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Caffeine slide show final

  1. “ I feel like I depend on Coffee to keep my chipper mood. I have friends and professors who are able to gauge if I had my cup of coffee in the morning or not,” says University of Denver Courtney Smith
  2. Beans is a student run café that is located in the middle of campus. Beans has become a happening location, serving over a 100 happy caffeine consuming customers a day.
  3. “The one thing that I do love about Coffee on the University of Denver’s campus is that it always seems to bring people together,” states Goetz after reflecting on the amount of time that she spends in the student run coffee shop Beans.
  4. “Coffee is not just a drink. It is a culture here on Campus”, states Smith.
  5. The average to moderate healthy intake of caffeine is approximately 300mg, which looks like 3 cups of coffee or 4 cups of tea.
  6. University of Denver students drink on average 2-5 cups of coffee a day to keep up with their rigorous academic and social schedules
  7. Beans employees love being a part of something successful that people love and support constantly.
  8. Coffee Art has become a new trend surfacing across all Social Media platforms
  9. The floor mat that hundreds of feet walk over entering the caffeine capital on campus
  10. Beans has become the hip place to hangout and get some homework done while socializing with friends.
  11. “It is definitely a love hate relationship. I can’t live with it because I get the jitters, but I cannot live without it because I get terrible headaches,” says Smith, “But I guess that is the price I am going to have to pay if I want to succeed.”