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COMICS | Super WeChat - Let's face it, girl!

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WeChat (Tencent) is the most popular messaging APP in China with 400 million users. Often referred to as the Chinese WhatsApp, WeChat goes far beyond messaging. This fast rising platform can be compared to a Swiss army knife: a functional multi-tool with an integrated online payment service for users. Without ever leaving the APP, users can chat, share, play game, do shopping, hail a cab, to name but a few. In China, digital communication converges on WeChat and brands must catch this opportunity to reach out to people.
So, as a brand, how to integrate WeChat into your marketing mix? How can WeChat be used efficiently as a marketing tool and answer customers needs and desires? We created comics representing simple daily-life situations in which WeChat is a super hero, always here at your service, adding value to your life at every opportunity.

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COMICS | Super WeChat - Let's face it, girl!

  1. 1. SUPER WECHAT let's face it, girl! JULY, 2014 12 6 39 Huh?! 12 6 39 nooooo!!! 12 6 39 nooooo!!! I’m late! ‘ boo-ho000ooo what am i gonna doooo!?! boo-ho000ooo doooo!?! UNCLEADope comics 12 6 39 voila! + Buy 1 get 1 FREE BUY NOW Beware! You’re running out of blush... You look gorgeous today! SHOP NOW WECHAT, SO MANY WAYS TO BE BEAUTIFUL. + SWOOSH SWOOSH