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  1. 1. ACUMEN Qurious Quiz Fest Presents
  2. 2. MOVIE AND TV QUIZ Quiz Master: Shivendra Singh
  3. 3. Rules  26 Questions in total  +1/0 for each question (except in certain cases the marking will be +1/-1)  Hints and clues will be given on request .  Question 10-20 are starred questions and will be used as tie brakers after which sudden death will be used.  Quizmaster’s decision will be FINAL !!
  4. 4. PRELIMS
  5. 5. Question 1. Kate Mara was told from the beginning that her character was going to die eventually . So during the shooting of a particular season in which her character dies she had to keep the new a secret before the season premier . Mara couldn't tell anyone that she wasn't part of the show anymore, so when someone asked her how was the shooting going , she would lie . Give the TV show .
  6. 6. Question 2. A _______, also known as an outtake or boner is a short sequence of a film or video production, usually a deleted scene, containing a mistake made by a member of the cast or crew. It also refers to an error made during a live radio or TV broadcast or news report, usually in terms of misspoken words or technical errors. The term was popularized in the 1950s in a series of record albums entitled Pardon My _______, in which the definition is given thusly by the record series narrator: "Unintended indiscretions before microphone and camera.“ Fill in the blanks
  7. 7. Blooper
  8. 8. Question 3. Identify the painter .
  9. 9. Salman Khan
  10. 10. Question 4. When talking about The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy for the British Book Awards, _____ stated that he chose _____ for his show’s title , because it features prominently in the book. The inspiration for the series was an evening when he took a girlfriend to meet his parents who asked her awkward questions, leading to much embarrassment . The show won an International Emmy in 2002 and 2003, and won a Peabody Award in 2004.It ran for seven seasons totaling 53 episodes. A remake of the show has been made as Comedy Nights with Kapil with similar elements and concept. Just ID the Show.
  11. 11. Question 5. The first episode of FRIENDS (1994-2004), was named, “The First One”, in typical FRIENDS style. However, there are two other names for it. If one of them is “The One Where It All Began” , what is the other one.
  12. 12. The One Where Monica Gets a New Roommate
  13. 13. Question 6. "You are beautifully and perfectly balanced. In you sanity is personified. Do you realize what that means to me? When the criminal sets out to do a crime, his first effort is to deceive. Whom does he seek to deceive? The image in his mind is that of the normal man. There is probably no such thing actually - it is a mathematical abstraction. But you come as near to realizing it as is possible...how does this profit me? Simply in this way. As in a mirror I see reflected in your mind exactly what the criminal wishes me to believe. That is terrifically helpful and suggestive.“ This is famous detective from literary fiction , X talking to his sidekick Y about the sidekick’s involvement in his cases .It is one of the rare instances where X praises Y for his help in his cases as he is often sees as “detestable, bombastic, tiresome, ego-centric little creep". Z is the famous author who created X . Z’sX (example – F.W. Dixon’s Hardy Boys ) is a British television drama that aired on ITV from 8 January 1989 to 13 November 2013 featuring both X and Y. ID X and Y .
  14. 14. X= Hercule Poirot ,Y=Arthur Hastings (Z= Agatha Christie)
  15. 15. Question 7. This Map Shows Famous Movies & TV Shows Set In Each U.S. State Just identify states 1 &2 (0.5 marks for each state)
  16. 16. 1. New Mexico , 2. Nevada
  17. 17. Question 8. X is the only person to feature in the cast of both Ramanand Sagar's "Ramayana" (1986-1988) and B. R. Chopra's 'Mahabharata" (1988-1990). Who is X and what roles did he play in Ramayana and Mahabharata ?
  18. 18. Dara Singh , Hanuman
  19. 19. Question 9. When first shown on TV nobody took this genre of TV series seriously. But few companies like Proctor and Gamble, Colgate-palmolive, and Lever brothers took a risk in sponsoring them. Later it became a great hit and the genre got its name from its sponsors, which is used even today. Identify the name?
