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Utilising Social Media for Leadership and Outcomes

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Social media for leadership presentation for Association Forum's Future Leaders Conference (Melbourne, 2013).

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Utilising Social Media for Leadership and Outcomes

  1. 1. Utilising Social Media For Leadership And Outcomes Presentation by: Shai Coggins, Content and Community Specialist, Vervely - http://vervely.com/ Twitter: @ShaiCoggins | @VervelyCom
  2. 2. Which Team Are You Part Of? #TeamSocial #TeamNoTime
  3. 3. ... or maybe ... #TeamNotMyJob #TeamNoWay #TeamFenceSitting
  4. 4. “The solution is to stop looking at social media as another platform you have to learn —yet another responsibility—and start seeing it for what it can be instead: a personal toolbox for improving your practice of leadership.” –Alexandra Samuel The Wall Street Journal http://on.wsj.com/16xzE9z
  5. 5. Two Sides To Social Personal Strategic / Organisational
  6. 6. Six socialmedia skills every leader needs by McKinsey & Company http://bit.ly/1cfD
  7. 7. 3 Best Practice Tips on Social Media for Leaders
  8. 8. Choose one aspect to develop. Pick one from the 'Personal' skills list (Producer, Distributor, Recipient) - and develop it. Pick one from the 'Strategic' or 'Organisational' skills list (Adviser, Architect, Analyst) and develop it.
  9. 9. Focus on just a few social channels that matter most to you and your target audience. Ask yourself: What do you wish to accomplish? Who do you wish to connect with? Most popular channels for leaders: Blogs, LinkedIn, Twitter
  10. 10. Practice social media mindfulness. Keep in mind practices of successful people Use tools like HootSuite, Twitter app, Tweetdeck, etc Make lists and follow key accounts and interests Use it to your advantage, don't let it overwhelm you. Set aside 'down time' with social media.
  11. 11. Questions and Comments Twitter: @ShaiCoggins or @VervelyCom Email: shai@vervely.com 12