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Mrd hack day intro for data.bris

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Introductory slides for data.bris at MRD Hackday 2012.

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  • Free Download : http://gg.gg/114bb

    Hey Guyz and girls, Today I am gonna show you perfact tool, Remember This video is old, But the download link with hack is brand new. Its very simple to using this tool and here are some instructions in video. Please REDOWNLOAD. Don't Forget to Comment Subscribe & Rate My Video :)

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Mrd hack day intro for data.bris

  1. 1. data.brisDamian Steer, ILRT, University of BristolMRD Hack Days, 3rd May, 2012
  2. 2. Research Data✤ Researchers care about traditional outputs: publications, etc✤ But outputs are backed by data (broadly conceived)✤ There is a push to make all products of research available and citable✤ PURE doesn’t support it Loading the Drobo by Tim Wilson http://www.flickr.com/photos/timwilson/3350788000/
  3. 3. Bristol Clusters✤ High Performance Computing (BlueCrystal)✤ Storage (BluePeta)✤ Have created a storage service
  4. 4. RDSF✤ Research projects can apply for storage to board✤ Assign a data steward (typically PI)✤ 5TB is free✤ Many are already using it, including arts and humanities researchers✤ Datasets are big
  5. 5. The InterfaceMinimal! CIFS or NFS
  6. 6. data.bris✤ JISC Funded✤ Put an interface on some of that✤ Make deposits✤ With metadata✤ Then publish with DOI etc✤ Mostly and RDF backend with Rails front end
  7. 7. What I’mthinking about✤ Making this easy for researchers✤ Metadata✤ Adding sword (maybe?)✤ Datacite✤ Working with PURE✤ Packaging datasets