engagement, and more. Skillsoft’s award-winning IT, Business Skills, and Leadership Content is proven to deliver results to help your organization thrive.

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The Skillsoft Effect - UK

  1. 1. 0 1. I N C R E A S E D E M P L O Y E E E N G AG E M E N T skillsof t.com Take a closer look. Visit our YouTube channel for course samples, customer success stories and more. eLearning: grow your employees, grow your business Learning technology has a strong correlation to improved KPIs. After implementation, organisations saw more than a 10% change in the following areas:1 53% INCREASED EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT 53% INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY 40% INCREASED REVENUE 26% DECREASED COSTS 16% DECREASED TURNOVER £ More evidence that developing employees through eLearning benefits businesses: 11% average increase in employee satisfaction3 1 “2016 Brandon Hall Group Learning Technology Study.” David Wentworth, Brandon Hall Group, 2016. 2 “Becoming Irresistible: A New Model for Employee Engagement.” Josh Bersin, Deloitte Review Issue 16, Deloitte University Press, January 26, 2016. 3 “How Skillsoft Moves the Needle.” Skillsoft, 2016 4 2016 Impact Analysis Benchmarks. Skillsoft, 2016. 5 “2014-15 Towards Maturity Benchmark Report | Modernising Learning: Delivering Results.” Towards Maturity, November 2014. 6 “Employees Need Modern Learning to Aid Customers and the Organization” Zach Lahey, Aberdeen Group, January 2016 7 “How eLearning Dramatically Reduces the Corporate Training Costs.” Christopher Pappas, eLearning Industry, July 10, 2014 0 2. I N C R E A S E D P R O D U C T I V I T Y 0 4. D E C R E A S E D CO S T S Implementing eLearning helped Ernst & Young, IBM, Cisco, all reduce training costs by 30%or more.7 0 5. D E C R E A S E D T U R N OV E R Learning innovation drives reduction in staff turnover5 9% Skillsoft's Impact 8/10 end users apply what they learned within 6 weeks4 90% 75% 97% of respondents experienced a marked improvement in skills critical to their jobs4 of end users would recommend Skillsoft eLearning to a friend or colleague4 of learners said the eLearning content is relevant to their roles in the workplace4 97% £ £ 90% Businesses with a strong learning culture have employee engagement and retention rates 30-50%higher than their peers.2 Learning innovation drives a 14% improvement in productivity5 73% of learning leaders report positive changes in staff behavior5 The Skillsoft Effect: 8.1% improvement in cycle time3 14% 73% 8.1% 0 3 . I N C R E A S E D R E V E N U E 84% greater year-over-year revenue improvement per FTE for companies that use mobile learning6 The Skillsoft Effect: 8.2%increase in sales3 £ £ £ £ £ £ 44%reduction in required annual investment in L&D 97%of top talent has been retained in the business 89% believed it helped them achieve key Personal Development Plan milestones The Skillsoft Effect: an estimated value summary showed a benefit-to-cost ratio of £8.21:£1 The Skillsoft Effect: 91%employee engagement rates at JCI increased to The Skillsoft Effect: The Skillsoft Effect: 75%