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Recommendation by EYF CSR City coordinator

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Recommendation by EYF CSR City coordinator

  1. 1. Letter of Recommendation This letter is my formal recommendation for Shravan Shetty. Shravan Shetty is associated as an External Consultant for Ernst & Young Foundation’s s Student Scholarship Program. He has facilitated several programs in Bangalore on personal effectiveness for students studying in Government and aided schools. Shravan is a good facilitator; he has a clear understanding of the methodology and the goals of our modules. He is sensitive to the feelings of students, relates to students’ life experiences and is able to successfully bring about collaborative learning in his sessions. His ability to listen, tact in dealing with emotional situations in sessions with respect, sense of humour , flexibility to evaluate a group’s needs in each session and a sense of timing had made these sessions meaningful and memorable for our students. Shravan has developed content and creative presentations/ modules on Career Guidance and Study Skill for our scholars. Shravan’s creativity, resourcefulness, ability to understand things from student’s perspective and research appropriate illustrations and photographic reference materials, develop content and ability to see a project through has really made these presentations distinctive and successful. His ability to adapt to changing situations and opportunities, draw from learning’s of co- facilitators, provide useful timely feedback on sessions facilitated and a personal commitment to every project he undertakes, are his biggest strengths. I would highly recommend Shravan Shetty and he would make a great asset to the Learning and Development team of any organization. CITY COORDINATOR , EYF Samarth Program, Bangalore , 2011-2013