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Labuan money broking

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When Labuan money broking is the key business in the Labuan jurisdiction, then why to remain devoid of it, just consult with team of Law & Commerce Trust Limited and take all the necessary assistance to establish the business with success assurance. For more information, call us at 006-03-21613430.

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Labuan money broking

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION: Labuan Money Broking is the business of arranging transactions between buyers and sellers in the foreign exchange markets acting as a mediator for the brokerage fees paid or to be paid
  3. 3. ELIGIBILITY:  An individual having money broking expertise and 3 years of experience  A regulated money broker  An institution having license to carry money broking business
  4. 4. The sole purpose of the Labuan Money Broking business is to facilitate institutional investors and foreign investors of large turnovers. As a Labuan money broker licensee, it has to receive its payment in the form of brokerage and act as a mediator and not as a principal in the money broking business. ACTIVITIES THAT ARE PERMITTED IN MONEY BROKING:
  5. 5. KEY ADVANTAGES: Zero tax on payments of dividends and interests to non- residents. No stamp duty on the things related to offshore business activities. No worries for foreign exchange controls. No capital gain tax or inheritance tax. And many other such advantages................
  6. 6. AUTHORITATAIVE BODY: LABUAN FINANCIAL SERVICES AUTHORITY( FSA) is the body that regulates the functioning of the Labuan Money Broking business. For getting the Money broking license, the annual fees paid to FSA is RM 5000 once the license is granted.
  7. 7. CONTACT US: Company Name:- Law & Commerce Trust Limited Website Link:- http://www.simplyoffshore.com/ 006-03-21613430
  8. 8. THANK YOU !