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CloudMondo Intelligent CRM

  1. CloudMondo Intelligent CRM
  2. Introduction Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a business model that assists companies and businesses in nurturing, maintenance and growth of current and future customer relationships. Present CRM methodologies involve using technology to organize, automate and synchronize sales, marketing, customer service and technical. Many CRM systems are still built as if one-size-fits-all. While it’s definitely better than having no CRM system at all, we believe that approach is archaic in the present scenario. CloudMondo is a CRM system built for users in the post-PC era. A CRM system accessible from anywhere and through a user’s choice of CRM device. We believe that each business has a unique requirement and should be able to choose the modules that would best help them achieve their goals.
  3. dashboard
  4. Get a customizable overall view of dashboard all details, activities and opportunities with a customer.
  5. customer
  6. Get an overview of a particular customer, customer including past, present and future sales trends. Get detailed insight, opportunities to explore overview and detailed interaction activities with key decision makers.
  7. Find out about a customer’s customer industry, revenue, region, city, Know your customer turnover and even interests etc.
  8. Any additional information about the customer customer? Customer information is additional information easily editable and upgradable
  9. Detailed contact information of customer each customer including the best contact information time to make a sales call.
  10. Connect with each customer over a customer plethora of ways, including calling from within the app, email and/or social contacts networks.
  11. New customer / potential? customer Add information into the database for intelligent scanning to begin. adding new opportunity
  12. Find out possible sales opportunities customer with a particular customer based on possibilities online behavior patterns.
  13. Find out what will and wont work with a customer particular customer with a customized list of out a list of sale probabilities. Opportunities
  14. Enjoy useful and insightful reports. With our customer intelligent CRM you’ll be able to quickly identify the strengths and weaknesses in your visualize your insights workflow to improve sales performance.
  15. Customize sales stages and invite other customer team members to collaborate on current opportunities and share deals, sales activity contacts, notes and tasks.
  16. contacts
  17. Your customers are the heart of your business, and contacts it always help to save all their contact information in one place and compose email contextually. This will eliminate the need to hunt down conversation contextual access history related to contacts or deals
  18. Choose from a list of suggestions from contacts social media networks, and match them with customer information. add a new contact
  19. Use the consolidated database contacts to connect with the customer in consolidated database a multitude of ways
  20. Get intelligent insights about contacts customer opportunities based Opportunities on activity metrics
  21. work out a communications strategy contacts with each individual customer based communication strategy on generated intelligence
  22. opportunities
  23. make better business decisions opportunities with sales forecasting lists sales forecasting lists
  24. the more information your enter, the opportunities more intelligent the system Edit Mode becomes and adapts to your needs
  25. Should you focus on closing deals in the later opportunities stage of your pipeline or fill the funnel at the beginning? Intelligent forecasting provides forecasting powerful insights to predict sales and meet goals.
  26. activities
  27. Efficiently cut down on repetitive tasks activities with task automation. Create rules for action-based tasks and reminders to action steps automate business functions.
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