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Share point for self service v1.0

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Short overview of benefits using SharePoint 2010 to implement great self service web sites

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Share point for self service v1.0

  1. 1. Self Service Over SharePoint 2010Shmulik Tal,SharePoint Development ManagerRealCommerce Ltd.
  2. 2. Shmulik TalSharePoint Development ManagerShmulikt@realcommerce.co.ilhttp://www.linkedin.com/in/shmuliktalhttp://www.facebook.com/shmuliktal55M: 052-6609239
  3. 3. • Reminder for some great internet web site based on SharePoint 2010• Some complex self service web sites run on SharePoint 2010• Self Service basic requirements• How we do it over SharePoint 2010• What’s more? Enjoy more benefits of the platform• Summary• Q&A
  4. 4. Cool internet sitesHTML5
  5. 5. Cool internet sitesResponsive Design Ministry of Indian Tourism
  6. 6. It’s all about how weimplement our HTML, Java Script and CSS….
  7. 7. Some Complex Self Service Sites
  8. 8. Self Service basic requirements• Authentication• Authorization• Integrations to LOB systems
  9. 9. Authentication• Use FBA and Claims based authentication • Variety of user repositories (AD, SQL , even e-directory)• Configure the Security Token Service• Almost zero code• You can always use custom implementation
  10. 10. Authorization• Use Claims Based authentication• Map the users / roles into SP• Security Trimming• Content Targeting
  11. 11. Security trimming
  12. 12. Content targeting
  13. 13. Integrating with LOB systems - Iframes• When?• How?• Single Sign On – be careful with cross domain issues
  14. 14. Integrating with LOB systems - BCS• Use BCS to map external LOB data into SharePoint content type• Enables manage of not complex data• Enjoy benefits of SharePoint lists• Read – Write mode• Can be done with no code - External Content Type(SP Designer)• For more complex scenarios - BCS Connectivity Model (VS 2010)
  15. 15. Integrating with LOB systems – Service Layer• Complex business logic• Another cache level• Aggregation of data• Easy to use protocols : REST , JSON• Expose services to other presentation layers / devices
  16. 16. What’s more?
  17. 17. Social elements• Users generated content – forums , blogs• User Feedback• RSS• Push content to social network
  18. 18. What’s more?• CMS • Control messages to user • Control LOB data values presented to the user • Display personal content to authenticated user • Useful content – FAQ’s , Videos • Search
  19. 19. Controlling user messages
  20. 20. Managing reference data
  21. 21. Map CRM Trio to solve your problem wizard
  22. 22. What’s more?• Mobile • Choose the solution that fits your needs: • Dedicated mobile site • Responsive design • Content adaptation • SharePoint can handle it
  23. 23. Mobile Web• Create and manage your mobile web site directly from SharePoint• Build mobile pages like any other page• Share content between mobile and desktop sites• HTML5 compliant
  24. 24. It is just another site….
  25. 25. Summary• Manage your corporate internet using SharePoint 2010• Enjoy the benefits of unified platform for marketing and self service• SharePoint 2010 gives all core necessary functionality and much more
  26. 26. Q&A
  27. 27. Thank YouShmulik TalShmulikt@realcommerce.co.ilhttp://www.linkedin.com/in/shmuliktalhttp://www.facebook.com/shmuliktal55M: 052-6609239