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10xIT Webinar: Will You Make the Windows XP Deadline in Time?

  1. 11 Copyright © 2013, RES Software. All rights reserved. 0113Copyright © 2013, RES Software. All rights reserved. 0113 Will You Make the Windows XP Deadline in Time? Risks, Costs and Solutions for Windows XP End of Life and Beyond 10X IT Productivity Webinar Series, Ep. 1 Penny Gralewski Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Citrix Sean Donahue Sr. Director Alliances at RES Software
  2. 222 Today’s Topics • What is End of Life? • Risks / Costs • Steps to the Demise of Windows XP • Wrangle your Apps • Separate your Users • Windows 8.1?? Windows 9?? • Empower your Users #10xIT
  3. 333 When? What? Where? When? April 8, 2014 What? No more service packs (SP) No more hot fixes No more support Where? 33% - 50% of Enterprise Organization
  4. 44
  5. 555 Upgrade? Or Roll the Dice? To Upgrade? Or Not? Malware Virus Soft Targets Paid Extended $upport Rolling 3-Year $upport Cost$ Double in Year 2
  6. 666 Why Don’t Companies Upgrade? • Application Libraries • Too many applications amassed over 10 years • Incompatibilities with Windows 7 / 8 • Incompatibilities with Internet Explorer 7, 8, 9, 10 • Incompatibilities with App-V 4.x / 5 • User Disruption • 10 years of user familiarity • Loss of productivity • Increased help desk burden • The neighbor effect
  7. 77 So, how do you approach this paradigm?
  8. 888 Smooth migrations with the right tools Empower Discover Design Deploy Build RES Workspace Designer RES Workspace Manager SCCM App-V Citrix AppDNA The IT Store RES Automation Manager SCCM XenApp / XenDesktop Citrix AppDNA RES BDA
  9. 99 Step 1 – Identify Scoping
  10. 101010 Choose the both path or mix physical & virtual
  11. 111111 How to solve the real app compat problems
  12. 121212 What’s the time, cost, risk?
  13. 1313 Step 1 – Discover  Scoping
  14. 141414 Physical or Virtual Operating System Application Physical Install Physical Install Server-based Computing Hosted Session-based Virtual Desktop Infrastructure XenApp Windows on a Stick App-V Streaming Image Management Package Management
  15. 151515 The Growing Impact on IT Is managing IT getting too complex and costly? Traditional Apps & PC Lifecycle Management Systems Task Workers & Desktop PCs Virtualized & Streamed Apps Knowledge Workers & Laptops Virtual & Remote Desktops Mobile Workers & Tablet PCs Cloud-Based Apps & Mobile Device Management Remote/Home Office Workers & smart phones App Delivery & Management User Workstyles & Devices
  16. 161616 User Disruption This doesn’t work… Help me! This is so slow!! I hate this new desktop! I used to have… I can’t find… Where is my ….?
  17. 171717 Make the user agnostic Windows XP • Applications • Data • Printers • Settings Windows 7 SBC Citrix XenDesktop Windows 7 Windows 9
  18. 181818 Is it Just about Happy Users? • Consistency is key to happy users • Faster access is also key • IT needs compliance and control • Nirvana is providing the right IT services to the right users in the right situation
  19. 191919 Location and Device Awareness Examples: • Network location • OS type • Application version • USB storage • Hardware spec
  20. 202020 Enterprise Class Management • Single management console • Lightweight architecture • Just a few clicks away
  21. 212121 Step 6: High Five Place Hand Here
  22. 222222 Delivering Customer, Partner Success Read the best case study ever
  23. 232323 Don’t hesitate to reach out to us: Sean Donahue Sr. Director Alliances @SeanDo40 Penny Gralewski Sr. Product Marketing Mgr. @AppDNA Questions? Comments? Concerns? Thank you for attending! Stay tuned for the next episode of the IT Productivity Webinar Series Try Citrix AppDNA Read the best case study ever studies Watch the whiteboard of XP EoL
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