  20. 20. *Question 10. X is a class of dice games for two or more players requiring the ability to deceive and detect an opponent's deception. The genre has its roots in South America, with games there being known as Dudo, Cachito, Perudo or Dadinho. In "common hand" X games, each player has a set of dice, all players roll once, and the bids relate to the dice each player can see (their hand) plus all the concealed dice (the other players' hands). In "individual hand" games, there is one set of dice which is passed from player to player. The bids relate to the dice as they are in front of the bidder after selected dice have been re-rolled. X is shown being played in the 2006 film Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest with the stakes being years of undead service aboard the Flying Dutchman under Davy Jones . Give X . (pic on next slide)
  21. 21. *Question 11. Some of the facts related to the TV series X :  The show’s theme song "The Ballad of _____" was used by NASA as the wake-up song for astronaut Robert L. Behnken and the other crewmembers of STS-130 on February 12, 2010.  X consists of a two-hour pilot and thirteen one-hour episodes (with commercials).  The series originally premiered in the United States on Fox in September 2002.The episodes were aired out of the intended order. ID X and fill in the blank.
  22. 22. FireFly , Serenity
  23. 23. *Question 12. A 54-year-old man fainted at a train station, falling off the platform and onto the tracks below. To make matters worse, moments later a freight train rounded the corner and began bearing down on him. Thankfully, a 14-year-old boy came to the man's rescue, bravely jumping down and pulling the man underneath the station platform. But all wasn't fine just yet. As the train went by, the vacuum created by the passing train began to pull the man up towards certain death. But the 14-year-old was ready for this, having learned of this effect from an episode of X . He braced himself and held the man back until the train had completely passed and danger was averted. The 54-year-old thanked the boy, and was admitted to a hospital for treatment of his injuries. The 14-year-old wrote a song about it for his punk-rock band. ID X . (Image on the next page)
  24. 24. *Question 13. X is a Hollywood blockbuster which has probably a no. of greatest Practical Movie Effects of all time .However , the original ending of the movie included a much different plotline as the end . It showed that the main protagonist did not go on to do as was expected . In fact any of the events foretold did not happen at all . Instead the main protagonist became a US senator and had a daughter. Even the narrator of the movie survives and is seen sitting on a bench in the future. However to keep the possibilities of sequel open , the produces changed the endings and removed these scenes altogether . As expected , the movie was a big hit and spawned a couple of sequels. ID the movie .
  25. 25. *Question 14. The author of the original story was in a script-read-through session with the movie’s scriptwriters. The script had a line which had one of the main characters tell another, “I knew a girl once, whose hair…”. The author laughed, wrote a little note in the margin of the script and slid it back to the scriptwriter. This led to a Revelation. These actions resulted in a controversy. After the contents of the note were made public , the author received many angry fan letters showing their disapproval over the matter . What was written in the note ? ( give funda )
  26. 26. Dumbledore’s Gay !! This was the first instance of Rowling publically admitting that he was gay.
  27. 27. *Question 15. X wanted to get an insurance policy from Lloyd's of London to protect himself against losses in the event that extraterrestrial intelligence were discovered before the movie was released. Lloyd's refused. Carl Sagan commented, “ There is no search being performed for extraterrestrial intelligence, and the chances of accidentally stumbling on extraterrestrial intelligence in a few years' period was extremely small. Lloyd's of London missed a good bet.“ ID the movie.
  28. 28. *Question 16. In 2007, 46-year-old Jacqui Gray was one of many contestants in the fourth season of X. Like most talent show contestants, she had little in the way of actual talent. After smirking throughout her entire performance, Cowell(one of the judges) asked Gray the patronizing question, "You have a very weird sounding voice, are you aware of that?" Both he and fellow judge Sharon Osborne suggested that she see a throat specialist, saying that it sounded like "somebody else is in there". Displaying what has to be the world's least attuned sarcasm detector, Gray decided to take the advice of the judges and see a throat specialist. It was then that the doctor diagnosed her with bronchiectasis -- a potentially fatal lung disease Gray now takes medication for her condition and thanks Simon Cowell for saving her life. ID the talent show X.
  29. 29. *Question 17. Here’s the list of the top 10 pirated films of 2014 (TIME Magazine) , along with the number of times they’ve been downloaded: 1. X , 30.035 million 2. Frozen, 29.919 million 3. RoboCop, 29.879 million (including 2014 and 1987 version) 4. Gravity, 29.357 million 5. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, 27.627 million 6. Thor: The Dark World, 25.749 million 7. Captain America: The Winter Soldier, 25.628 million 8. The Legend of Hercules, 25.137 million 9. X-Men: Days of Future Past, 24.380 million 10. 12 Years a Slave, 23.653 million Give X .
