image formation image processing coding and transmission digital signal processing storage and retrieval emerging technologies signal & image processing machine learning deep learning signal processing applied digital signal processing multimedia signal processing communications information forensics image acquisition and display pattern recognition video processing segmentation speech and language processing image scanning digital signal processing in communications computer vision security face recognition feature extraction image segmentation signal processing applications convolutional neural network visualization watermarking support vector machine classification video processing & analysis image acquisition digital image processing image & signal processing applications multimedia computer science display and printing wavelet transform image and video processing spectral density image and video processing & analysis emerging technologies in digital signal processing random forest medical images psnr image classification impulse noise applied digital signal process signal morphological operators deep learning. remote sensing yolo object tracking matlab tracking neural network contrast enhancement face detection biometrics digital signal processing (dsp) jpeg vision & image processing medical image analysis motion detection text processing gabor filter local distance sensor scheduling smoothing estimate periodogram stable processes narratology news games virtual reality fuzzy logic stereographic projection harris point of interest digital watermarking cryptography nodules extraction computer aided detection training strategy target detection license plate localization lpl constraints noise reduction pansharpening demosaicing mobile signal processing medical image processing resnet perceptually lossless compression edge computed tomography video surveillance image denoising principal component analysis opencv liver segmentation hybrid segmentation local binary pattern mfcc emotion recognition diabetic retinopathy filtering genetic algorithm speech enhancement eeg ontology image enhancement canny edge detection speech-recognition discrete wavelet transform dct interactive fusion images vision digital signature water marking authentication video stabilization lane detection lung cancer display image processing applications face and gesture internet signal processing performance evaluation signal identification video signal processing domain adaptation domain decomposition face reconstruction generating expert systems bacteria colony image bacteria type detection voice based digital assistants chatbot natural language processing learning problems learning methods and analysis data mining bayesian network ml for nlp machine translation video analysis transmission median filter array signal processing embedded systems swarm intelligence particle swarm optimization spectral analysis vector poisson channels signal noise control image acquisition & medical image processing signal and image processing aliasing interactive. weighted euclidean distance lungs cancer nodules classification eeg signal obstructive sleep apnea skin detection face recognition & super-resolution imaging image coding and compression real time active contour target detection and classification mid-wave infrared (mwir) videos scikit-learn tensorflow keras lawn measurement network multi-focus image fusion neighbour local variability networks denoising color filter array cfa 1.0 bayer pattern rgbw pattern bioinformatics • face recognition • signal identification • hardware implementation computer graphics infrared videos sparse representation r-r interval activity posture holter ecg accelerometer error recovery maritime and sonar videos x265 x264 kalman filter dwt rgb brain tumor automatic speech recognition color moments ed biometric wavelength interchange(wi) routing wavelength assignment (rwa) process noise(pn) least loaded routing(llr) light path(lp) blocking probability(bp) network management(nm) minimum reconfiguration probability routing (mrpr) adaptive unconstrained routing(aur) region growing segmentation performance measures. threshold segmentation connected component brain segmentation magnetic resonance imaging(mri) contour tracing set properties direction of arrival (doa) speckle noise linear discriminant analysis optical character recognition (ocr) gaussian mixture model (gmm) parallax colour alignment cs-lbp descriptor gabor filters region of interest glcm features fractal analysis level set method image registration ssim image retrieval occlusion singular value decomposition optic disc adaptive filters. image restoration ocr time of arrival skin color segmentation vehicle detection ga pca sloreta discrete cosine transform payload h.264/avc histogram equalization edge detection speech intelligibility fir hu moments content based image retrieval thresholding iris recognition discrete wavelet transform (dwt) image compression early diagnosis nih chest x-ray dataset shifted window mechanism hierarchical feature represent vision transformer swin transformer medical diagnostics lung tuberculosis non-invasive fractional butterworth filter fetal