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Reading and writing juniors

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Reading and writing juniors

  1. 1. Increase the potential in learning when using iPads. This is not about the best reading book app to use but how to use the iPad as a teaching tool, an independent or collaborative tool, and a creative tool. Find out how I used iPads in a 2 week teaching experience with a 1-1 class and hear about how other teachers are using them in their rooms. Creative ways to use iPads in Reading and Writing © Jacqui Sharp 2013
  2. 2. iPad and iPod Touch • Each take a turn at reading part of the story and record your voice Buddy read • Record yourself reading your speech and listen to it back again Speech Writing • Read your story and listen to the puppet say it back, could you hear if you used the right punctuation? Proof read your story by hearing it
  3. 3. iPad only • Reading activities, Writing frameworks Graphic Organisers • Organise your thoughts and ideas with pictures and words Mindmapping • Sort, compare, contrast Supergroupers
  4. 4. iPad only • Start with the characters name in the middle, add one describing word from the book • Add synonyms, check that they will fit with the context of the story • Add a note to each synonym with the word in a sentence that is in context with the story Looking for synonyms http://ipadsipodsdevicesineducation.blogspot.co.nz/2 012/05/demo-lesson-with-inspiration-reading.html
  5. 5. iPad only • Export to iBooks so students can read it like a book Write a class daily entry • The more fluent writers could write their own journals Each child could have their own journal http://ipadsipodsdevicesi neducation.blogspot.co.n z/2012/11/starting- younger-children- reflecting.html
  6. 6. iPad only • Create a scene print out or add to another app like Book Creator and add text Create a story
  7. 7. iPad only • Add student voice, movies, photos and text • Export to iBooks so students can read it like a book Publish a multimedia book • Like Felt Board, Art Maker, Puppet Pals Use with other apps http://ipadsip odsdevicesine ducation.blogs pot.co.nz/201 3/01/create- multimedia- book-with- book- creator.html#. UkjWxLw6R68
  8. 8. iPad only • Have students record themselves writing, identify which letters are incorrectly formed Letter formation • How many words do you know that start with the letter ? • Write all the words on this page that start with the blend ? Add endings to words
  9. 9. iPad only • Take a photo of a page in a book and ask students to circle or underline features of text Find plurals, circle in red • Take a photo of a character in a book and add descriptive words, make voice comments Character Description
  10. 10. • Access photos from iPad and internet and add to your collage, add text and stickers Publish your story • Take a photo of a character in a book and add descriptive words from the text Character Description iPad and iPod Touch
  11. 11. • Pictures could be created in other apps like Paint & Create Publish your stories • Take a photo of a character in a book and add descriptive words Character Description Create Posters iPad and iPod Touch http://ipadsipodsdevicesined ucation.blogspot.co.nz/2012 /06/photo-and-text-apps- 1.html
  12. 12. • You cannot change fonts or size or add any pictures, distraction free • Miss 1-2 lines after you have typed on a line, when printed out, editing marks can go on those empty lines Type your stories • More fun then writing them out on paper Practise your spelling words iPad and iPod Touch http://ipadsipodsdevicesinedu cation.blogspot.co.nz/2012/06 /notes.html
  13. 13. • Use the drawing tools to make a book cover, add the title, author and illustrator Make a Book Cover • Use the drawing apps to draw scenes and characters from the book Draw scenes from a story iPad and iPod Touch http://ipadsipo dsdevicesinedu cation.blogspo t.co.nz/2012/0 8/book- reviews-with- ipads-and- google- docs.html
  14. 14. • Add text, URL, or movie links to the scene and tell us more about the book Take a photo of a scene from the book iPad and iPod Touch http://www.thinglin k.com/scene/44111 7490244747264
  15. 15. • Record your voice reading the story • Add the instruments one by one to make sound effects or to provide background music • Share by sending to YouTube or iTunes Make an Audiobook iPad and iPod Touch
  16. 16. • If you have the full version you can take or use photos and cut out people to use as puppets • Record your voices telling the story • Share to YouTube and embed on class website • Save as a movie and upload to Book Creator Publish your story • All members of the group have a character and read their part of the play and move the character at the same time Record a Journal Story iPad and iPod Touch
  17. 17. Writing Toolkit Computer iPad/iPod Touch Other Tools Drafting Publishing
  18. 18. Writers Toolkit Computer Online iPad/iPod Touch Other Tools Drafting Publishing
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