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Laser communication system

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presentation on laser communication system

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Laser communication system

  1. 1. Laser Communication system Prepared by :- Saif Ansari B.Tech 2nd year
  2. 2. Laser Communication System • Laser communication is a system in which we send data using laser as a carrier wave. • Laser communication system works on the principle of “Amplitude modulation” process. • In this the amplitude of the carrier wave(laser) is varied according to the instantaneous amplitude of modulating signal.
  3. 3. Block diagram signal Signal transmitter laser ReceiverSignal
  4. 4. Transmitter • It includes • Signal processing circuit (ADC). • Laser diode. • Modulator.
  5. 5. Receiver • It is a “Antenna” of the system. • It includes • Signal processing circuit (DAC). • Detector (some kind of photodiode).
  6. 6. Example • MCU-Multipoint control unit. • UART – Universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter system.
  7. 7. Communication systems • Optical cable communication. • Free space optical communication. • Laser communication in space. • Wave guide
  8. 8. Laser in optical cable system. • Fiber-optic cable has potential data rates of terabits per second. • Fiber-optic cable is lighter, faster than copper cable. • No EMI(electromagnetic interference) and doesn’t causes sparks. • Laser can move vast quantities of data more securely than other forms of communication. • Fiber optics developed new technology WDM(wave division multiplexing) that increases data rates by leaps and bounds.
  9. 9. Image for optical cable system
  10. 10. Free space optical communication • It is a optical communication technology that uses laser light in free space to wirelessly transmit data. • Free space point to point optical links can be implemented using infrared laser light. • Current market demands • In 2008, MRV communications introduced a FSO based system with a data rate of 10gb/s having distance of 350m. • In 2013, MOSTCOM started to serially produce a new FSO base system with a data of up to 10gb/sec having distance 2.5km.
  11. 11. Image for free space optical communication
  12. 12. Laser communication in space (artificial earth satellite transmission) • For distances of millions of kilometers, artificial earth satellite transmission is used. • Current market demands • In November 2001 he worlds first laser data connection was achieved by ESA ( European space agency) Artemis satellite with CNES earth observation satellite. • In November 2014, the first ever gigabyte laser based communication was achieved by EDRS( European data relay system). • Communication distance of 15 million miles( 24 million km)/tested. • It also fades away the noise, distance, and other types of disruptions interfering with the wave journey.
  13. 13. Image for laser communication in space
  14. 14. Wave guide • Wave guide is a structure that guide waves. • They enable a signal to propagate with minimal loss of energy by restricting expansion to one dimension or two.