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Augmented reality

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Augmented reality

  1. 1. Augmented Reality The future of computer interfacing or dangerous gimmick?
  2. 2. Contents • What is Augmented Reality? • How is AR used today? • How could it be used in the future? • What are the safety implications? • What are the social implications?
  3. 3. AR… • Do you remember the scouter for Dragon Ball Z? • Are you aware the head-up display is a form of AR?
  4. 4. An Introduction to AR • Augmentation means to either add or supplement something. • Augmentation is a real –time element that is in relation to environmental real world elements. • AR has many potential and current services available to many businesses and people. • AR is a growing application and is only going to get bigger and better.
  5. 5. AR examples
  6. 6. AR Now Current uses for AR
  7. 7. Google - Project Glass • Project glass is effectively a smart pair of glasses with an integrated HUD and a battery hidden inside the frame. • Approached Google for information but they cannot discuss any aspect of the design.
  8. 8. Google - Project Glass
  9. 9. Navigation • GPS Systems. • One example of implementing augmented reality into Navigation is Wikitude Drive.
  10. 10. Tourism • There are a number of applications for augmented reality in the tourism industry. • Interactive Kiosk.
  11. 11. Military • Military applications of augmented reality are probably amongst the most well known. They include; • HUD (Heads-Up Display) • HMD (Head Mounted Display)
  12. 12. Gaming • With recent advances in computing technology and power, applications of augmented reality in the gaming sector are on the rise. • Zombie ShootAR • Ingress
  13. 13. Maintenance and Repair • Augmented reality enables mechanics to use a head worn display to aid them in the maintenance/repair process.
  14. 14. Advertising and Promotion • VW implement augmented reality in their Beetle Advertising. • Avatar
  15. 15. Medical • Neurosurgery is at the pinnacle when it comes to medical applications for augmented reality. Augmented reality can be used for; • Augmenting patients brain • Training Medical Students
  16. 16. Safety and AR Just how safe is it?
  17. 17. Safety & AR • Safety is massive issue in technology. • Whether Pro or Con. • Augmented reality no exception.
  18. 18. Pro’s • Already a market for compensatory vision and hearing. • Market worth more that $10 Billion a year. • Imagine a device that lets you zoom in or increases hearing • Imagine the impact on someone already impaired • The idea of “Super Man Senses”
  19. 19. Pro’s • Medical applications • Massive potential with AR • Easy reference to aid diagnosis • Showing chart or vitals from facial recognition?
  20. 20. Pro’s • Safety and Driving. • Up-to-date stream of information • Tells you about accidents in a radius of your vehicle. • Same with natural disasters or oil . • The “Sat-Nav” could perform more than just simply a set of directions to tell you where to go!
  21. 21. Con’s • Having a number of health issues I get the brunt of a lot of technology. • My current bane is 3D Tech. • Soon it seems, it might be AR.
  22. 22. Con’s • Distractions are going to be one of the things which will plague AR. • Wearing an AR device, you may be assailed by many kinds of information. Advertisements are already everywhere. • When companies can have them in front of your eyes, why wouldn‟t they?
  23. 23. Con’s
  24. 24. Con’s • 3D Technology can cause migraines. • Flashing lights on games can cause epilepsy. • Augmented Reality could mix both issues. • Health issues grow when mixed with social issues. • Imagine your health status on display for some conditions? • Employers, people in the street, nothing will be private.
  25. 25. Social and Privacy How will AR affect our personal lives?
  26. 26. Taking an AR walk
  27. 27. Privacy • Targeted advertising can be used in new ways. • Public information is easier to link to a person. • Information held about us may colour how others interact with us. • Criminals can use public information in new ways to aid crime.
  28. 28. Social Impact • More pressure to be „Always On‟ • May shape our first impressions of others • May help shape our shopping habits • Fear of what others know about us may inhibit social interaction
  29. 29. Too early to tell? • Personal AR not yet available • 2 views exist, Google‟s utopian view and critics dystopian view • No doubt there are useful applications but there are just as many bad • You have seen just a few here from both sides • We will leave you to decide which side of the fence you sit on
  30. 30. Two views • The following links are first to the view of what project glass is hoping to achieve, the second a mockup of how far augmented reality could go without regulation. • Click here to take a look at Project Glass • Click here for an extreme AR example
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Hinweis der Redaktion

  • What is AR?“This presentation will give you an insight of what AR is and what it has to offer you as users, may it be young, middle aged or even old.SO let’s get started
  • CONTENTS SLIDE: Explain the contents of the presentation…
  • Do you remember the scouter from DBZ (Dragon ball Z), well this image (the device on his eye), is based off of AR technology. Funny enough this cartoon is over 10 year’s old yh...But the device on his eye known as a scouter is displaying real time information to him about what the device is receiving about other people (in this case a power level). The point is that he is using AR to augment the real world, via technology to gain additional information that was previously unavailable.Or do you play video games.Well this image is one of Call of duty, an as you can see the screen also known as a HUD, is present.This is also another form of AR, whereas if you were really in that situation the information around the perimeter of the screen would not be available to you, but with the power of AR this information can then be displayed using form of technology may it be glasses or a helmet. But this image is being used to help you understand on a more grounded level.
