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In my state

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In my state

  1. 1. In 2009 our Tamil nadu state SPD (State Projecting directorate) ordered me to prepare the ABL cards for the primary schools. I have prepared many cards for the state SSA.
  2. 2. That types of cards prepared by the experienced Teachers . I am very proud to say that I am one among them.  State Projecting directorate (SPD) included our ideas to prepare ABL cards ,usages of cards and to improvement of the students. Result of ABL approach Sl.no Categories Percentage of pass 1 ABL school , Chennai 74.3 87.15 82.40 2 Non ABL school, Chennai 24.12 34.12 35.29 3 Non ABL school in Tiruvalur District 29.2 50.36 54.01
  3. 3. Softwares used to make ABL cards Click here to see the softwares
  4. 4. SINGARAJ ABL – card preparation lab ,telecasted by pothigai (DD) TV Chanel. In 2010 some 1st and 2nd standard English ABL Cards are created by me. Then I understood ICT in school has been to increase the effectiveness teaching and improve pupil’s learning, It impress me to create many E-Content for students.
  5. 5. In Our Tamil nadu schools ,Our Government has introduced Activity Based Learning (ABL) in primary level .I this system students learn with ABL – cards. I have prepared many ABL -Cards with the help of Digital knowledge, I am the one of the ABL card designer of Tamil nadu Savashiksha Abiyan (SSA
  6. 6. CD – preparation for SSA Tamil nadu
  7. 7. And our Education department has prepared many content CDS (COMPACT DISK) Distributed to all over Tamil nadu .It contains many animations , and I have created many animations for the CDS. Students learn and understand the Concept of physics exprements easily.
  8. 8. Computer fundamental module prepared by Tamil nadu SSA, and I was one in the team
  9. 9.  Our Tamil nadu SSA sent a team to the Kerala to observe the IT SCHOOLS. I am one of the team. We gathering many softwares, e- contents, and ideas from there and submit our reports.  It helps implementing ICT here at Tamil nadu.
  10. 10. My e –contents up loaded in youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YpEngScO0Zg https://plus.google.com/112287700489650317888/videos https://plus.google.com/112287700489650317888/posts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YpEngScO0Zg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lUDgrifaaTo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ogvSTVqOpHo https://plus.google.com/112287700489650317888/videos https://plus.google.com/112287700489650317888/posts
  11. 11.  EDUSAT programme as a instructor to interact with teachers and BRTES From all over Tamil nadu .  I interacted on computer aided learning.
  12. 12. I took model classes many times in pothigai TV channel with the help of our state SCERT .
  13. 13. E content presentation in PERIYAR SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY CENTRE ,CHENNAI In the presence of scientist and Director of IYAMPERUMAL sir , Scientist Pillai sir and The Atomic scientist Krishnamoorthy sir.
  14. 14. Appreciation and Award from Microsoft for my Digital work to the students I won the Microsoft innovative Teachers leader ship Award 2010