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Role of media in social awareness

  1. ROLE OF MEDIA IN SOCIAL AWARENESS Presented By Shubham saini
  2. SOCIAL AWARENESS The ability to understand the emotions, need and concern of other people pick up on emotional cues feel comfortable socially and recognize the power dynamics in group or organization.
  3. WHY IT IS IMPORTANT ? For better understanding towards the improvement of our society.
  5. Consider the needs of individuals and groups People need to feel heard, valued, respected and acknowledged. Develop sensitivity to the needs of others. For children, this means learning how to share toys and play harmoniously on the playground.
  6. Examine your role in conflicts One suggestion is to examine your role in conflicts. As you work with others, examine your role and the roles you see others taking, and consider how all the roles work together, and what you can do to do so even better.
  7. Educate yourself on social issues Educate yourself on social issues. We are naturally self-centered, generally; educating yourself on issues outside of yourself can help you become more aware of what others may be feeling and thinking, due to the issues they face that you may not.
  8. Use non-verbal communication Be aware of you body language. Non-verbal communication is more important than what you have to say. Positive body language will benefit your interactions with other people.
  9. Commit to being socially aware Commit to being socially aware. Don’t just keep it to yourself, either. Serve in your community regularly, and let others know of this commitment so they can keep you accountable, and let you know of opportunities to serve that you may not have known about otherwise
  10. WHAT IS MEDIA Media is one of the most powerful instruments of communication. It can help to promote the right things on right time and gives a real as well as strong aspects of the world about what is right or wrong also it also express that how can we store and distributes the views.
  12. Print The oldest media forms are newspapers, magazines, journals, newsletters, and other printed material. These publications are collectively known as the print media. Although print media readership has declined in the last few decades, many people still read a newspaper every day or a news magazine on a regular basis.
  13. Cinema A cinema where films are shown for public Entertainment. Cinema, or motion picture, is the art of moving images; a visual medium that tells stories and exposes reality. It play the role of mirror in the society. The Cinema not only aware the people about what is happening but also explain the effect of that on the people.
  14. Radio The other type of broadcast media is radio. Before the advent of television in the 1950s, most people relied on radio broadcasts for their news. Many people still listen to radio news every day, especially during morning and evening. Local news stations have a particularly large audience because they can report on local weather, traffic, and events.
  15. Television The main broadcast networks—ABC, CBS, and NBC each have a news division that broadcasts a nightly news show. For the past fifty years, most people watched one or more of these broadcasts. Since the 1980s, however, cable news channels have chipped away at the broadcast networks.
  16. Internet The Internet is slowly transforming the news media because more people are relying on online sources of news instead of traditional print and broadcast media.Websites can provide text, audio, and video information, all of the ways traditional media are transmitted.
  17. Mobile phones Mobile phones have become a boon to mankind. It has made communication possible at anytime, and from anywhere. Nowadays, mobile phones are not only used for interaction, but also for other technical utilities, like operating pumps from remote locations, etc. You can also get alerts of your monetary transactions on a mobile phone.
  18. IMPORTANCE OF MEDIA • Media is the most powerful tool of communication • The word global village has been given to the world just because of media • Media is very integral part of our lives therefore they generate popular interest and debate about any social problem.
  20. News & Current Affairs The media cover all aspects of our interest like weather, politics, war, health, finance, science, fashion, music, etc. One of major duties of media today is to inform the people about the latest happening around them and the world. As when the terrorist attacks takes place the role of media become very important, because it pass the message to rest of world.
  21. Political Awareness The media informs all details of all major political situations, decisions and scenarios. Hence people can better understand their rights and make better decisions. Media is the base of the political system. If it plays its role honestly, it will be a great force in building the nation. It plays a great role in bringing common man close to their leaders.
  22. Education The power of media is so extensive and huge, it can be used to educate people with very little cost. Imagine a classroom in every city with thousands of students being taught by just one teacher. But unfortunately, because of money - making approach of media and lack of interest by government, very less work is done in spreading the education.
  23. Public Announcements Arrival or departure of flights and trains, etc. In some cases, it is legally binding to publish notices in newspaper like tenders, change of property ownership, etc. Various authorities and agencies utilize the power of media to spread informative messages to public.
  24. Advertisement Almost all business concerns use the power of media to sell their products. They advertise in media for the enhancement of business purposes. Huge amounts of money are invested in media for marketing of a product. The more attractive the advertisement, the more people will follow it.
  25. Entertainment The original idea behind the creation of various ‘media means’ was to entertain masses. Radio, TV, cinemas and magazines spend most of their resources targeting on entertaining items and programs. Because of the growing population and developing lifestyle, the demand for more entertainment is increasing.