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Louisiana Trail Riders Association
33rd Annual - Great Piney Woods Enduro
              May 5, 2013
     Texas State Champ...
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Great pineywoodsflyer

  1. 1. Louisiana Trail Riders Association 33rd Annual - Great Piney Woods Enduro May 5, 2013 Texas State Championship Enduro Circuit Southern Enduro Riders Association AMA Sanctioned Entry Fees: Pre-entry $35, must be postmarked on or Requirements: before April 25, 2013. Thereafter a post entry of $45 is AMA Membership Required required. TSCEC Membership, or SERA Membership, or Checks or money orders payable to: SERA One Day Pass Louisiana Trail Riders Association Safety and proper riding apparel Mail Pre-entries to: US Forest Service Approved Spark Arrester Required Louisiana Trail Riders Association Information: c/o Mike Lyon Key time 8 am Sunday / rider’s meeting at 7 am 10706 Pinebrook Ave. Baton Rouge, LA 70809 Row Information – call Mike Lyon, at (225) 293-1364 before 8:30pm or email <> PLEASE NOTE: All entry forms must be accompanied thelyonsden@cox.net with proper entry fees. Riders wishing to ride together All trophies will be awarded according to SERA Classes. If must send their entries together. There shall only be SERA does not have a direct class match to your regular 4 riders per row. Entries will not be taken by phone or TSCEC class, you will be matched and placed in a SERA email. Any overnight delivery (such as Express Mail or class that matches your skill level and / or age. You will Fedex) must be deliverable without a signature. receive TSCEC points according to your regular TSCEC class. MESSAGE FROM MIKE LYON: “No row request will be granted by phone. The club will assign the nearest available row. No row assignment changes or refunds allowed. You may not ride on another’s row or entry fee”. TSCEC Members, please use Official TSCEC Entry Form The START CONTROL FORMAT will be used for this event. Observation Checks will be used. No Sneaky Checks. No Surprises, unless you miss an Observation Check. SERA Youth Event at 3:00 PM Saturday, May 4 – Entry Fee $20 (No pre-entries accepted for the Youth Event. Enter on race day only.) Event location: Kasatchie National Forest, near Cravens, Louisiana Directions: FOLLOW BLACK ARROWS FROM CRAVENS, LA. · from Alexandria, LA take US Hwy165 south to Oakdale, LA. Then take LA 10 west to Cravens, LA. · from Opelousas, LA take I-49 North to US 167. Take US 167 North to juncture of LA 10. Then take LA 10 west to Cravens, LA. · from Cravens, LA. Drive north on LA 399 for 1.3 miles. Turn left on Gravel Road and drive 1 mile. Camp will be on the left.


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