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Whats Working Well in Indian Pharma Plants

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Last few years Indian Pharma Companies are marred by the challenge of how to sustain growth without failing in compliance to regulatory requirements. The answer to this challenge can be found in innovating operations and the new capabilities operational teams in pharma plants need to have. What's Working Well is a program to introduce ground rules for dealing with the challenge.

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Whats Working Well in Indian Pharma Plants

  1. 1. What’s Working Well Ground Rules for Generics Pharmaceutical Plants in sustaining growth without making compromises Contact: lolla@cvmark.com or call +91 94480 70081 #2304 Nandi Park, Gottigere, Bannergatta Road, Bangalore-560083. INDIA Till recently, Generics Pharmaceutical Companies have been growing at a scorching pace; however today, they are at an inflection point. In attempting to do justice with their historical growth, they face enormous challenges due to growing pricing pressure, complex market dynamics and increased scrutiny of their plant operations. Amongst other things, the whole industry is looking out for a way to sustain growth without making costly compromises. For over a decade, we have been witnessing the changing face of Pharmaceutical plants as we continue to handhold their teams in dealing with big challenges. Our collaborative work with operations management teams in different organizations has led to the game changing book, ‘The Path – Leveraging Operations in a Complex and Chaotic World’. As more and more organizations adopt the guidelines of The Path, it is becoming clearer to us and our clients about what’s working well and what’s really messing up with the operations of Pharmaceutical Plants in India. We have now distilled observations from a variety of Pharmaceutical Plants into a set of guidelines that are based on well grounded principles and proven practices. With the beginning of the new year 2017, we offer ‘What’s Working Well’, a new one day program to introduce these well grounded and proven guidelines to Pharmaceutical Plants in India. This, we believe may turn out to innovate the approach to operations for several organizations in their quest for achieving sustained high growth without making bad compromises. The fast paced program takes a fresh look at Pharmaceutical operations in India and offers a participative exposure on the underlying phenomenon, principles and behavior of high performance operations to the senior management teams. Plenty of case studies, discussions on evolving patterns of operational rules and recognition of new competencies for succeeding in today’s environment, make the sessions an exciting and fruitful learning experience. The program is led by Dr. Shridhar Lolla, a specialist in Organizational Effectiveness and Focused Management. He handholds Pharmaceutical organizations in dramatically improving impact of manufacturing operations on business, without incurring costly trade-offs and burn-outs. He is the author of two game changing books, 'The Path - Leveraging Operational Excellence in a Complex and Chaotic World' and 'Building Manufacturing Competitiveness - the TOC Way'; and is a co-creator of the book, 'Business Model Generation'. Earlier in his career, he held leadership positions with the Swiss conglomerate ABB in manufacturing, service and R&D businesses. An engineer by qualification, Shridhar holds a PhD from Indian Institute of Technology - Delhi.