electrocardiogram motor imagery signals generalized visual classificat few-shot learning dynamic learning speech emotion recognition python programming. cuda native and non-native accents speaker embedding speech features mlp classifier hierarchical classification accent recognition random field alpha stable p-adic processes cbir global descriptor ramf 5/3 lifting transform reconstruction image resizing phase manipulation magnitude manipulation keyed dft decryption encryption lfsr mutation crossover differential evolution (de) protein functional classificat electron ion interaction poten protein sequence similarity discrete wavelet transforms genomic signal processing location determination mobile navigation system ubiquitous positioning discrete-time systems reduced-order controllers model reduction dominant state audio processing laboratory fixed-point dsp tms320c5510 real-time signal processing bengali convexity hindi character image thinning topographic feature shape-based graph linear regression dissolution curve raman spectroscopy block artifacts deblocking auto-encoders motion models interframe error motion estimation contourlet transform color centroid segmentation cdma watermarking dwt2 yiq color space arnold cat map pseudo-random number generator iir constraint processing image-based modeling data mining techniques wavelet analysis gammachirp cochlear filter speech processing image & signal processing appl cad lung nodule testing techniques service-oriented architectures recent trends real-time systems programming abstractions networked embedded systems middleware integration with soa integration embedded system architecture embedded system and software embedded software embedded computing education hardware support component and binding models business applications text extraction text localisation text in video document recognition image and video retrieval multi-view geometry programming languages deformable models gradient vector flow external force osteophytes customised hough transform convex hull speaker recognition mel-frequency cepstral coeffic sub-syllable viterbi algorithm keywords spotting hidden markov model psychoacoustic model intellectual property cdma modulation audio watermarking python programming edge locating envelope pathology mean analysis ratio and speech genetic algorithms quantum evolutionary algorithm optimization method fractal image compression wireless sensor network multiobjective optimization genetic analysis computational intelligence soft computing techniques electrophysiology pattern classification mobile robotics machine learning techniques bhattacharyya distance similar regions oversegmentation flood fill wavelet subspaces multiscale embedding machine vision fpga sliding window operation parametric models hybrid intelligence guided heuristic search question answering closed domain critical block critical variable safety critical system risk mitigation soft errors machine learning recommender machine learning applications intrinsic mode functions empirical mode decomposition hilbert-huang transformation radar signals wavelets image & signal processing image authentication human visual system color space d4wavelet transform digital watermarks change detection fisher law speech and language processi entropy & modularization local intensity variation singular value thresholding faulty antenna array matrix pencil matrix completion direction-of-arrival bhattacharyya coefficients adaptive template mean-shift algorithm edge preservation defuzzification color image de-noising global features local descriptors leaf recognition fourier transform bilinear interpolation vein features svm pnn pft (polar fourier transform) plant retrieval feature based morphing field morphing triangulation based morphing morphing 3d reconstruction image analysis color feature incomplete query image color image shape feature informatics stego-images hsi lsb forensics examiner steganalysis image steganography electronic instrumentation high level synthesis power electronics matlab simulation sensitivity and specificity miss and false random valued impulse noise de noising adwnp non linear feature linear feature shadow removal unbiased and smoothing integrated mean square error cepstrum cross validation analysis ant colony optimization (aco) decision rule nonstationary noise estimation quality measure ε0 norm blind source separation (bss) speech emotion recognitio asers-lstm baes-db fusion images. dempster-shafer theory multi-focus-images dnn lstm vector gaussian channels. video signal processing watermarking detection pattern recognition and analysis sindhi phonemic inventory glides formant frequencies consonants sobel edge detection. distance matrix image database r-tree burnt area calculation forest fire movement prediction forest fire management erythematosquamous. association rules catfish particle swarm optimization support vector machines audio and music processing speech eeg. machine learning. bci. motor imagery signals. machine learning. retina optical coherence tomography vector poisson channels. noise detection directional filtering mag median energy evoked potentials td-psola. timbre pitch mark