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Why Presentations Fail - 3 Mistakes to Avoid

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Why Presentations Fail - 3 Mistakes to Avoid

  2. 2. You do your best yet your presentation fails
  3. 3. WHY?
  4. 4. ONE BIG QUESTION Lets know the answer
  5. 5. Three areas where you make mistakes 1. Your knowledge
  6. 6. Three areas where you make mistakes 2. Your slides
  7. 7. Three areas where you make mistakes 3. Your way of presentation
  8. 8. Got all mixed up?
  9. 9. Lets fix it up with a quick look at mistakes to avoid in a presentation
  10. 10. Um, Er, Ugh… No idea what to say? Mistake 1: You just don’t know your topic
  11. 11. Or you memorized every bit of it And now spewing it all out Blah, Blah, Blah…
  12. 12. ESSENTIAL TIP: Be FAMILIAR with the TOPIC, Don’t memorize
  13. 13. Memorizing will lead to dressing your turkey with ice cream toppings. Knowing it all well ^ _ ^ Presenting it all wrong!!
  14. 14. Or Questions will leave you “THUNDERSTRUCK!!!”
  15. 15. ESSENTIAL TIP: Dig in deep. Be ready. Face the questions with answers.
  16. 16. Mistake 2: Your slides are at fault Is it too exotic to be true? This happens when you’ve mismatched your story and the topic.
  17. 17. ESSENTIAL TIP: Stick to your main point. Prepare your story slides the way they match with your topic.
  18. 18. Are you offering INFORMATION OVERLOAD?? Each slide looks like – A 500 pages long fiction Or A 1000 pages long user manual
  19. 19. Don’t overburden your slides with Information. Stick to one message per slide Don’t OVERFILL your slides
  20. 20. Give information in smaller chunks. Don’t Add Details…Details…Details…
  21. 21. Your presentation also has a verbal part, if you’ll fit in all the information on the slides, there’s be no more any need to speak. Your slides are your visual aids not the whole show.
  22. 22. Keep words simple, sentences uncomplicated. Avoid bigger paragraphs, use bullets.
  23. 23. Don’t force your audience to take ASPRIN Is reading your fonts a stressful exercise for eyes?
  24. 24. Don’t create a modern art with your font typeface. Keep them STRAIGHTFORWARD
  25. 25. Your fonts aren’t super models. Don’t size them “ZERO FIGURE” Don’t make them “ILLEGIBLE”
  26. 26. Presentation is not the place to play with colors. Don’t ELECTRIFY your audience with gaudy colors. Keep them sober, serene, soothing.
  27. 27. Mistake 3: You don’t carry yourself well. What kind of presenter you are? Cool, Boring Or Professional
  28. 28. Don’t present in a hurry, you’re missing your flight, are you? If you’ve to board the next flight, better leave the presentation for someone else.
  29. 29. Deliver. Don’t Rush. Don’t make waves for your audience. Speaking super fast may skip out the core message from reaching your audience.
  30. 30. ESSENTIAL TIP: Maintain a pace, practice before the actual presentation. Record your voice and listen how fast you speak.
  31. 31. Do you inspire your audience to fall asleep? Are you too slow?
  32. 32. Does it ever happen that when you start telling a thing, it has already appeared on the slides? This will surely make people fall asleep!
  33. 33. ESSENTIAL TIP: Be clear with what to speak. Make a mental picture. This will help you speak with power and authority.
  34. 34. What is your style? A Slouch Supermodel Business Executive
  35. 35. Neither be a slouch nor a model. Being executive is a better option. But, trying to be a speaker at the first is the best. If you’ll be slouch, nobody will pay attention to you. If you’re a super-model Type, you’ll be a show stealer, but you’ll steal the effect of your message too.
  36. 36. ESSENTIAL TIPS: 1. Dress right, speak bright. 2. Avoid sluggish clothes, voguish hair style, jingling jewelry, and unprofessional get up. 3. Take a shower, dress right, look elegant. Make sure your audience focus on your message and not on you.
  37. 37. Thank You www.sketchbubble.com