  30. 30. *Question 18. “One of my jobs as a young actor starting out was voiceover. I also did dubbing. A lot of dubbing and a lot of voiceover. So foreign films would come in and I’d go in. One of the places that did a lot of that was Saban Entertainment. And they would take movies and then cartoons from all over the world and we’d go and do the English dub. And the Power Rangers came in and I did some voices for that. I had already been there for a number of years, just as a freelance guy coming in and coming out. And it paid like $50.00 an hour, which was fantastic. And you’d work two, three hours at least a day. So I had been there for awhile already and then the Power Rangers came in. They actually named one of the Power Rangers [Blue Ranger] after me.” ID the speaker .
  31. 31. *Question 19. X is a comic book character in the Marvel Comics universe created by writer Steve Gerber and artist Val Mayerik . The character first appeared in Adventure into Fear#19 (Dec. 1973) and several subsequent series have chronicled the misadventures of the ill- tempered "funny animal" trapped on human-dominated Earth. X's adventures are generally social satires, while a few are parodies of genre fiction with a metafictional awareness of the medium. In a film Y (which was one of the highest grossing movies of the year ) , X appears for a brief time ,where he is voiced by Seth Green. ID X and Y.
  32. 32. *Question 20.  Give me the third to complete the exhaustive list.
  33. 33. Leslee Udwin : She produced the documentary India's Daughter and the films West is West and East is East(1999)
  34. 34. Question 21. "Teardrop" is a song by Massive Attack, which was released as a single on 27 April 1998. It is the second single off their third album, Mezzanine. The song became another UK hit for the group, peaking at number 10 on the UK Singles Chart. The song features vocals by Elizabeth Fraser of the Cocteau Twins. However this song has a very popular Television connect . Give funda .
  35. 35. Question 22. Shown in the next slide is the opening sequence of a currently running, popular “historical” TV series . ID the show.
  36. 36. Question 23. X by Wojciech Kilar is one of the most iconic theme music of all times .It shares its name with the title of the movie (1990’s) .It is one of the most reused themes as well because the theme has been used in dozens of trailers, including 12 Monkeys, Pirates of the Caribbean, Demolition Man, Underworld and What Lies Beneath. Ironically, the Stargate trailer uses this theme, although the soundtrack for Stargate itself is reused dozens of times in other trailers . The movie is about somebody who , as of 2009, has featured in an estimated 217 films a major role. ID the movie or the theme.
  37. 37. Question 24. X is a 2009 short film depicting the battles of World War II. The film was shown in 4-D, and includes archive footage and special effects. The short, produced and narrated by Tom Hanks and directed by David Briggs, was released 9 November 2009 and was shown solely in The National World War II Museum, New Orleans. It was designed purely for the Solomon Victory Theater within the museum, and was only shown in this one location. The movie shares its name from the 2013 documentary .The documentary is about three ordinary Indians seek their salvation/escape from a difficult life through their passion for cricket as India hosts the 2011 World Cup of Cricket. ID the Documentary / Short film. (clip from documentary on next slide )
  38. 38. Question 25. X is the original name of a piece of incidental music that was composed by Charlie Clouser for the first installment in the ___ film series. The piece's appearance in the first film was timed to bring a dramatic tone to the end of the film, in which the primary antagonist, named ___ , is revealed to actually be a victim of the real antagonist . As the series continued, the piece was reused in all the films, often being renamed and remixed to accommodate the changing situations and characters in each film. The song, which is written in the key of D minor, is now the theme of the entire series. Give X .
  39. 39. Hello Zepp
  40. 40. Question 26. Identify these movies , parodied by LEGO +0.5 for each correct answer (extra +1.5 if you get all correct)
  41. 41. A)
  42. 42. American Beauty (1999)
  43. 43. B)
  44. 44. The Graduate (1967)
  45. 45. C)
  46. 46. Inception (2010)
  47. 47. D)
  48. 48. The Matrix (1999)
  49. 49. E)
  50. 50. The Good The Bad And The Ugly (1966)
  51. 51. F)
  52. 52. Ghostbusters (1984)
  53. 53. G)
  54. 54. 2001 : A Space Odyssey (1968)
  55. 55. SEE YOU IN THE FINALS !!