spectrum analysis diphone prosody arabic speech speech processing and synthesis rx. roc curve anomaly detection hyperspectral remote sensing & integer wavelet lifting post-segmentation quality measures run length encoding modified spiht spiht analog communication robotics power optimization techniques communication systems vlsi design non-invasive. abdominal electrocardiogram (aecg) pregnancy fetal heart rate (fhr) fractional butterworth filter (fbw) fetal electrocardiogram (fecg) aliasing. deaf speech speech signal processing sub harmonic to harmonic ratio(shr) pitch detection algorithm (pda) linear prediction coefficients(lpc) lung nodules. lung segmentation fissure sweeping ct cat map scrambling lsb technique spatial transform simplified fuzzy artmap. signals the signal movie signal private messenger signal app how it works signal natok twice signal 트와이스 signal the signal trailer signal web app signal signal jyp signal 박진영 how to use signal app signal app review the signal signal vs whatsapp signal app soft-failure residual kalman filter multiple-failu robustness &medical imaging. co-occurrence matrix digital watermark hyper-catadioptric projection poincaré disk hmm mapping approach frequency decomposition mel-frequencies thresholding. histogram gray image matlab 7.3 quaternion fourier transform quaternions hypercomplex numbers colour texture image segmentation least-significant bit (lsb) method image hiding steganography explicit content hsv color model support vector machine. yolo v4 mean square error (mse). peak signal to noise ratio (psnr) signed-logo dual watermark  3d and stereo imaging  image acquisition & medical image processing fpga. dft remote sensing image. interference noise multi-layer perceptron local optimal oriented pattern general purpose tampering detection image tampering multi-localization performance computer networks data communications edge-based local region-based global region-based noise separation mixed noise x-ray image computer root mean square error multi-scale graphs graph convolutional network skeleton-based action recognition and bayesian optimization. gender information age estimation root mean square error (rmse) words segmentation handwriting inpainting cfa 3.0 architectures wireless communications u-net handcrafted googlenet face verification facial aging cfa 2.0 infra-red illuminators infra-red camera polynomial curve fitting corneal reflection cornea iris pupil driver monitoring system. eye gaze estimation cfa3.0 cfa2.0 color filter array (cfa) debayering gender discrimination ear thermal signature ear features thermal infrared melanoma detection nuclear segmentation histopathological image analysis random unitary transform sparse coding secure computation surveillance camera daala motion jpeg-2000 video codecs low resolution image deep neural network generative adversarial network super resolution linear discriminant analysis (lda) features selection frequency bands decomposition mother wavelet (mwt) electroencephalogram (eeg) mri computer-aided detecting wavelet decomposition laplacian pyramid image fusion r-spatiogram feature descriptor • 3-d and surface reconstruction • spectral analysis • motion detection • object detection • medical image analysis • array signal processing • video compression communication • signal noise control surface reconstruction resolution imaging • storage and retrieval biological vision • machine learning • image scanning • image formation • image and video processing & analysis • image acquisition and display • image & signal processing applications • emerging technologies in digital signal processi • emerging technologies • digital signal processing in communications • computer vision • computer graphics and visualization • coding and transmission compression • statistic learning • video signal processing • content-based image retrieval • knowledge representation • signal reconstruction • visualization • image segmentation • data mining • image acquisition games textons. multitexton histogram descriptor human parasite eggs patterns sensiac database optical videos target classification target tracking compressive measurements computer graphics and games partial distance approach nearest neighbours flocking behaviours biomedical sensor body activity data hiding frequency domain computing cnn withexpert branches test-cost-sensitive learning dominant eigenvectors relevance vector machine image quality assessment electromagnetic scattering the peak enhancement factor wave pool multidirectional wave jonswap spectrum colonoscopy. geometry transform sequence length ransac autonomous robots cartesian robots soiling identification solar panel online dictionary learning dictionary learning leaf image recognition video deraining scene recovery rain streaks removal edge filters dynamic scene receiver operating curve. qpsk cumulants carrier-in-carrier jpeg-2000 multispectral images mastcam images human behaviours features motion descriptor local binary patterns on top cloud sensing and actuation . cloud data transmission and control irrigation management systems precision agriculture irrigation dss curvature maxima contour-based corner descriptor interest region