  • Augmented Reality is a new and developing type of technology that combines elements of both real world, the virtual world, elements of enhanced graphic user interfaces, but most importantly AUGEMTATION.Explain each Bullet point on the page…Explain- AR is currently developing within more forms of technology, and is increasingly becoming more popular within the market. More companies are willing to spend money to develop AR technologies. For example GOOGLE, SONY and Nintendo have already begun to invest and build upon AR in 2012/13 already.This therefore means that AR is on the rise and can only get bigger with these huge companies at the spearhead of development.
  • Each picture will have some text with it…Explain each picture as it comes up…
  • This is Google&apos;s attempt to make wearable computing mainstream.The list of possible uses of this technology is endless, but according to Google, you’ll have the ability to find your way around using sat nav, know when businesses are closed, to take and share photographs and much more.Stephen had contacted Google to ask for information about the project in order to aid our presentation, but they were unable to discuss any aspect of the future development of the project.
  • Some images of Google glass. Can see the overlay that would be visible to the wearer.
  • GPS Systems are now starting to use augmented reality to make it easier for us to get from point A to point B. Wikitude is an app for Android that uses the phones camera in combination with the GPS to provide the user with a live view of what is in front of the car with the selected route overlaid.This technology is great in theory, but there have been complaints that the drain on battery life far outweighs the actual practicality of the application.
  • Total Immersion, a global leader in augmented reality have developed an “interactive kiosk” for museums. The Interactive Kiosk enables users to interact with a 3d display, the user chooses from a selection of cards, i.e. an ancient relic and holds it up to the screen. On screen a perfect 3D representation of the relic is displayed, allowing the user to interact with it as if it were a real object.
  • The Heads-Up Display (HUD) is the most common form of augmented reality when it comes to military applications. A transparent display is positioned in the pilots view, this then augments data such as altitude, speed and the horizon line. The term “heads-up” originates from the fact that the pilot doesn’t have to look down at the mechanical instruments to get the data they need. Now this improves the overall safety of the pilot as they aren’t having to physically look down to get the data they need.Another application used in the Military is the Head-Mounted Display (HMD). This involves wearing a big headset, which can then display critical data such as enemy locations to the soldier. This technology is mainly used for training/simulation purposes as it isn’t practical for soldiers to be wearing big headsets on the battlefield.
  • One such application is Zombie ShootAR from Metaio. This game enables users to use their mobile device to shoot zombies crawling around anywhere. The zombies are superimposed on the mobile device in this first person shooter.Ingress by Google is another example of implementing augmented reality into the gaming sector. Ingress has players fighting for control of real-world landmarks or monuments (referred to in game as portals) in their cities. In the game real-world objects are annotated with a virtual layer of information that is displayed on a smartphone&apos;s camera.
  • Head worn display displays superimposed imagery and information in the mechanics actual line of sight. Critical parts can be highlighted, making the mechanics job easier and potentially a lot safer. This technology could also potentially save businesses a lot of money, as parts could be checked for compatibility etc before they’ve even been purchased.This technology can also be used to train technicians which significantly reduces training costs.
  • The promotional campaign for James Cameron’s Avatar pushed augmented reality like never before.Toys for the film included a card that could be read by a webcam. When held up to a webcam the result is an augmented reality character that comes to life on your computer screen.Beetle billboards in Canada come to life in conjunction with the VWJuicedUp app. The user simply points their mobile device at the billboard and the car jumps to life.Businesses are slowly starting to utilise this technology, this is purely down to the cost of implementing it.
  • The ability to augment a patient’s brain in 3D on top of the patient’s actual anatomy is very powerful for surgeons, it gives them a full 360 view of the brain without having to operate.Other medical uses include enabling medical students to practice surgery in a controlled environment. Augmented reality can also be used in conjunction with MRI and X-Ray systems to bring everything into one view for the surgeon.
