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Thought Leadership Session - Feedback - Shravan

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Thought Leadership Session - Feedback - Shravan

  1. 1. FEEDBACK FROM A “THOUGHT LEADERSHIP SESSION” by SHRAVAN SHETTY in JUNE 2013 ‘Failure is a stepping stone of success’ - At first glance we don’t get the real meaning of it– it merely means “Next to trying and winning, the best thing is trying and failing”. Shravan’s session on ATELOPHOBIA was an audience delight that Friday morning. He took us through the amazing “FAILURE” journey. His story telling ability complemented with his life experience filled the session with lot of humor and made it interesting throughout. Being a Ted lover, I enjoyed every instance quoted and agreed to almost all points bought out to the discussion. Take away from the session for me was “You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don't try..” -Deepak Mahishi, Project Manager ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ‘Atelophobia’ – not a word that I was familiar with, though the feeling wasn’t something New – it was very much a part of each of our lives! The thought of ‘FAILURE’ or not being good enough which hinders our attempts and perseverance, is merely one of those fears we confront often. And yet, none of us take some time to understand what’s pulling us down! For some of us, I’m sure Shravan’s talk was a subtle revelation and a very refreshing one – he shared that perspective about ‘FAILURE’ which most of us choose not to accept, owing to the social stigma it brings with it. In short, I would say Shravan had a good compilation for us - blended in the right dose to have his message hit everyone’s consciousness hard enough! Thank you! -Vishwas Veerajappa, Senior program manager ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shravan’s talk was an eye opener, truly admired his story, focus and preparation, now I am more determined than ever to overcome atelophobia! -Chethan Urs, Assistant Project Manager ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shravan’s talk was purely content driven. His talk emphasized on barriers that every single one of us face . Simple ,yet his words can reach the bottom of one’s perception. We found the session very engrossing. Shravan has a stage demeanor which is unique to himself. Eye opener for most. Motivating to all. -Abhishek Despande, Team lead ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. 2. It was our pleasure to have you here Shravan, The team thoroughly enjoyed the session and felt good end of it. Overall it was quite an inspiring session I am sure, the message was strong and clear, the instances , the experience was good Rupa Varadarajan , Associate Director ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shravan, Thank you. Yours was a great session, thoroughly enjoyed it in terms of the delivery and content. It came across as very genuine as it was based on your first hand experience and not very bookish or someone else’s life. That was the strength of it. I am sure the teams loved it as it was pretty simple at the same time profound and insightful. Sudhakar Paragiri, VP , Global Delivery -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Your talk was excellent. Topic is extremely relevant as the biggest roadblock for our growth as I see is the unwillingness to take risk and Fear of failure seems to be at the core of it. You hit all the right points. Even if 2-3 people take some action based on your talk, it would make a huge difference for the individual and to the organization.! Ravi Kumar , Senior Vice President Victory loves Preparation” the mantra Shravan left behind with all of us. Firstly, I want to thank Shravan for presiding over the event as a guest speaker at our annual event at Bangalore. His talk about Fear, Failure and Preparation was motivating and an eye opener to all. He has a rare ability to keep his talk simple yet so deep in meaning. I feel the experiences Shravan shared with us will surely make an impact and take us a long way. As challenging as it is, Shravan has a knack in dealing with one’s perception towards life in general. He can easily connect with people. I really look forward for Shravan’s collaboration at company and on a personal level. Puneeth , Software Engineer