corner critical path delay common sub expression elimination gate level delay cyclotomic fast fourier transform gender/age analysis. physiological response biosignal processing affective computing individual classification support vector machine (svm) artificial neural networks (ann) computer-aided diagnosis (cadx) computer-aided detection (cad) electrocardiogram artificial intelligence the internet of things management of segregated biometric information spectrum signature detection time-frequency observation space multi-frame fusion tracks matching confined water bodies positioning system reverberation multipath ofdm channel impulse response hydroacoustic channel kernel discriminant analysis discrete cosine transform algorithm lip segmentation background subtraction surveillance hysteresis threshold. gradient magnitude histogram welding defects. electronic boards quality system watershed segmentation imagej visual metrics transforms extended kalman filter hog ica action recognition neural networks hvdlp lbp fft kullback-leibler divergence change-point detection global image thresholding tap-10 filter banks dtcwt soft-clustering single object image thresholding foot anthropometry canny’s edge detection. sobel operator ycbcr dicom jpeg2000 compression. jpeg2000 colour filtering diving performance mosaicking barycentre trajectory handwritten characters point distribution models arabic scripts discrete relaxation expectation maximization algorithm hierarchical mixture of experts background subtraction. speech recognition robustness autocorrelation noise covariance wiener filter voice signal mmse method auto-encoder multimodal biometrics sparse classification. kalman filter(kf) indian sign language interpretation fourier descriptor nearest neighbourhood classifier. probability density distribution graphical models markov model human activity detection magnetic anomaly. eddy current coil detection fluxgate sensor metal money magnetic material landmine. magnetic sensor magnetic anomaly linear predictive coding. bangla vowel formant contrast stretching adaptive median filter wavelet transforms he clahe fusión. ssim. quality metrics multiple objects tracking. non-coprime moduli set residue number system forward conversion adaptive cloud detection approach satellite images tms320c6713 dsk. matlab 13 fusion log transformation gaussian filter object detection tracking. adaptive median filter (amf) morphological operation modified region growing (mrg) kalaman filter(kf) max-sum routing(mr) histogram shifting prediction error prediction reversible data hiding watermarking. set-shifting task inhibition task working memory (wm) central executive function (cef) event related potential (erp) cortical activation fnirs. functional response medical imaging analysis microsoft excel rgb image software development esprit music root-music kalman filter. splitting/merging blobs deterministic tracking behavioural marketing. cross-entropy. sar images gamma distribution gabor features zonal features epigraphy artificial neural network (ann) critical phonetic distance dynamic phone warping pronunciation variants document image enhancing. text detection document image distortions improve ocr accuracy optical character recognition image segmentation. spatial constraints mixture model parameter estimate probabilistic field theory expectation-maximization(em) algorithm online secondary path modelling fxlms algorithm adaptive systems active noise control dsp applications current controller vector control. extended kalman filter (ekf) brushless dc motor (bldcm) chaotic logistic map telemedicine image encryption fast walsh transform multiplicative noise scalar filters ultrasound images cup-to-disc ratio fundus image fuzzy c means clustering optic cup fractional calculus fractional integral filtering eigen vectors color histogram eigen values back propagation. euclidean distance grid mapping based approach target localization received signal strength (rss) uncertainty echo return loss enhancements (erle). adaptive algorithm hands-free communications acoustic echo cancellation (aec) non-linear least squares approach and crlb. maximum likelihood approach node localization tesseract rubber plantations gui. aes bfoa lwt rsa svd image depth lbp-hf meal inspection distance regularized level set (drls) model and balloon forces multi-dimensional indexing structures hierarchical divisive clustering content-based image retrieval projection pursuit methods imaging architecture image transformations gaussian blur captcha internet security maximum likelihood expectation maximization. k-mean vector quantization (vq) underwater image mosaic underwater ima ge mosaic sr (signal to residual spectrum ratio) parameter speech intelligibility improvement noise estimation voice activity detector (vad) similarity measure representation interval-valued features gait recognition gait energy image symbolic data artistic-text linear-form-text arc-form-text ocr. slam triangulation point clouds stereo vision system arduino decision based filters. adaptive filters nonlinear filter region merging probabilistic neural network nearest neighbour symbolic classifier feature selection fabricated