  • Safety is a massive issue in all lines of technology. Whether it is a Pro or a Con and Augmented reality has more than a few itself.
  • There is already a market for compensatory vision and hearing and its worth more that $10 Billion a year. A device that lets you zoom in, increases hearing... These are things anyone would love. Let alone someone who relies on a hearing aid. The idea of “Super Man Senses” Contacts that could increase vision as well as correct it, can zoom in to something you want to view closer. Hearing aids that allow you to hear things in a different room. For people who find every day tasks hard to understand, each task could come with in built instructions that come up on your screen. Or if you are busy looking at something, have it come over the speakers.http://mhealthinsight.com/2012/06/13/augmented-reality-superman-senses-and-what-if-you-could-have-more-in-that-same-view/?utm_source=dlvr.it&amp;utm_medium=twitter
  • Medical applications These are huge when it comes to AR from easy Reference (no doctor can remember every book from medical school!) to showing a patients chart or vitals with a quick look at their face?Paramedics on scene, patient face pulls up all the records they need, less chances of allergic reactions and no need to mess around with medicalerts. An instant connection linked with some patients file at their GP. http://justintylerwiley.com/post/576726012/mobile-health-augmented-reality-workshop-may
  • Safety and Driving. The idea of a constantly up-to-date stream of information that tells you about every accident in a radius of your vehicle. Same with natural disasters or slicks on roads. The “Sat-Nav” could perform more that just a simply set of directions to tell you where to go!
  • The bit I find a lot easier. Having a number of health issues I get the brunt of a lot of technology. My current bane being 3D Tech. Soon it seems, it might be AR.
  • Distractions are going to be one of the things which will plague AR. Wearing a pair of google glasses, or any other AR device, you are going to be assailed by information of many kinds. Advertisements are absolutely everywhere, when companies can have them in front of your eyes? Why not.If you are following directions you are relying on maps which can be out of date. I worked in car insurance and had at least 1 claim a week which was “I was following the sat nav and it directed me down a road, it turned out to be 1 way and I had a head on crash” or something similar. Sat-navs are followed blindly by some people... that’s just a small screen on the dashboard.. its not a full screen of information and adds.Pic on next slide
  • &gt; Health IssuesThis is the massive issue when it comes to AR. If it is glasses or contact lenses they are directly in front of your face. People with issues with their eyes are at an automatic disadvantage. If your eyes focus at different points will every device be designed to math different people. Other issues such as migraines and even Epilepsy? People with migraines can be triggered at random, no warning at all. Some adds flash, especially pop ups! If a pop up jumps up on your screen as you went for a “free version” of an app which comes with compulsory adds... it flashes and you could have a seizure or a migraine. Which can cause temporary blindness, having this happen in the middle of a road? Disaster.Link in – Social. Branding for certain conditions you may not wise everyone knowing. Everyone in the street knowing if you have HIV or Cancer? It can change peoples conceptions of you.
  • To take a look, lets take a walk down colchester high street
  • Targeted advertising based on our location, might entice us with discountAgain targeted but this time based on our browsing historyBrand recognition advert, knows you are a student and offers discount accordinglyBrand recognition again, knows mobile contract has run outSexual abuse, based on real app, how would you now view this personCheat, what moral situation are you in now?Young girl, difficult moral situation, would you prefer not to know?Mugging target, bought expensive phone, prime targetEmpty house, know owner on holiday
  • We saw advertising based on geographical location, web browsing history, corporate data held. Some give discounts which is a bonus for us, others may be intrusive. If we turn them off will we miss out?Face recognition will now allow people to put a face to the information, if we have a history we would rather people not know about we may no longer be able to hide it as easily. Think of the man who was on the sex offender register, how long ago? was that his daughter? What did you think of him when you saw that? Was it fair?Could increase the risk of mugging, locates a house that is empty
  • We no longer have the excuse that we didn’t hear the phone or couldn’t get to it in timeWe can be coerced by special offers and on the spot discounts as well as things that companies know we want from our browsing historyThe public information available about us and others can affect our first impressions, think of the young girl we saw and the cheating man. Would we think differently about them if we had not seen that information?
  • This will be heavily dependant on regulation, especially with regards to ethical use, breaches of privacyPrice may exclude this tech from many people and it will become an elitist toy as with the early mobile phones
  • If no questions, ask if people would like to see these