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/ Laser Hair Removal At A Glance



4th most popular cos
metn,  treatment in 2012
ll mill...
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Laser Hair Removal Treatment At a Glance

Laser hair removal procedure is also very common and is beneficial for everyone both male and female, who wants to remove unwanted hair from different parts of their body. One of the biggest benefits of laser hair removal compared with other hair removal methods is that it is semi-permanent and might become permanent after a few sessions over time. This is why several sessions are recommended over time. Another benefit is that since the hair growth becomes restrained after the procedure, instead of it growing back within weeks like with other techniques, it will take months, which is a good thing. For instance, facial hair removal for women is a must, so if it takes a long time to come back is a good thing and gives them more confident. For some other parts of the body like underarms and bikini line, laser hair removal is more hygienic. And not to forget that having done laser hair removal your skin becomes smoother and feels silkier. The pros of Laser hair removal include its ability to permanently reduce unwanted hair, it is painless, takes a while before the hair grows back, has no side effects. It’s cons, depending on the experience of different people include it being a wee bit costly, has to be done by a qualified and experienced laser technician/therapist, and to see permanent reduction, one has to have a number of sessions. http://www.dubaicosmeticsurgery.com/services/laser-treatments/

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Laser Hair Removal Treatment At a Glance

  1. 1. / Laser Hair Removal At A Glance LASER HAIR REMOVAL AT A GLANCE 4th most popular cos metn, treatment in 2012 ll million Procedtlres performed in 2012 tip 4% from 20 I l ‘ _ H, lt[~, _.1;; l , _,, r_W; ,m.5., »i .3‘, _, mW Popular with both W‘ V “ * W" , 'll lllial . , lj"‘l‘lldll’ '11 ‘1,. g,, ,_, .,g WW (mi , _ women and men “ 1 ” “WW ‘~= i‘lv, lI. lt ~ T Hall ; ;"‘llI"Ill HOW IT WORKS Pulses of 3 laser light Lasers send beams of light The pigment in the hair shaft The light destroys the hair through the skin to target absorbs the light energy and, eventually, the follicle 7‘ ~—. ," , , hair follicles itself )7 t»8g2§, eu¢ surgery Web: www. dubaicosmeticsurgery. com Mail: info@dubaicosmeticsurgerymm