photocopy document texture feature k-means clustering recursive order number fabricated photocopy documents voting. probability distributions petreatment cerebral .mri tumors. multiple sclerosis osteoporosis pathologies. osteoporosis pathologies. adaptive window positioning. verification gpds dataset identification offline handwritten signature zac model. cv model active contour model steganography. msb cover image dual polarized triple polarized. distributed antenna system convex optimization beamforming antenna selection similarity metric normalize cross correlation otsu’s method. camera field of view hyperspectral image morphological profile linear image filters parallel pattern library. oil paint algorithm colour image processing image filters spatial image filter pu hevc fast algorithm transcoder blurred image conjugate gradient (cg) and peak signal to noise r point spread function (psf) nas-rif algorithm cnr bpbhe bbphe che mse rmshe nearest neighbor interpolation bicubic bilinear morphological dilation text information extraction (tie) local thresholding global thresholding skin wound types multi-latent vector mi learning re-ranking shadow & classification traffic surveillance radial symmetry maps invisible image watermarking robust image watermarking pitch analysis enlarged training set analysis of variance (anova) histogram based fast enhancement algorithm (hbfe) ct image modified histogram based fast enhancement algorith histogram equalization (he) discriminability revocability and fuzzy commitment cancelability bag-of-visual-words spatial pyramid exudates segmentation. compression. filters basis function biorthogonal wavelets artificial vision dynamic tracking features. 1-d representation of objects extended sax representation. time series shape number symbolic aggregate approximation(sax) privacy-by-co-design visual surveillance ui-ref evaluation context-aware privacy filtering. video analytics privacy preserving pleasure-pain-recall theory l(ppr) human judgement and decision making theory (jdm) holistic privacy impact assessment (h-pia) privacy protection gridding dna microarray background estimation foreground autonomous vehicle navigation road region recognition shadow environmental noise & filtering algorithm retrieval & images. semantic annotation image de-noising block rank patt ern illumination geometrical face model template gradient magnitude image representation opengl 3d visualisation immersive indexed color mode java 2d java 3d back propagation recognition zipcode pincode address block brigh tness preservation peak signal to noise ratio structure similarity in dex. absolute mean brightness error semi blind watermarking; digital image watermarkin subspace approach linear least squares two-step wls and crlb source localization weighted linear least squares (wlls) kapa rkhs apa mse. nkapa snr gaussian mixture model gmm for skin color. gmm bayesian decision rule color based segmentation mixture of gmm segmentation techniques msnn gabor wavelets feed forward neural network (ffnn) hypothesis generation phog linear svm feature weighting hypothesis verification svm (support vector machine). hand gesture mfcc (mel frequency cepstral coefficient) 1d signal ultraspherical window 1. cosh window kaiser window exponential window window function liveness spoofing lbp and sift. 1. introduction tampering facial recognition technology isvm super scalar arm cortex-a8 mni152 arithmetic task motor task mel frequency cepstral co-efficient (mfcc) linear prediction (lpc) gaussian mixture model (gmm). fast fourier transform automatic speech recognition (asr) psnr and watermarked image. lt ilt ltcia semantic gap & spatial relations character recognition grapheme video quality assessment reduced-reference h.263 motion vectors mobile video classical histogram equalization multi-decomposition histogram equalization & recur radio-frequency identification (rfid) animal detection global positioning system (gps) threshold edges skew lexical stress index (lsi) coefficient of variation ratio (cvr) fundamental frequency analysis speech-pause index (spi) formant analysis kurtosis jitter consonant production errors speech intensity analysis lms adaptive filter rls. regional moments morphological skeleton pre-processing k-means algorithm region based image retrieval valley emphasis method variance and intensity contrast method & variance discrepancy method. otsu method neighborhood valley emphasis method wavelet packet. iris normalization iris segmentation adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system image denoising. decision based algorithm skin color model & face detection. wastir; authentication; steganography; watermarkin distributed arithmetic (da) discrete fourier transform (dft) field programmable gate array (fpga) configurable logic block (clb) look up table (lut) fast fourier transform (fft) application specific integrated circuit (asic) common module (cm) infinite impulse response (iir) field programmable dsp array (fpda) finite impulse response (fir) fjpeg. fmm arabic; vot; msa; ca; emphatic edge improvement curvelet coefficients sift interest points
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