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Social Media 101: Choose the Best Platforms for Your Business

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Social Media 101: Choose the Best Platforms for Your Business

Understanding social platforms and choosing the right one for your business can be overwhelming. This presentation is a basic overview of the most used platforms, user statistics on each, and tips to leverage one or more for your business.

Understanding social platforms and choosing the right one for your business can be overwhelming. This presentation is a basic overview of the most used platforms, user statistics on each, and tips to leverage one or more for your business.


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Social Media 101: Choose the Best Platforms for Your Business

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA 101 Choosing the Best Platforms for Your Business Esta H. Singer p: 732-807-5027 esta@sheconsulting.com
  2. 2. Let’s face it. The world of social media is daunting. Just when we figured out how to use one platform, another pops up, or something more has been added to alter our network experience, something else we need to learn. Where to start?
  3. 3. Do I Need to Be on Every Social Network? No. Having a presence on every social network could drain you of time and return. However, choosing the right networks can save you time, and earn you the growth you’re looking to achieve.
  4. 4. Online Presence Many businesses think if they’re on every network, their business will see results. You guessed it, not true. Every business is vying for the same attention. You only have presence if people know you’re there. This can only happen by building relationships.
  6. 6. Hubspot
  7. 7. Information directed “at” people in hopes of grabbing their attention, and motivating them to reach out to you. Information shared “with” people for purpose of building relationships, trust and thought leadership. PAST NOW HubSpot
  8. 8. There is No Perfect Formula
  9. 9. ● What outsourcing is needed? Design, development, content management, brand monitoring, audience research ● Find tools to automate processes - Ping.fm - Hootsuite - Tweetdeck OTHER BLOGS BLOG NEWSLETTER FACEBOO K TWITTER Start with Platforms You Can Actively Maintain
  11. 11. In a rush to grab attention on every network many businesses fail to recognizing their audience. Choosing the right social networks for your business is vital to your social planning. Who uses your products or services? Is it soccer moms, senior citizens, middle-class, people in New England?
  12. 12. Platform Activity: Men VS Women
  13. 13. “Each month 40 million more women than men.” Twitter
  15. 15. Integrated Marketing delivers a consistent brand messaging across both traditional and nontraditional media platforms.
  16. 16. FACEBOOK
  17. 17. B2B VS B2C
  18. 18. Visually Driven Products
  19. 19. B2C
  20. 20. B2C companies reach higher engagement with promotions.
  21. 21. Best Engagement Times B2B vs B2C
  22. 22. TWITTER
  23. 23. Twitter has to be taken seriously. 1. There are now over 550 million registered users 2. 34% of marketers use Twitter to successfully generate leads 3. Twitter has the fastest growing network with 44% growth from 2012-2013 with 215 million active users Twitter is About Creating Buzz
  24. 24. B2B
  25. 25. B2B Customer Acquisition
  26. 26. Small Business More Connected
  27. 27. CEO’S
  28. 28. CEO’s: Twitter vs Google+
  29. 29. PINTEREST
  30. 30. Pinterest’s users are: 68% Female 28% are well-off On the site for 16 minutes per visit 50% with children Most likely to be 25-34 years old (27%) *Digital advertising agency Modea,
  31. 31. 92% of Pinterest Pins are Made by Women
  32. 32. Pinterest ROI
  33. 33. INSTAGRAM
  34. 34. Instagram is increasingly important in the social media scene, with over 75% of leading brands already present on the platform. Businesses using Instagram can communicate through the use of images and, like all social media, it can be used to help build a brand awareness. Businesses Benefit from Sharing Life Experience
  35. 35. 1. Use Link in Your Bio 2. Use Appealing Images: Behind scenes, tips, advice 3. Use Creative Videos 4. Use #Hashtags 5. Use Exclusive Content: promotions 6. Be Active and Engaging 7. Have a Strategy! 7 Ways to Generate Traffic
  36. 36. GOOGLE +
  37. 37. Nearly 68% of Google Plus users are male,
  38. 38. Google+ and Business
  39. 39. Google counts number of links to your business site and determines how authoritative your website is. ● When another website links to your own site, Google awards you “SEO points” for being a place that someone else found interesting, helpful or relevant. The more popular site that links to you, the better.
  40. 40. Everything you post on G+ is immediately indexed by Google. This is huge for companies because the websites that appear on the first page of Google, and especially in the first few positions, get 54.8% of all clicks from users, Optify.
  41. 41. LINKEDIN
  42. 42. More than any other social network, should be major focus of business marketers, particularly B2B. It is the single largest contributor to leads. How are leads generated from LinkedIn? By distributing content, both original and curated.
  43. 43. Social Summary Best Practices
  44. 44. BLOGGING
  45. 45. Blogger VS Wordpress
  46. 46. SEO and Headline
  47. 47. Headline Formula
  48. 48. “Pinnable”
  49. 49. Triberr is a social network for bloggers. ● The idea is to find other bloggers who write about same topics. These writers group up in a tribe. Whenever one blogger writes a post, others read, comment and share it with their social networks. ● Aggregating is an easy to ready news feed, and scheduling sharing throughout the day.
  51. 51. So, while social networks are vital for establishing an online presence, the primary reason to build relationships using social media platforms is to drive people to your website, to turn visitors into leads, and leads into customers. HubSpot
  52. 52. It is essential that you know your users, and why they visit your site.
  53. 53. Buyer personas are research-based archetypal representations of whom buyers are, what they are trying to accomplish, what goals drive their behavior, how they think, how they buy, and why they make buying decisions. Tony Zambito
  54. 54. The advantage of having personas crafted is they clearly define your target customer(s) and lets you better tailor your messages to people you want to buy.
  55. 55. Think about how you can use social media to solve your customers’ problems.
  56. 56. Building Blocks
  58. 58. “Content is currency - something we trade for our audience’s attention.” - Frank Strong
  59. 59. Content marketing is an umbrella term encompassing all formats involving the creation and sharing of content in order to engage current and potential customers. Delivering high quality, relevant and valuable content drives profitable consumer action. Content marketing has benefits in terms of retaining attention and improving brand loyalty. Source: Wikipedia
  60. 60. Content Curation
  61. 61. Pay Attention to Process
  62. 62. Post Daily
  63. 63. Metrics and Analytics
  64. 64. So you’re putting in all of this effort to choose the right platform for your business, and creating relevant content however, is it making a difference?
  65. 65. Measurement Platforms
  67. 67. Ultimate Metric
  68. 68. Presentation Sources
  69. 69. Think back. Do you recall making a picture you couldn't see until finished by connecting dots? This is what I do. I work with you to create a unique business vision, then present that image to the world. Ultimately, your website's goal is turn visitors into leads, leads into clients, and clients into brand advocates. Dots connecting dots. This is how digital strategy works, opening up and expanding your picture beyond page borders. s.h.e. CONSULTING You provide the dots, I’ll create your digital mark.
  70. 70. www.sheconsulting.com p: 732-807-5027 esta@sheconsulting.com Connect with Me! Follow me! Twitter @sheconsulting Linkedin.com/in/sheconsulting Pinterest.com/sheconsulting Instagram.com/estaphotography Facebook.com/esta.photography