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Floriculture unit & flowers from bulbs

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Floriculture unit & flowers from bulbs

  1. 1. Hyacinth• Availability: November-April• Color: purple, white, blue, red, pink, yellow, and apricot• Fragrance is strong, especially in warmer temperatures• Large mass flower:• Works particularly well in combination with other spring flowers in vegetative or parallel designs.• Individual florets can be used for bridal, boutonniere, or corsage work.• Longevity: days 4-7• Sold by: Stem• Cost: $1.50
  2. 2. Narcissus - Daffodil• Availability: November-April• Color: yellow, white, cream, orange, and bicolors• Do not recut stems when using in combination with other flowers in vase designs; condition alone, since sap secreted when cut is harmful to other flowers.• Medium form flower: Trumpet-shaped form adds emphasis and mass to both traditional and contemporary designs.• Longevity: days 4-6• Sold by bunch• $6.50/bu• Since stems are very soft, use special foam or make holes with a tube.
  3. 3. Paperwhite• Genus: Narcissus• Availability: November – March• Color White• Fragrant, forced into bloom as a potted plant, prefers cooler temperatures• Small mass flower – clustered flower head is used to add mass• Longevity – 3-5 as a cut flower, longer as a potted plant• Usually not sold as a cut flower
  4. 4. TuberosePolianthes• Available: Feb – Nov• Color: White• Fragrance is strong; Flower has a tubular appearance• Large Line flower useful for line-mass arrangements. Individual florets may be used for corsages• Longevity: 1-2 weeks• Sold by bunch 10 - $13.50
  5. 5. TulipTulipa• Availability: November-May• Color: red, yellow, purple, pink, orange, peach, white, and bicolors• Stem continues to lengthen or “grow” even after being placed into designs• Many hybrids and cultivars are available, some with fringed or striped sepals or petals.• Medium mass flower: works best in combination with other spring flowers• Popular in white and red during the winter holiday season.• Longevity: days 3-7
  6. 6. Types of Tulips• Single • Fringed• Double • Parrot• Lily • Viridiflora