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labuan company formation

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Learn all about the key features that are majorly required in the Labuan company formation and make your business to achieve success in the Labuan.

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labuan company formation

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION Labuan Company Formation is the business set up by foreign investors outside their native countries. Labuan is part of Malaysia and being formally under British rules is a common law jurisdiction, with an independent English based-legal system.
  3. 3. Time to Incorporate Labuan Company Formation Usually, time taken to incorporate Labuan Company Formation including reservation of name is done within 1-2 days. A name chosen for the company is valid for three months.
  4. 4. Characteristics of Labuan Company Formation Share Capital:- Foreign currency permitted except Malaysian Ringgit and minimum one share is issued in any foreign Currency Director (Minimum number):- One (either individual or corporate entity) Shareholder (Minimum number):- One (either individual or corporate entity)
  5. 5. Structure of Labuan Company Formation Labuan Holding Company Labuan Trading Company
  6. 6. BENEFITS (Labuan Company Formation) Flexible Tax System Asset Protection Privacy Cost-effective Flexibility Minimum Registration Requirement
  7. 7. Labuan International Business and Financial Centre It is a special economic zone of the Malaysian government which is located on the island of Labuan established in 1990 and is a panacea to initiate investment and business opportunities in Asia and beyond.
  8. 8. CONTACT US Company Name:- Law & Commerce Trust Limited Website Link:- http://www.simplyoffshore.com/ 006-03-21613430
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