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On paperline

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On paperline

  1. 1. Just counts the quality of theinformation that YOU GET
  2. 2. Paper is over, because you still don’t thinkthatyou can read content of quality INTO IT morethen somewherelse…
  3. 3. …When you have noble purposes,youdon’t have fear of loosing any wars…Help Consumers to read good content of quality Help publishers to do not die Newsagents to surviveHelp Help Journalists, Writers,Blogger to increase a bit more their income...So download
  4. 4. Help this fondamental connectionfor the quality of your contents… Publishers, Stakeholders, Producers…. Journalists, Copywriters, Bloggers and more others professionals of the editorial field, certified by
  5. 5. Anddon’tleave themalone …
  6. 6. So please, you journalist try to focused on content that you write…So Take a breakof Web MarketingRules, andincrease yourincomedownloading…
  7. 7. How does it work?Register on Linkedin as a Journalist, WebEditor, Blogger Scann a content of a newspaper withCamera ScanPost into OnPaperLine, the scanned photowith a resume of the content that you redinto the printed version of the newspaperthat you scanned(100 words no more), andremember, you as editorial professional,you are always the lonely author of
  8. 8. From user side • Using onpaperline.com as a static guide on the Desktop, where it is only the publishers affiliated on the platform (especially newsweekly ) Using onpaperline.com on Mobile, like a sort of guide of content about printed newpaper versions that are waiting for you offline… So open the App, and take the remind of the static paper content!
  9. 9. And with GPS…
  10. 10. You’ll find your qualitynews into the traditional shop where you’ve always been confident to find something that really choosed to read
  11. 11. So Stop please with casual reaserch on Google! and with reading content reproduced without an original root behind…
  12. 12. And look the effects…DownloadingYou will help Web contents givinginto it the right direction closeto the Paper; and remember, itdoesen’t matter where you’ll beinform in your life just counts thequality of the information that youget…
  13. 13. A massive effect on the market…Publishers finally assured tonot be stoolen by other aboutthe property of their content…Newsagents’ll be more quietabout the fear to die…Writers more confident becausethey’re rebuilding the future oftheir own contents…
  14. 14. CORE Businessonlinepaperline.com is a contentplatform;where you journalist can write there, takingnews from newspaper offline version and youwill be pay back starting from 2 pound for anyresume that you send to the platform!Every months all newspapers affiliated will payan amount to OnPaperLine, and OnPaperLine’llgive them back all advertising that could beinside onpaperline.com
  15. 15. Just counts the quality of theinformation that YOU GET